Lucky Duck

Hi Dear Readers!

Well, you got through Monday! There’s enough motivation for you, am I right?! I’ve had a very long day today, but can’t really complain. I’ve been staring at these beautiful mountains all day today! I’m here for work, so it’s not as fun as I know it could be, but still good!

So, I wanted to talk a bit about bad luck. Lately, it seems like I have an abundance of bad luck and I’m waiting for that moment to arrive where I get on this really great streak of good luck, but it never seems to come.

Within this month I broke my cell phone, got a flat tire (completely destroyed- so new tire Erin’s way!), got a speeding ticket, overbooked myself work wise that I haven’t had a day off in a month or so,  spilt water on my schedule planner so now I have no idea what shifts I work because it is so destroyed, still haven’t gotten paid so I’m currently still very broke- not in debt yet thank god, have been working with the most stubborn individuals, have A TON of work drama between co workers and the job itself, have friend issues, have family issues, have self esteem issues, have anxiety about a job I feel like I’m incapable of doing, and on and on the list goes. It really seems like I’m in a pit of despair right now trying to get out.

What I want to say, is this: bad luck doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as luck. These are a few bad things within recent months that are actually not that bad on the grand scale of things. They will fix themselves up eventually. Some things just come naturally with time, others are just the sudden realization that maybe this isn’t the job or atmosphere that I want to work in. But here’s the thing- and I said this in my last post too- take a step back, re-evaluate. Is something making you happy? Sad? Angry? How can the situation be resolved? Is it something that maybe you actually need to quit, or change sceneries? But remember above all else. It’s just a couple bad days. A couple bad days where that is all you’re focusing on. There was probably so much more going on that you really enjoyed about that day, but you’re not seeing it because something “unlucky” happened.

These are all reminders for myself too. Because, although all of this has happened, there have been very good days too, and things I have loved. What I do when I get in situations like this, is I start writing. It really helps me. I just start with my day, talk about the good and the bad. Next I start writing about how I’m going to make it better. Is there something that I really hate that I need to move on from? Did I create the drama? Am I involved? How can I change it, so this doesn’t happen again in the future? Have I been really emotional lately? Why am I feeling that way- junk food? Not enough exercise? Too much work? Lack of hobbies? The list goes on my friends. Just take a breath and rethink the situation. If it helps, type or write it down like me! It’s why I started the blog! I knew people were going through the same thing as me and thought maybe we can help each other stay motivated!

Happy Monday, hope this helps you feel more motivated to being more happy!

– Erin

It’s Been A Hard Days Night….

Hey Fantastic Readers!

Hope you are having a relaxing day! I am currently going through so much stress I might lose it here soon! Just two more weeks of crazy and I can finally just relax! Soon I’ll take some me time like I keep talking about!

What I do want to talk about today is over working. Doing too much is something I really struggle with. I work four different jobs and can dictate all the shifts myself. My jobs are too flexible and hours can range from just working two hours once a week to 7 hour shifts. These past couple weeks I have been working basically 24 hours a day. I don’t even know when my last day off was to be honest. I know its annoying to hear me complain, but I’m bringing it up because North America is TERRIBLE for over working and being stressed out all the time. When I was in Italy, our supervisor did not show up one day because she didn’t feel like it. Then we all had the day off, in the middle of the week! There were no consequences for being late or for missing a day because everyone needs a break. We had a running joke that was like: it’s all on Italian time.

We need Italian time here/europe time. When we overwork ourselves, we are taking away from the things we love to do in life. We’re missing out on our hobbies, workouts, sleep, all these things that make us happy. Today I was thinking, when was the last time I read my book? The other day I worked every single day in a week. When I emerged from my hermit life of working, I was like when was the last time I’ve seen my family? I have no idea when I worked on my art, seen my friends, worked out, cleaned my car and my room even! When was the last time I did laundry?! I know there are a ton of us who do this. We work really hard, but we miss out on the really important things. I know I wrote a blog post about this last week, but I really need to remind myself and emphasize this: We need to take a break. Make sure you are doing the things you love to do! Make time for family and friends. Take a workout class to ensure you go! Take an art class, so you are forced to make time for it! Just make sure you are taking time for the things you love! You cannot spend your whole life working, there are more important things than just doing that. Also, you are going to wear yourself out! For me, it’s learning when to say no. I have to do this, because I’ve had a stress headache for 3 days now and just keep taking on more and more. It is not worth it to do this. Take on only what you can handle.

