It’s Been A Hard Days Night….

Hey Fantastic Readers!

Hope you are having a relaxing day! I am currently going through so much stress I might lose it here soon! Just two more weeks of crazy and I can finally just relax! Soon I’ll take some me time like I keep talking about!

What I do want to talk about today is over working. Doing too much is something I really struggle with. I work four different jobs and can dictate all the shifts myself. My jobs are too flexible and hours can range from just working two hours once a week to 7 hour shifts. These past couple weeks I have been working basically 24 hours a day. I don’t even know when my last day off was to be honest. I know its annoying to hear me complain, but I’m bringing it up because North America is TERRIBLE for over working and being stressed out all the time. When I was in Italy, our supervisor did not show up one day because she didn’t feel like it. Then we all had the day off, in the middle of the week! There were no consequences for being late or for missing a day because everyone needs a break. We had a running joke that was like: it’s all on Italian time.

We need Italian time here/europe time. When we overwork ourselves, we are taking away from the things we love to do in life. We’re missing out on our hobbies, workouts, sleep, all these things that make us happy. Today I was thinking, when was the last time I read my book? The other day I worked every single day in a week. When I emerged from my hermit life of working, I was like when was the last time I’ve seen my family? I have no idea when I worked on my art, seen my friends, worked out, cleaned my car and my room even! When was the last time I did laundry?! I know there are a ton of us who do this. We work really hard, but we miss out on the really important things. I know I wrote a blog post about this last week, but I really need to remind myself and emphasize this: We need to take a break. Make sure you are doing the things you love to do! Make time for family and friends. Take a workout class to ensure you go! Take an art class, so you are forced to make time for it! Just make sure you are taking time for the things you love! You cannot spend your whole life working, there are more important things than just doing that. Also, you are going to wear yourself out! For me, it’s learning when to say no. I have to do this, because I’ve had a stress headache for 3 days now and just keep taking on more and more. It is not worth it to do this. Take on only what you can handle.

How am I going to make this better, when I still have 2 weeks of this? One: more naps! Yuuuuppp. Two: Plan a vacation for when this crazyness is over- something to look forward to. Three: Make some scheduled time for myself and fit it in as much as possible. Four: start saying no and being ok with that.

I’m also stopping what I am doing right now, taking an hour for a hot bath with a face mask to destress. After, I’m going to give myself a timeline for when to get things done and take it step- by- step.

Heres to a stress free life!



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