Spider- Man Homecoming

Hi my dear readers!

I hope you are doing well! Currently, I am watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and having a great night. Don’t worry, I won’t go on about my love for Harry Potter for pages and pages. Instead, I wanted to talk to you guys about the new Spider- Man movie!

For myself, I was on the fence about seeing it. I truly thought that I would hate seeing another actor play the same movie, and attempt to play Peter Parker. I was thinking- ENOUGH! I cannot see another origin story for Spider- Man! I love Spider- Man so I wanted something new! A new villain! Anything!

Today, however, I forced myself to go for my cousin’s sake, because she wanted to see it. I’m glad that I went! It was awesome! It was the new and surprising I was hoping for!

So, for one, the story is set around Peter Parker trying to impress Tony Stark, so that he can join the Avengers. The story is hilarious, because it shows how bad he is at first learning to shoot his webs and attempting to save people who don’t really need to be rescued. It shows clips of him giving directions to people, etc. Along the way, he gets into lots of trouble trying to show off for Tony Stark, but instead Stark gives him the criticism and discipline he needs. While he’s at a party about to crash as Spider Man, he sees a glowing in the distance and goes to find the source. This is where he spots the selling of illegal alien weapons combined with human weapons, and this is where the story takes off!

It is hilarious. This kid plays Peter Parker so well! He’s the perfect amount of awkward, and I LOVED that he wasn’t instantly good! He had to learn and take his time, I love it! I will say that I do not like that the movie had Tony Stark in it and focused on joining the Avenger’s only because I do not like Iron Man. However, I think that it will be ok in the end when Infinity Wars comes out (Get better soon Jeremy Renner!), and I do think that it ended in away that allows for Spider Man only movies to come out soon too! I can’t wait to see where they go next with it! Truly a hilarious movie!

Also, for the credits: there is a nice little part after the main credits that I loved, and the very end has another small, hilarious clip as well! However, if you do not want to stay for the whole thing, just stay for the first clip before the scrolling credits.

Enjoy the Movie!



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