How am I going to make this better, when I still have 2 weeks of this? One: more naps! Yuuuuppp. Two: Plan a vacation for when this crazyness is over- something to look forward to. Three: Make some scheduled time for myself and fit it in as much as possible. Four: start saying no and being ok with that.

I’m also stopping what I am doing right now, taking an hour for a hot bath with a face mask to destress. After, I’m going to give myself a timeline for when to get things done and take it step- by- step.

Heres to a stress free life!


Who Am I?

Hey Readers!

I hope you had an amazing long weekend (if you’re living in Canada) or just an awesome regular weekend if you’re living else where! I am so sorry we haven’t been posting regularly! I’m hoping this week we can get back on track and start bringing some great posts back! Today I wanted to check in a little and say where I’m at! If you follow the blog, then you know the struggle for me now is finding my place in the world. I’ve been feeling like my whole life is on hold, because I’m so confused about what I want to do! I was doing some job shadowing and did end up getting a couple jobs to figure out some sort of direction. I’ve felt like I haven’t been in a relationship with a guy for so long, because I’m worried about being tied down or changing myself to accommodate the guy more. I’m the type of person who will take the easy way out, and the easy way out is sometimes changing myself to suit the guys life instead of my own. This is the kind of person I am, I sometimes change myself for boys, friends, strong individuals, because I’m lacking so much confidence in my own life. I’m actually hindering myself by doing this, because I don’t get out and experience life and different things! I’m holding myself back and I didn’t think about this until today! So obvious, why couldn’t I see this before!

So, I went to Vancouver to find myself. My parents- the lovely people that they are- helped fund my trip to Vancouver, so that I could figure out what I wanted to do! While I was there, I hung out with my cousins who are in the film, theater industry- and I think I found myself. Thanks mom and dad!

I find that where I’m from, it’s very restrictive on what you can do. You either do nursing, engineering, health, teaching- jobs like that. People my age get married pretty early and are already having kids. This is totally fine- but not for me and not my life. I eventually want marriage and kids, but I’m caught up in finding myself, and to me this is more important. Those jobs don’t suit me or my lifestyle at all. They’re not what I want. So Vancouver was amazing. It was so different and unique and very much me! I job shadowed my cousin and helped make props for theater and opera shows- it was amazing. I’ve never done something that I’ve been so excited about it, I spent my entire days and hours working, not even knowing what time it was, and not caring because I was so lost in the work! Archaeology was probably the last time. So, I’ve decided I’m going to do that and archaeology. I’m super excited. However, I do think it’s important that I keep doing some soul searching, so I’m going to take this school year off, save for an epic Europe trip, save for school now, and keep putting myself out there!

If you’re also struggling, I recommend for you to do this too. Take a year off of school, get involved in the community in some way (I’m planning on taking art classes and pottery classes to get myself out there more), ask to job shadow- most people will say yes- or get a job similar to what you’re thinking about- maybe you’ll love it and maybe you’ll hate it!

Thanks for sticking around for the ride and helping to support me, it’s been amazing!

– Erin

Bad Days

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! My little cousin got me sick, so I feel those same Monday blues pains that you guys might have! But cheer up! It’s almost Tuesday! And that means, it’s almost Friday lol. I don’t actually want it to be Friday, cause I leave this Thursday, and I really would like to stay here forever.

