Phantom of the Opera

Hey my lovely Readers,

On this beautiful, and crazy hot Saturday night I wanted to talk a bit about theater! I have loved musicals for a very long time. I have been watching movies like Grease since I was born and raised on other musicals like Cats (have never seen it, but new all of the music at a young age). The first Opera I ever went to was Madame Butterfly, and although I was young, I felt that I was able to appreciate it as best as I could for someone my age. That same year I went to South Pacific and loved that even more. Throughout the years I have attended numerous musicals, operas, and plays and have always been reminded how much I love it every time I am there. Like the live music in my previous post, I knew I loved it, but I did not come to truly appreciate until recently. One of my best friends has a deep passion for theater as well, and she helped to remind me that it is a very big part of my life. It is now something I can call my thing. I used to feel like it could never be that way for me because I don’t sing and I suck at performing, but when I recently met with my cousin who is a prop builder, I realized it could be my thing too and that I could even make film my thing as well- something I had thought would NEVER happen to me.

This week was an emotional week for me. I don’t really know why, but I had doubts about the prop building which is normal for me. I was trying to decide what I should do again- should I have a backup plan? What would it be? And then I went to Phantom and it brought me back to the soul reason I am doing it. Don’t tell anyone, but I cried through the entire opera. I just could not help myself. The sets were that breathtaking. I could not get over it. The stage was amazing! The sets were on a machine that would move them to present different rooms. My favorite was when Phantom took Christine down to his lair. The stone steps and feel to the area was amazing. They got on a mechanical boat and the fog filled the stage to make it appear mystical. Then Phantom’s lair opened in the middle and revealed this amazingly designed room with unique and creepy furniture. The scenes were painted so well and looked so realistic.

Besides that the story was awesome as well. The actors and actresses were incredible, the lead girl, Christine is from Alberta actually! The phantom was amazing (apparently there are two other actors performing as him as well- if anyone wants to pay me to go see the other ones to write a review about all three, I would be happy to do this , include a ticket for my best friend as well too please :P). Composers, light technicians, set designer, prop builders, prop buyers, volunteers, anyone else involved- I absolutely loved this! Thanks for reminding me why the theater is so amazing.

It truly is amazing to be apart of something so amazing. Science is pretty cool and interesting giving us so many inventions, healing abilities, etc; but art gives you emotion and should be given a lot of credit. Art is responsible for making you feel, relating to your emotions. It’s so much more.



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