Needle Vinyl Tavern

Hey Dear Readers!

I hope you are doing well today! I wanted to talk briefly about an outing I had for work! It was a ton of fun, and I feel like it’s necessary to tell all of you! So, the original plans I had for work were canceled. We had tried to go to some other places, but we felt that it was better to do something a little more chill. Instead, I searched up the needle tavern for some live music and fortunately there were bands lined up even though it was a Wednesday!

The reason I jump to live music for everything is because it has always been apart of my life. I have always supported local bands and acts and gone to these shows. Before, it was mainly for my best friend who is an amazing singer. I loved going to her shows and watching her perform and wowing the crowd. I always thought that the only reason why I would go to stuff like that was to support her, because I went with her to every live local show. However, now I realize that I was not only doing that for her, I just truly enjoy going and listening to some very talented people perform. So, this week it was a no brainer to check out a show and see who was performing live. I only stayed for one band, but the band I saw was very talented. Apparently they are performing at Folk Fest this year in Edmonton and their name is called Altameda. They were kind of country, folk, with a tinge of classic rock. It was really great to sit back and listen to some great performers.

What I love about the Needle Vinyl Tavern is that it is a great feel. Their is this really great mood to the bar. They have a patio, then you can walk in and they have a long pub with lots of places to sit, and when you go into the room on the left they have a great stage with working lights, sound board and a comfortable seating area. I was with a girl with a disability who loves live music, and when I called ahead they moved a table specially for her that was closer to the performers, accessible to a bathroom, and they had a waitress checking on us all night. It was amazing.

They also have awesome food! I had a pretzel with a cheese dip! The pretzel was warm and fresh, and I would dunk it in the cheese dip and that left some great flavors in my mouth! The girl I was with had a grilled cheese sandwich- decked out with lettuce, tomato, and chicken- with fries and apparently that was very delicious. All of this is great drunk food.


I love this place- it has a great atmosphere. You can enjoy some good, live music while drinking and eating some very great drunk food!

Let us know the places you like to go to listen to live music!




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