Anyways, I want to talk a bit about having a bad day, and how to get a little pick me up to turn it around (however, if this bad day turns into more than one, seems never ending, and is extreme- PLEASE talk to someone about it, maybe there’s something else wrong!). We all have that bad day- things go wrong, the day drags on, someone pisses you off…… The list goes on. Here’s what I tend to do. My poor friends and family…. They get the brunt of it all the time. Bless their hearts. I rant and complain and talk about what happened. It feels so good to just let it out. If I have no one to talk to, because everyone’s busy, I write it out. My “journals” make me look insane. If anyone ever read them, they would assume that I’m an extremely angry or sad person. But they help! I can say whatever I want and they’re just for me! Sometimes I even realize I went to far or that maybe it was my fault.

If I’m sad, or angry, this can two different ways. Sometimes, I get Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream OR a bag of my favourite chips (I’m obsessed) and eat all the food while watching my favourite movie. I’ll even have a hot bath with nice smelling oils or a bath ball from lush (the Dragon Egg one is amazing). I’ll even go out before hand and buy bath stuff so I can use all brand new things and feel amazing! After, I do my nails, drink tea, and get set up for a great movie and some tasty snacks.

The other way this goes, is if it’s a really, really bad day. These days, I just need to cry. SO on these days, I go to my room, but on the saddest movie I own (I am Sam, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and Extremely Loud and Everything Close) and I sob to these kinds of movies! Afterwards, I feel better. I just had to let it out AND then I start my process to feel better.

These methods are important to have! No matter who you are, you’re going to have bad days. Sometimes you need a break to yourself! You’re mental health is extremely important! SO give yourself some you time, and check in with yourself regularly to make sure you’re feeling ok!

Also, the feature picture is of my dog to make you feel better!


Going Away

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! For motivation Monday, I wanted to talk a bit about taking a break! I don’t know about everyone else, but these last two months have been CRAZY busy! I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of feeling overwhelmed! But I wanted to talk about taking a break. I think it’s something that we all forget to do.

I don’t just mean taking some time off and staying at home. I mean, take a break from your whole world- with, of course, the right group of people! Get out there and see the world and explore! Spend sometime away from home and the everyday routine! Break it up and have some adventure!

My trip I just got back from was only for a weekend, and it was amazing to even have that amount of time away! I got to leave with a group of friends and break my everyday, gloomy routine! I went hiking, went to a big event in the area, and really got to explore a place that I don’t usually get the chance to! Today going back to work, I feel tired. However, I feel refreshed at the same time! Like I really needed this! The feeling that I was dragging my butt through the weeks is gone, and replaced with a new, excited energy!

So, I recommend it! Get away, even just for a weekend! Take a break and either go with friends and family, or go exploring for yourself! Just make sure you get that time away, so you can come back into your life feeling even more refreshed and motivated!

Happy Monday!

– Erin

Spice Up Your Life

Hey Readers!

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are super pumped and ready for the next week! I wanted to talk today about Girl Power!

I am the type of person who is a people pleaser. I want people to like me and to not be mad at me. Sometimes I go above and beyond to make sure that they aren’t mad at me and I always have this weird fear in my head that my close friends are at times, when really they’re not. It’s an irrational fear. That being said, I’ve gone through hell with friends. Girls have treated me like garbage growing up and I know that I’ve been equally bad too! I remember this one time in school, these girls were bullying this one individual and they wouldn’t let her hang out with us. I wanted my friends to like me, so I was mean to her too. The very next year, that same group of girls let her in then kicked me out of the group and mad me feel like garbage. I deserved it. However, the point of this story is why do girls have to do that? Why do we have to tear each other down? Wouldn’t we all be happier if we’d all just been friends and not had that drama?

Girls have called me terrible names. I’ve been called all the swears in the book. One girl informed me that no one liked me because I brag too much. Another kindly let me know that I was gaining weight by saying that in a lovely tone (seeping with sarcasm here). Girls are constantly tearing each other down. Kicking us out of each others friend groups, making each other feel unworthy, calling each other names. Every girl is guilty of doing it at some point, and my question is why? We can do better! We are better than that! The amount of close friends I went through in high school who then either ditched me or I ditched them was insane. The only reason why I didn’t go completely crazy was because of ringette. With ringette, we all got a long and supported each other and it was great. However, now those girls aren’t even my friends anymore really. Most of them moved on and now have a special elite ringette team they’ve created together. So fun. My defence partner for many years is probably the only one I will always have some sort of a connection too.

