Sushi Park

Hey Readers!

The other day, I went out for a lunch with my brother and we had the best sushi! I mean good for living in an area that is surrounded by prairie instead of ocean. I truly mean it! Sushi Park was very delicious. It’s a small little restaurant, where you can enjoy eating sushi on a patio in the beautiful sunshine. It’s also next to one of the main roads (it’s not obnoxious though), so you can show off your amazing ability to pick up sushi with you chop sticks and then cram it into your mouth without completely destroying the roll…. ya- safe to say not a first date food.

Anyways, if you have never been to eat sushi, because you are like me and hate fish, then you are in luck! You can still eat sushi and I can guide you. Mind you- I really like crab, lobster, shrimp- so more so shell fist. If you are not ok with this, there is still options for you! I just might not know them…. You are so welcome hahah.

My brother and I started with shrimp prawns. So crunchy and good. I loved it. We then got an avocado roll! It had avocado on top and inside the roll- surprise!- and then it’s just rice and shrimp. It was very refreshing and tasty! We also had a sushi roll called the crunch. This was a california roll with a bit of a kick to it! It was spicey, but not over powering! It was the good kind of kick! For those who don’t know a california roll has crab meat, cucumber and avocado in it. We also got a free sample of a new sushi that I cannot remember the name of, but was even spicier version of the california roll!  The rolls are very basic rolls that are made well. The main difference is the sauce they use on top. It brings out all these amazing flavors! It was very good! When I was in Vancouver, my cousin was also ordering sushi with cream cheese in it for the non fish lover and those are very worth it as well!

Anyways, this place is small, but has amazing service, and I really am starting to love sushi! My next sibling luncheon? We are going to get Thai Food! Stay tuned!



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