Hey Lovely Readers!

It is a cold rainy and long day today, I hope if everyone is having this same kind of day that it goes by super fast! We’re halfway through the the week! So almost there! I mean my weekend is even more chaotic than the rest of my week but oh well! I need to start booking my weekends off so I can sleeeeeppppp already!

Anyways, it’s what I ate Wednesday and today I wanted to talk about eating out. I love going out to restaurants and trying new things, but I find that sometimes it’s frustrating because you’re never eating healthy when you go out! My weakness is the appetizers. I never want to eat salad, because it seems to plain for me, so the eating healthy is a big struggle for me.

Lately, I’ve found that the best way to eat healthy when you go out, is to not deprive yourself of something completely! I mean you should still enjoy your eating out. Because I know my weakness is the appetizers and sides, I try to convince someone to share that with me and than order my healthy meal. So I will pick out a salad, and then order a side of fries to share with someone so I get a taste, but I’m filling up on the salad instead.

Last week, I went to Moxies with my sister, and we did a great job of eating healthy! We both shared an appetizer- bruschetta- so good. I found that they give you a TON of bruschetta! The jar is so overflowing that it’s hard to scoop it out! I love this because I can take it home if I want, but you can really load up your bread without worrying about running out! I hate when restaurants don’t give you enough dip, so this was awesome! It also tasted amazing! Everything was super fresh and delicious which is what I love about getting bruschetta- love that fresh taste!

The other thing I got was lettuce wraps. I love lettuce wraps, but some places just don’t get it right! Moxies did an amazing job! Also, their lettuce was perfect because you could scoop a lot of the stir fry into the lettuce and not have everything fall out. It looked like a little bowl so it was perfect and easy to eat. Like I feel like that would be a safe meal to eat on a date and not feel embarrassed because food is all over my face or super messy. I’m adding that to the list! Both the bruschetta and the lettuce wraps were awesome, so if you’re looking for a place to go out to eat, but wanting to get something healthy as well, I recommend!


I highly recommend, it was a great place with good food and service, with amazing Bellinis as well!

– Erin


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