Where does this come from? This stereotype is supported in movies and books! Girls constantly fight over a man, or they betray each other to get one up of someone. I watched a movie the other day where the girl’s best friend slept with her boyfriend. In another of my favourite movies (Drive Me Crazy- a great 90s movie), the main character’s best girl friend made out with the guy she was falling for and then went to the dance with the guy she had originally intended to go with. This “Best Friend” had only done that because she was jealous of the main character. She never actually liked either guy! Why can’t girls have better role models? Is that why we cling onto girl groups? Because they finally show us true friendship? Spice girls, Sailor Moon gang, etc- they are the slim role model girl group.

I’ve also had AMAZING friends! Most I’ve met later on in life, but one I met in Jr. high and we’re stuck with each other now! Mel is my best friend who just gets me. She just knows where I’m coming from all the time, is an amazing listener, and tells me when I’m in the wrong. She supports me and I think more girls need to be like her- just caring and understanding. The loyalty and dedication we have to each other is incredible and honestly, if all girls treated each other this way the world would be a happier place. She is forever my person, forever my rock. Best friends forever.14484890_10154760233335695_3883196831918714217_n.jpg

Another amazing girl from my friend group is Tayten! A girl who values our friendship and someone that has been through the worst in life and still manages to listen to my petty and dumb problems. She is an amazing friend who understands me. We support each other through the good and bad. She sees the good in everything and we have a lot of fun no matter what.11059843_10153572709810695_6664827075264838791_n.jpg

The third girl I can trust with anything is the girl I’m running this blog with! She’s an amazing person whose figuring out where she fits in, in this world, and we’re here to support each other through thick and thin!16388038_10155226902115695_7513277964436351494_n.jpg

I also have an amazing family of girls. Sheila is someone I share a lot in common with, who helps me see the good in a lot of things, and even though has moved- our friendship still feels strong. My sister too. We may fight but the bond will always be there.11949505_10153729496715695_3588626127030097789_n.jpg

With these girls by my side supporting me, I have faith for the future. We need to stop making each other feel bad about petty things and just be there to bring each other up! No more destroying friendships over jealousy and competition! Lets support each other and love each other girls! See what happens when girls support girls?! Only the best things!

Before I close, I just wanted to say that for any girl I left out in my past, or maybe I continue to, I’m sorry. Any girl I was mean to, called names, talked about behind their backs I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I did and if I could go back and teach myself the stuff I know now, I would. For the other girls, the mean girls- I forgive you. It’s taken me a long time to get over certain things, my feelings were hurt, but now that I’ve written this I already feel better and it feels forgotten. I forgive you, and I hope people I hurt can forgive me too. But enough of that. Lets all just be better towards each other! Lets be kinder! Girls, lets support each other! Lets try to be better!

– Erin

Dealing with Stress

Hey guys,

This past week has been super rough and stressful. It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been freaking out about jobs, money, my future, and so much more. It’s sometimes hard to shut your brain off and just relax for a minute. I really hope you didn’t have a super rough week like I did, but if you did I have some suggestions on how to relax and how to turn your weekend around. This weekend took me a whole weekend to feel better and ready for the next week, so I’ll take you through my days to show you what I did to feel better.

