Hey Lovely Readers!

One of the newest things we decided to add to our blog was a day for current obsessions! It’s just a day to share with you anything that we have been interested in that maybe you will be too!

Today I thought I would talk about Pinterest! Everyone knows about Pinterest. You go on the site look at nice pictures and repin them to your boards. They can be about ANYTHING. SO on my account I have Fashion (because I am totally lacking in this area), Health and Fitness (also lacking), Home Decor (because I LOVE home decor), Travel, Weddings (even though I’m single), Beauty, Books, Movies, TV, and then I have a bunch of secret boards with DIY and Bullet Journals, Holidays, Cosplay, and Art Inspiration. I also am apart of a bunch of boards like Pinterest Successes- recipes that have worked out for my sister-in- law and her sibling and friends, a bachelorette party I helped decorate for, a baby shower, and I have a board dedicated to any kids crafts for the kids that I work with. Pinterest is my life. I am on there all the time browsing, learning new things, getting some good ideas.

I find it also relaxes me! I can be on there for a while sitting there when I’m stressed zoning out and looking at pictures that I really like. Getting inspiration. I get ideas from other bloggers, and have learned how to use social media/ am still learning the ways of social media. People have great advice to follow and it’s a great platform to share it. I find I do not use Google as much for creative ideas. I can go on there and get all the creative inspiration I need!

The boards I normally pin to are: Home Decor, Fashion, Travel, Recipes, and some of my private boards (mainly the bullet journal and DIY one). Feel free to check out my page! Definitely follow me, because I am constantly posting and reposting to feed my obsession (Erin Christy). My home decor is a very shabby chic kind of feel. I pin a lot of pins with white walls, dark floors. But I LOVE colour, so they’ll feel plain, but then they’ll have extremely colourful accents, such as a bright rug, or towels in a bathroom, any sort of colourful accents. For fashion- I usually pin things I want to start wearing but haven’t had the courage to do yet! I’m a person who likes to feel comfortable all of the time, so some of the clothing seems like it wouldn’t be me for that reason. However, I need to start dressing up and feeling good about myself, but at least this way I know what styles I would like to start wearing and how pieces would fit together! When thinking about travelling, I pin everything! You can usually tell where I am going to go next, because I start pinning for that particular place closer to when I leave! Recipes- I am trying to eat healthy so some of my pins are healthy but tastey food. Also, there are some vegetarian options on there just in case I would like to try one of those! 

Anyways, give me a follow and I’ll follow you back! I usually try to put some of our blogging articles on there and I do have some very cool things pinned as well for you to check out!



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