Happy Thursday!

Time for another great book recommendation! I have just recently finished reading “Sex Object” (which I did a previous blog post on), and while I wasn’t blown away by the book I was intrigued to read some more feminist/memoir genres, as I normally just stick to fiction. I saw that Roxanne Gay recently published a new book called “Hunger” – a memoir of her body, and so I was all in!

This memoir focuses on how Roxanne’s past experiences have reflected on her body. When she was twelve she was gang raped by a boy she liked and as a way to protect herself she ate and ate until her body began to change. At her heaviest she was over 500 pounds, but the memoir deals with more that just how her body go tot be where it was; the book dives into the culture around “fat people” and how society perceives and treats them (herself included).

I didn’t think that I would find the book relatable, but I actually found large sections (especially in the second half) chocked full of relatable experience regarding dieting and cooking.

Gay writes full of humor and the chapters are short and broken so that you feel as though she is telling you stories a bit at a time the more you delve into the book, the more you delve into her world as an overweight woman. She touches on how her being a large, successful, black, female, writer has also shaped how people interact with her and I find those sections especially interesting to read.

It may not be the most lighthearted book to pick up this summer, but it is a book that will make you think. And those are the best kind, don’t you agree?

Thanks guys! Talk Soon!



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