Chez Francois Restaurant- Canmore

Hey Readers!

I hope you had a great week! I had a love/ hate week away to Canmore. I really wished I had not been working or else I would have loved it way more! I’m just going to do a quick post today, because I got back today so I am super tired!

The one breakfast restaurant I wanted to talk about was Chez Francois. It is a really small breakfast place beside one of the hotels just on the main road in Canmore. In summer, it does look like a very beautiful little french cafe! It just had that look and feel to it, but when I was sitting down inside I had a perfect view of the mountains. It had a great feel and vibe to it. I was unsure about what to get when I got there- I usually go for an Egg’s Benedict, but this time I decided on a crepe! I never really get them so it was the right decision I feel.

My crepe was Apple, Brie Cheese, and Ham. Oh my god it was so delicious. It was a nice combination of sweet, and cheesy. The ham really went well with the apple. I was super surprised! It was delicious- highly recommend. For a side, there was fruit and home styled potatoes which I also enjoyed. They were super crispy- just how I like them! The girl I was travelling with got the chocolate chip pancakes, and although I never got to taste them, they did smell extra delicious! To finish it all off, I got a strawberry and banana yogurt! You can never really go wrong with this kind of a smoothy, but it was definitely still worth mentioning! Just as a side note, the crepe was around $13 and the smoothie $6. For me, I feel like that isn’t that terrible, considering everything in the mountain regions is expensive most of the time.

 Another side note: Someday I promise to upload a picture of the WHOLE meal! I get so excited and start eating it and forget I need to take pictures! My bad lol.

Anyways! That is all for now! Sorry for the short post, I promise longer posts later!

– Erin


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