Despicable Me 3


Hey Readers!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! And to all my fellow Canadians, I hope you had an amazing Canada Day celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!

So on Friday, I went to a movie with one of my amazing friends and of course we saw Despicable Me 3! The one thing I hate about kids movies or any kind of movies really is the sequels. They can be extremely frustrating and lame. To be honest, the best kinds of sequels are usually movies based off of books. Although, movies like Toy Story and Shrek will always have good sequels!

Anyways, this was another good sequel! Despicable Me is one of those odd movies that can have multiple movies and still be very good! I will admit that this was the weakest out of the 3 movies though. For one, I did not like Gru’s brother. I thought the story line would have been better without a twin. However, that being said, the rest of the story was still very good.

My favorite part was the villan! His back story is that he was a childstar in the 80s and was famous for having a tv show about him being a brat. The show ends when he hits puberty and is thought to be no longer cute! He is amazing! I love him. He wears outfits with shoulder pads, throws rubrics cube gas bombs, uses bubble gum as a weapon and has dance fights to music like Bad- Michael Jackson.

The rest of the characters like the minions and the girls, are still hilarious. The minons have their own story, taking over a prison, and the girls are still on a hunt for a unicorn. Gru and his new wife are fighting for their jobs, and the wife is still learning how to be a good mom.

Overall, if you have to take a kid to a movie, you will enjoy this! Or if you are just obsessed with kids movies like myself, then you will, of course, LOVE IT!


Until next time!
– Erin


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