  1. First off you did it! You got through that horrible week! Now, take a night off. Seriously do this. I have a very hard time just taking a night off and not doing anything. I’ve gone through years of school where I’ve learned to multitask to the point where I cannot just sit there and only watch a movie. I’m always working on something or researching jobs or schools, and for me that just makes me more anxious. So take a night of. Pour yourself a glass of wine or some beverage. Sit down, put your feet up and relax. Watch a movie, have a bath, read, do your nails, etc. Just let your mind relax for an evening. This was my Friday and it was lovely! I put my phone away and just took the night off from all social media and everything else.
  2. Saturday I kept busy all day. After I let my mind relax and took a night off, I did the exact opposite of Friday evening. I started working on different, but fun tasks! I love art, I could draw, colour, and make things for days. Saturday I spent the day creating and having fun. I had to make a sculpture for a comicon costume (This article is soon to come!) and I spent most of the day focusing on that. I just did my art and let my mind wander and it was amazing. I was also listening to a podcast the other day (Anna Faris’s Unqualified- amazing go listen!), and the guest speaker said to get over a break up, get busy and learn something new, she had taken a pottery class and learned a new skill! I think this is super important to do if you want to relax. Pick up a new hobby, learn something new and make that your thing for a while to distract you from the stressors. Like I said, I was making costumes and what not, but I also like to draw, working out helps, writing super helps. Another couple projects I’ve done is working on a recipe book with all my successful, (when they do happen) Pinterest and other recipes, and I’m also redoing all of my photo albums. I’ve made them look better, added history notes to sculptures, artwork, places I saw, and just adding in my travel journal notes to show what the overall experience was (Maybe I’ll do an article on this when I’m done). Also, I did just start a bullet journal to keep track on various things in my life. Any of these little projects keep me busy and focused on something else for a while. It can be anything: baking and cooking, art, whatever you love to do!
  3. Today, Sunday, I went to a restorative yoga class to finish off the weekend. This class focuses only on simple stretches, and is for dealing with stress. You spend the class meditating and the teacher is constantly reminding you to let your mind go blank and to not think about anything. The class is early enough in the day that I still have half a day to get stuff done, and I always leave feeling so zen. I definitely do all my cleaning and weekly catching up in a super dreamy state, so ya definitely give it a try! If you want something more physical, there are plenty of other yoga classes that still take time at the end to refresh your mind. I love the hot yoga’s, because I feel like I’ve sweated out all the toxins in my body after I’ve gone.

After this weekend, I definitely feel prepared for the week. If you can’t spend a whole weekend doing this, I get it. I was a student, I feel ya. I really do recommend taking at least one night off of studying or work just to refresh your mind. Your mind and body both deserve a break once and a while so treat yourself! If your in school it helps to set a time limit on studying. My brother and I used to go to the library for the last three hours. We would spend three hours studying and doing work and then when the library closed we would be done and would have to leave. That definitely helped. If you’re writing a paper or have a due date for the next day- Godspeed my friend, its almost over.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have suggestions on how to relax!


Sunday Night Vibes

It’s the end of the weekend, but the fun doesn’t half to stop! It’s late Sunday night and I’m writing this post in bed listening to Frank Ocean’s “Blond” album, and since all week I’ve been obsessing over this album I thought why not make some internet space to rave about how great it is.

First, I didn’t stumble upon this myself, my boyfriend showed it to me on one of our trips to Jasper (10/10 recommend listening to this album while driving through the mountains). It came out last year, so I’m sure you’ve already heard all the hype (and probably listened to a few tracks yourself). We listened to this album on repeat anywhere from the car, to eating dinner while listening and watching the International Space Station live stream.

I’m very skeptical of all the albums my partner shows me (the majority are trap music), but this album is just full of chill vibes and sweet tunes.

Aside from the album, which is amazing, the cover art is super minimal and kind of hilarious (the album is called “blond” but he has green hair on the cover). Also Frank Ocean is a super cutie! (not that that makes the music any better or anything, but yknow it helps).


Ok moving on to my top tracks!

  1. Nikes – the first track is so catchy, and who can’t relate to wanting to fit in with the cool kids.
  2. Ivy – second track on the album, coming out swinging Frank Ocean it’s a killer!
  3. Pink + White

Seriously give this album a listen – got a lazy afternoon? Whack this on. At the gym? Get a little Frank to get you through.

Catch the wave and get lost in the Ocean.

That’s all for now