Lady Gaga is AMAZING

Hey Lovely People!

I know, it’s been so long since we posted! What is with us…. I have no idea! Please forgive us! I did want to talk about how I saw Lady Gaga last week!

I absolutely loved her! It had everything you could ever want in a concert. Now, my friend and I SPLURGED on tickets. It was extremely necessary for us to be on floors for the concert. It has nothing to do with trying to get her to notice me and be best friends with me or high five me or anything like that…. maybe only a little bit? Most of it has to do with having that personal feeling with the performer. This same friend and I go see Against Me! every time they come to a city near us. They are our favorite concerts, because they’re smaller and it feels more personal. It;’s like your able to have an intimate moment with the performer and you experience all of these feelings all the time. That is why we bought floors and spent basically all of my money. It was worth it though! To have that same feeling and experience with Gaga was amazing. I cried through most of her intimate moments, and I felt like I understood it as best as I could and maybe could relate to her in a lot of ways. So hence, I cried through all of the slow songs, but when she played those classic, upbeat songs I was so happy and on fire. I appreciate it Gaga.

On top of that experience, I found the concert to be absolutely amazing. Gaga had no openers. She performed from 8:30 ish (came on a little late I think?) and performed until midnight. Wow. To have someone sing her heart out in every single song, to a million dance routines for that long? Amazing. Totally worth it. Her stage was beautiful, her dancers were beautiful, her piano- BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend splurging and going to see her. She is worth every cent and I left on such a high! Truly amazing! What was also incredible was that she performed for that long and every song she sang was a hit at some point. What an amazing career she has! Congrats Gaga!


I hope you all get to see her at least once in your life!



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