Valerian, and the City of a Thousand Planets

Hey Fantastic Readers,

I have one last post for you today! I wanted to talk about that new movie that came out- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets!

I saw it today with my best friend and her mom and I was SO unsure of what to think. I have no idea who Valerian is or anything about that world, so I was kind of in this weird place of wtf is happening, this isn’t what I thought it would be like? But overall, I found it wasn’t a bad weird at all. For me, the whole world and movie worked. However, I am a fantasy and Scifi person, so I usually tend to love worlds like that. Characters are so strange looking and alien like. They’re all so clearly CGI and animated, and I LOVE it. I thought the characters were so well done and very unique looking. They were each so different and unique, I did enjoy that. The colors were also very well done.

Here’s the premise for the story. So, earth sends out space ships that all connect. It starts off with the States, I think, meeting with China and connecting and from there all of the countries link together. Over the years other planets begin to connect all representing a sign of peace. Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and his partner Laureline ( Cara Delevingne) are agents for this planet- it is literally called the city of a thousand planets. They are sent out on a mission to obtain the last power converter in the universe and return to start a new mission with a problem within the ship that has been considered a threat. They have to figure out what the threat is before it begins to destroy the ship and break the peace within the nations living on the ship. It’s a very good scifi and I love the idea of connecting the universe through planets. Whenever there is a scifi movie or story, it is almost always about how earth, and how people are destroying it. Now these are very good and could be seen as scary true, but it was nice to see an earth connecting, and eventually the idea of the universe doing this, instead of just some scary alien creatures attacking us. I loved that it was different is what I’m saying. I can see how people wouldn’t like it though. It is very weird and at times, super cheesy. However, I still loved it.

I enjoyed the movie, it was funny, romantic, sometimes cheesy, but overall a fun scifi. Valerian is based on a comic book series that came out of France. The comics are actually all in French and are considered to be based off of Star Wars as it came out after. I recently bought the first volume on Amazon, hopefully in English. If it isn’t, well I guess I’ll be learning some french!

Has anyone read the comics?! Are they good? Let me know what you thought of the movie and the comics!



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