To Legit to Quit

Hi dear readers!

As you have probably seen this week, neither Kathleen or I posted at all. Well, here is why! I have been having the WORST time with work. I know you guys know, because I wrote about it in my last three posts! I do promise that this is the last one work related for a while, because I finally quit! I’ve only been there for four months and I quit. I had talked to multiple people, and they all said that I had grounds to quit and I wasn’t losing my mind.

But here’s the thing. I hadn’t quit sooner because I wanted the money, and I also felt guilty. I thought I hadn’t been there long enough, I kept thinking well just try harder. then I thought you can’t let your staff down or anyone else related to the job. These thoughts just circled around me for so long that I finally lost it! So much pressure, stress, disciple, etc had built up over the course of a month, that I just lose my mind! My poor, poor parents. The first day I started to lose it, I cried out of frustration. The second day, I got another work message (it’s so hard to have days off with this job) that was negative and I just LOST it. I mean scary lost it. I just started crying and my mom had to drive me around. I went back in the house to get something choking and crying and my dad came running out asking me what was wrong, and I was hyperventilating sooooo badly that I just started to choke cry and couldn’t even tell him. I tried to take breaths and in between I just cried and told him while also choking still. I walked back to my mom’s car and sat down and tried to tell her I was panicking and she finally just understood and did some breathing with me. It was so hard to stop. I was panicking so bad and I felt like it would never end.

In a short three days, I realized that it wasn’t worth it. The money, the experience I wanted- it’s just not worth it. And this is what I wanted to tell you guys today. If you are unhappy in a job, move on. Don’t try to stay for whatever reason. This is the shortest job I have ever done. I’m the kind of person who did the same job for 7 years. Currently, the other 3 jobs I had, I have had for 3 years each. I know I had a lot on my plate, but that wasn’t only it. This job was hard, and horrible. And when you are treated horribly, it takes a toll on you.

After, I quit, people began begging me to stay. And I felt HORRIBLE. I was finally convinced to take a day and reconsider. I kept tossing it around in my head. Maybe I should try harder, maybe I should stay, you can get through this if you want. But you know what? You don’t have to deal with that. Don’t let anyone treat you like crap, or belittle you. And do not feel guilty. YOU come first! ALWAYS. You know what’s right for you. So don’t feel guilty and don’t feel like you owe it to anyone to stay there for a long time. I felt guilty for them spending time on training me and then quitting after, but guess what! It’s actually more of an advantage if you do it sooner than later! Then they can quickly jump onto the next person, and you can move on with your life. It doesn’t affect them as much as you think.

Get out of a position that is making you feel horrible. In the end, you will feel a million times better. I know I will on the day of my last shift.



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