Hey Dear Readers,

I have been looking at people’s resumes for a few days now and I feel like I should give some tips on what makes a good resume! Resume’s are very hard because people are always looking for specific things, and those things are all very different depending on what job you are applying for. However, I think there are a few things that everyone can agree on as a template for your resume. So here are some tips and tricks for doing a good job on your resume.

Lets get started. First off, you want your name in bold on the left or right hand side of the page, then below your address, city, and postal code, and below that your phone number. The last line in that paragraph will be your email. If you have a degree you put the comma after your name and your degree abbreviations. For example, mine would be Erin Christy, B. A. – but with my last name instead of my middle name lol.

After that you have your name written at the top, go down a line and write the word Objective in bold with a colon. Underneath write what your objective is. So the point of the objective is to say what you are searching for when it comes to a job. In most cases I always feel like saying I just want to get paid, but really you need to target something particular about that job you are applying for. For instance, when I applied for a hospital position mine was “To obtain a position as a health care worker.” Make sure you sound professional and definitely use point form for your whole resume. As a manager, I skimmed through the resume looking for certain things for my pre- screening of resumes. I would come back later after I found the qualifications I was looking for and read the resume better. If you want to build on that idea then do that in your cover letter. That is really what it is for, to make you stand out even more. Your objective should change depending on the job you are looking for.

After the objectives I like to make another title and write in a summary. So again I bold the word Summary and follow it up with a colon. Underneath I list off my qualifications for that job. Some of the stuff I write is that I have a drivers license (also put what kind), I have a degree, I perform well under pressure, etc. Anything you really want to stand out that you know they are looking for, for that job you are applying for. For the hospital, being able to work under pressure, and prioritize tasks is important so that is what I would write. When I apply for jobs in the disability sector, I write that I am more of a caring person with patience, and put more of my skill set and experience for that under the summary. List it in point form again.

The next step is the grueling part and that is listing off your experience. Again, bold the word experience follow it up with another colon. Underneath put your most recent job!! Lots of people do not do this because they think it’s too different from the job they have now or something. It doesn’t matter, please put this anyways. So underneath underline the title of your position at that job and the place you work at. Underneath write the dates you started and ended. If it’s current, just say current. You want to say what you did at each job. This is the part people get carried away. Do not go over 10 points. Pick out the points you think are stronger than the others. For instance, as a waitress I would write: can work well under pressure, can prioritize tasks, trusted with money. Then I would put specific things I had to do like seating arrangements, greeted and catered to customers, worked as a team when it was busy. Make it sound more professional than that LOL. Make sure to include any certificates and promotions you got at that job (CPR, anything like that).

Here’s some points for overall experience: your resume should have flow! If you have worked numerous jobs, put the jobs that are similar to the one you are applying for. Do not put all of them. For instance, I would put waitress, caregiver, daycare and my three jobs that apply with the caregiver, because they look like I have been building off one another, so my chapters experience is left out. I would use these whenever I would apply to a job in the health field. Also, no matter what it is, use your job that you have been at the longest. For mine, I was a waitress at a restaurant for 7 years, so I ALWAYS leave waitress on there (I started as a dishwasher in high school and worked my way up). Another tip: if you’ve worked the same job at a few places DO NOT write the same experience as the previous job. Spread everything out between the two. You’re just repeating yourself and that is not good. Write something you learned from the previous job, make each unique. What I mean by this is if I was a waitress, and had moved to another restaurant so I had two different places of experience, I would either combine the two and say “Waitress at Boston Pizza and at Moxies” and list all of the points together or I would make them separate but not put the same 10 points down. I would most likely make them separate to give your resume depth and then put different points for each. DO NOT repeat yourself. We get the point. Also, it looks like you’re using a template if you do that and it’s not coming from you. That reminds me, make sure everything is in your own words! I want you to tell me, not a template!

For the rest of your resume, you can list off any volunteering and your education. Volunteering ALWAYS looks good so just briefly say what you volunteered for, when and one point explaining what you did. When it comes to education, this is a must. List off your high school diploma, when you got it, and if you are currently in university say where and what for. If you are done, write out your degree.

End your resume with references available on request! You don’t want your references numbers out and about for anyone to see, so just have them ready and typed for your interview and this way you can contact them and let them know people will be calling them!

Last thing I wanted to say is that your resume SHOULD NOT be longer than two pages. I had an individual send me a resume that was 10 pages long, and I could not get through all of it. Make sure it’s two pages and then talk about yourself more and emphasize the things you want emphasized in your cover letter. Limit what you are using for jobs, and limit your experience points. This all helps. Also, make sure to use 12- 14 point, black font and a normal font style- I use times roman numeral or ariel. Do not get too crazy. You might like how it looks, but someone else might not like it. I always find plain is best, but if you want to make it a bit fancier (depending on what you apply for, some places will LOVE it) just don’t go over the top. Make sure you know what you are applying for and personalize it a bit depending on the job- a new objective, changing your experience. I also find it helps to update it lots even if you are not looking for a job. It’s always nice to have a fresh resume ready to go for when you need it!

Here’s a template if it helps! Resume

Good Luck Job Hunting! I know you’ll get it!






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