Hello Everyone!

Summer time, time for long nights out in the backyard, cool drinks, and what else? Potlucks!

Quick backstory. When I started my current job in December, the Patisserie I worked at had just opened, meaning they had to hire two other Full time girls who were new as well. The three of us bonded together quickly as we had all graduated form some type of degree but we were just trying to find the next step for us. All of us were looking for something better but we hadn’t really found anything.

Until! My coworker got a job in her field at the end of June! Which meant the trinity was breaking up!

Together the three of us vowed that we would all still hang out and so we decided to have weekly potlucks so we could all get together and still hang.

So we’ve only had two potlucks so far but the two we have had were awesome! The first was a Taco night, which I love tacos so I was in heaven. The second was a Thai themed night. We did Thai salad wraps, coconut Moscow Mules, I made raw pad Thai (with kelp noodles), and this coconut Thai cake that I was so skeptical about.

The cake had to be made in layers, you steam one layer wait till it’s done then pour another on top etc etc. When I dumped it out one layer stuck to the bottom, but never fear I perserveired and it worked out great!


My one coworker and I liked it, but the other, not so much. It had a lovely coconut flavor but it was pretty tough. I think the rice and tapioca flour made it pretty dense.

All in all it was a successful potluck!

My pad Thai was awesome (but very spicy) I’ll link the recipes I used down below, if you make the pad Thai just use one tsp red chili flakes and not two! Unless you really like spice…. And I mean really.

Happy eating!


Raw Vegan Pad Thai: http://www.tastemade.com/shows/raw-vegan-not-gross/raw-vegan-pad-thai

Vegan Gluten Free Thai Coconut Cake: https://www.thespruce.com/sticky-rice-layer-cake-3217373


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