The Nazi Officer’s Wife

Hey Lovely Readers!

As you may know, I love a good nonfiction book. My dad is a huge history buff, and I feel like that has rubbed off on me a bit! I used to love books like Magic Tree House, and the Dear Canada series or any princess diaries. Even by grade 5, I was reading the diary of Anne Frank. History is a subject I have always enjoyed reading about with a focus on WW2. I have read my fair share of WW2 books. Even a good historical fiction book is good enough for me!

Anyways, one VERY good book I read was the Nazi Officer’s Wife. This is a book on Edith Hahn, a young girl who was in school studying law in Vienna when the war broke out. When her and her mother were forced to move into the ghettos, Edith convinced the officers to leave her mother behind so she could work in a concentration camp instead. When she returned from the camp, her mother and a lot of other people she had known were deported. Edith made the hard decision to seek help from a friend, and ripped her star off her clothes. The story is a record of her life in hiding and how she managed to escape death for being a Jew, to the point where she even married a Nazi.

I hope you read the book, but if you have too many on the go like I do, and no time to read it, I found this really cool documentary you might like instead! Or read and watch like I did!

This book is amazing, and a very good eye opener! Books like this remind you to be kind always to everyone around you!

Happy Reading!



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