Wonder Woman

Hey Dear Readers!

Sorry Posts have been going up slowly again! I had a family matter to deal with this weekend that left me kind of feeling upset and like I wanted to just sulk for the rest of the day…. Another great and unlucky week it seems like!

Anyways, I saw Wonder Woman about 3 times last week because it was the most amazing thing in the world! Well actually, I mainly went a couple of times for work (I work with two amazing girls who happen to have a disability- my job is to usually take them into the community to do things like go to movies, etc), and then I went with a couple of my friends too once I had already seen it twice!

It was an AMAZING movie! No jokes. I am 100% a DC girl, so this made me re- fall in love with DC all over again! That doesn’t mean I dislike Marvel- I love them too, especially movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool! What I love about Marvel, is that it always covers the humour side. Nothing is too serious for too long! But I love the darkness and seriousness of a good DC movie, so together they balance each other out nicely!

Wonder Woman tied in nicely to the future of Justice League while also explaining her origins. I loved where she came from, it was a very good story. Her first fight with man was so intense and in super slow motion that I got shivers during that scene. That whole scene was intense and it was nice seeing a woman kick everyone’s asses!

THAT’s the other thing! This was one of the first superhero women (other than black widow and that other twin who Elizabeth Olsen plays…. Oh ya Wanda!) that REALLY kicked ass! I never knew a lasso could be such a great weapon! All her flips and turns were so graceful and badass, I just loved all her moves and her weapons. I just thought she was so above all the other superhero women, because she really did not rely on anyone to kick ass. She just did! She doesn’t NEED Justice League, it’s just a fun club she’s about to join. That’s what I love about Wonder Woman.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it GET ON IT. And if you’ve only seen it once, please go about 6 more times! Loved it so much!

– Erin


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