Orange is the New Black- A recap of Season 4

Hey Dear Readers,

I’m coming at ya with a late film Friday and in between working  two jobs (more on how exhausted I am later). I am, of course, at Remedy enjoying as many samosa’s as possible and drinking a cappuccino and of course also eating Bloom London Fog cookies (my favourite).

I kind of struggled with Film Friday, because I’m still thinking about how amazing Wonder Woman was! But then I realized, I actually finished Orange is the New Black season 5 this week, so I’ll talk about that! If you know me, you know that I actually do not really like the series that much. There’s only specific characters that I really like and I found that the story is really kind of lacking. If you want to watch a really intense, and good girl prison show, you would LOVE Wentworth. Recommended to me by a friend, I found that the story line was always intense and unpredictable. It’s basically the British version of the show, but way better.

Here is the trailer for season 5!

I do have to say that every season, I like the show a little bit more. Every season has gotten better and better for me, but it’s still not my favourite! I am still drawn to it for certain characters though, and it’s something I watch in the background of doing work- I’ve had an INSANE amount of work to do lately, and I’m still not done it, but I’m done the show. Now what lol. ( Master of None OBVIOUSLY). This season, I found they had to repeat character’s background stories, which kind of stunk. But, the ending was very good! I could not believe it was over!

Anyways, the one thing I struggled to remember is where the show left off and where the characters were at! I was like what did they do again? Why are they offended? What is happening? So, I thought I would give a bit of a recap! Just so you know, Spoilers below of season 4!

Season 4 ended with a riot, lol the most obvious part.

Alright, Piper and Alex- to me the most annoying characters of the show. Alex killed the guard who was sent to attack her after she ratted out one of the drug guys she used to work for. She’s constantly on edge, and Alex buried her in the garden. The body was found in the garden before the riot. I don’t know if you remember, but that Lolly girl saw everything. Lolly ends up getting the blame for the death of that guard.

Healy- I take it back, the most annoying. Seriously can’t stand that guy! He begins to have problems with Lolly thinking she’s talking about killing a guy and it is all delusions. Near the end, he contemplates suicide by the lake, but then he answers his phone and checks himself into a psychiatric care.

Tiffany Doggett and Boo- Tiffany was raped by that guard and is worried that it is happening to Maritza who had to take over as driver when Tiffany pretended to have a seizure to avoid seeing that guard again. She later forgives the guard, which angers Boo. The season ends with her trying to convince the guy to stay, and he ends up saying he’s going to leave anyways to avoid making the same mistakes. Boo sees Piper threatening someone over that stupid panties business and then she respects piper- that is seriously it.

Taystee crew- My favourite group by far. First off, Suzanne/ crazy eyes, gets advice from Taystee to stop dating her girlfriend who is making her more crazy and leading her on. She breaks up with her and a guard forces the girlfriend and her to fight. When Poussey dies she tries to push bookcases and books on her chest to try to understand what it feels like to suffocate. The next thing Poussey dies!!! The most tragic of tragic events! A guard is not trained well and is kneeing her in the chest and eventually suffocates her by mistake. Taystee is grieving about Poussey’s death and tries to convince Caputo to call Poussey’s dad to tell him what happened (she’s his secretary). She sees the press release of Poussey’s death and is furious when the guard is not being arrested for murder. She went through the halls yelling this and this started the uproar.

Nicky Nichols and Lorna Morello- Nicky is trying to get off the drugs and is also trying to convince Lorna to start up their relationship again. It doesn’t work. She ends the season clean as Red convinces all the drug dealers to leave her alone. Lorna got married to that guy Vinny. She begins to show her craziness when she suspects he is cheating with her sister. Nicky hits on her again and she shoves her off and tells her that she is destroying her relationship with Vinny and she can’t stop herself.

Daya, Gloria, Maria- Daya’s mom is released from prison, she tells pornstache’s mom (who still believes that he is the father) that the baby is dead in order to keep the baby in the family. The house is raided by DEA and the kid goes into foster care anyways. Maria gets a longer sentence from Piscatella. Furious, she takes over as leader. Gloria promises to take care of Daya. The group is rioting with Taystee about Poussey’s death when officer Humphrey (the sadist) tries to pull out his smuggled gun, which falls in front of Daya. The season ends with her pointing the gun at the officer with a cheering crowd.

Red and Crew- so Red got a new bunk buddy who annoys her in season 4, Nicky returns and begins to steal and sell her stuff for drugs. She threatens to tamper with the drug dealers food if they sell to her. When the body is found of the guard, she is suspected and Piscatella (the large main guard) starts preventing her from sleeping to get a confession. She gathers the family together to build a new garden and building to keep them from getting into any trouble.

Caputo/ New Guards- after Poussey’s death Piscatella threatens to pull out guards if Caputo does anything to for their actions on Poussey. He calls Poussey’s dad to let him know, against MCC’s orders- they want to turn the guard who killed into a scapegoat. He holds the press conference saying it wasn’t his fault that the guards are not properly trained, which Taystee overhears- the start of the riot. The guards are not well trained, everyone walked off of the job forcing Caputo to replace all of them. He even hired Humphrey who is forcing people to do sadistic things, such as eat a living, baby mouse.

Well I think that’s basically it! Everyone else has kind of a small story that is not really necessary to know for season 5! Hope you enjoy!

– Erin


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