As Leaf Subsides To Leaf…

September 21, 2017

Hey Lovely People!

It is fall here in Alberta, Canada! The leaves are officially yellow, the temperature goes down to 0 degrees Celsius at night, and pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks! Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. I love the colours of my little world. I actually prefer the colder seasons anyways. I’d rather be too cold then too hot. With cold comes warm drinks, oversized chucky scarves, baggy sweaters, and Chapters reading socks. Fall clothing makes me super happy!

So, as you can probably guess already, I am obsessed with fall clothing! I had a very fun online shopping spree spending my time splurging on summer deals, and the new fall lines! I, of course, justified everything I bought with an excuse. So here are my latest purchases:

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago, my cousin and I went shopping for a dress for her because she has a wedding coming up! She found absolutely nothing, and I found more clothing than I could probably afford! The store we went to is in a small, but growing town in rural Alberta and is called Twig. The store collects a lot of different brands, but overall, their style is more laid back, and comfy. It just looks more stylish than wearing sweatpants- so definitely my favourite! Half of their store was dedicated to the end of summer with beautiful long dresses that were made of that stretchy/soft material, and the other half was their fall line. They had the chunky sweaters, vests, plaid shirts, soft basic tees- all of my favourite things! In the end, I feel like I restrained myself as best as I could. I bought a plaid, soft vest that was just a little bit puffy (perfect!). I also bought just a plain, grey tee. It’s super soft, also baggy and long. I have the worst time trying to find t-shirts like this that are a normal colour! I’m surprised I didn’t buy more!


The other store I splurged on (No Regrets!!), is this little Boutique in Montreal. Obviously, I do not live in Montreal so I do a lot of online shopping! It’s called 1861, and I just happened to find a link to the site one day when I was on Facebook! This stuff can sometimes feel very formal, but I promise that it is worth it to splurge. A lot of the stuff you can dress down. The clothing is also made very well, and is good quality. Outfits can be cheap- I find some stuff is very expensive, while others is more affordable. And, when you get your outfit shipped to you, they wrap it up in the most beautiful way, and they leave a note! My last one said that I had made some excellent selections and they hope I enjoy- they also left a little quote and personally signed it. It’s good service, even though I’m so far away! So what was this amazing selection I purchased! I bought a new fall jacket! It’s thin, but baggy and comfy (clearly how I describe all of my clothing 😉). It looks like a green trench coat! I love it! I also got a skirt! It’s outside of my comfort zone, so I am super excited to wear it! It’s white with all gold and black shapes! Both are amazing pieces, and I can’t wait to wear them this weekend!

Well, the rest of the stuff I splurged on is not clothing, so I’ll let you know what else I splurged on in future posts. What’s your favourite thing about fall? What kinds of clothes do you normally splurge on? 😊

– Erin xo


Telus World of Science

Hey Lovely Readers,

I have missed you guys! Where have I been? Working, and then being lazy! I will have to work on my posting capabilities. I have had to work lots, but I HAVE had long breaks in between working so this week my goal was to type up some mega posts that we owe you guys! So far so good! Stay tuned! I’ll be posting at different times today, and tomorrow, so not to overload you guys 😉

One of my favorite places to go here is the Telus World of Science. As nerdy as it sounds, I thoroughly enjoy a good documentary on the big IMAX and I love checking out the permanent exhibits. Although it can be pricey, it is a fun day with kids to go check out some space exhibits, as well as the ecosystem exhibit and body works exhibit. The IMAX’s are ALWAYS good! The last one I went to was a China IMAX and it talked about the archaeological work with the Terra- Cotta soldiers (Will post about this later). I’ve also seen movies on nature, dinosaurs, the titanic, and also watch old movies there!

There is a ton of things to do for kids and adults. Our Telus World of Science always puts on an adult night. I have never actually been to one, but I think it would be fun! They have a wide variety of adult topics, and also you can go have a drink!

Another thing they have is the star theater! If you can find a good show that is a bit older, they talk about a number of interesting star related facts. I have heard good things about the northern lights show! Also, I kind of remember going there as a kid and watching the stars on the roof theater, talking about constellations! I remember loving it and being amazed.

The main thing that keeps me going back to the Telus World of Science, is the exhibits that they host for a limited time! I have been to some VERY cool exhibits. I cannot even tell you which one is my favourite one! Here is a list of some of the amazing exhibits I have seen! Note: some of these are not my pictures. I will try to cite them, but if you know whose they are, just comment and I’ll definitely give them credit! 🙂

  1. Body Works: This is a crazy exhibit. I think people come from all over to see this one! Body works is showing the science of exactly what you think- how the body functions or works. People have donated their bodies to this cause to show off various aspects of the bodies. In some, the skin is removed to show just muscle movements and how they work. In another, they have organs- what happens if your obese and what fat looks like, what happens to your lungs if you’ve been smoking, the heart, the brain in all it’s complexity, the nervous system- you name it! The exhibit is exciting, because you can learn SO much about the body itself, but can be a little unsettling! Some of the bodies you can disassociate from and others it’s more difficult to look at. It is a very cool experience though!

    Image result for body works edmonton telus world of science
    This is from the CTV News Cite. This part of the exhibit showed what muscles are being used in sports. Of course the hockey ones are representing my favorite NHL team!
  2. The Indiana Jones Exhibit- I love a lot of exhibits, but this one is my favorite that I have been too! They brought in a ton of archaeological artifacts related to the movies! You could see the actual memorabilia from all four movies- pretty cool. This included clothing, movie posters, etc. My favorite movie outfit was the red dress that Willie (Kate Capshaw) wears in Temple of Doom! It was so intricately beaded and had to be specially ordered and made! They also had lots of information about where they ideas for some of the artifacts came from and had actual artifacts as well with explanations. I loved the section on language- they showed all the crop circle like writings and had explanations. It was all very interesting and well done! After, we got to watch one the movies in the IMAX.

    Image result for indiana jones edmonton telus world of science
    This is from the Edmonton Journal and is from Indiana Jones and the last crusade! It’s an amazing movie prop!
  3. Titanic- I LOVED this one! There is something about the titanic that I really enjoy learning about! It’s probably because of my love of history and archaeology that keeps me wanting to learn more! For this exhibit, they brought in artifacts from the titanic and had explanations for each. In each exhibit, there is usually a game you had to play or something interactive (Indiana Jones had an artifact search, body works- nothing of course). For this, you were given an individual with a biography. You could read about this person and their experience on the titanic. I can’t remember all the details about mine (I must have the card somewhere), but she was this girl who married an older gentleman and had one kid. She was considered middle class and had some perks on the Titanic, but with still some limitations. As you walk around you carry this idea and experience of this person. You look at all the belongings and information, and at the end you get to feel how cold the water would have been! That is right! They bring in a chunk of freezing cold ice to feel and you can understand how cold the water really was! I can’t even imagine being that cold! After, you check the board with the list of names to see whether your individual survived. Mine did, and her children did. Her husband stayed on the boat and passed. She never remarried. Pretty intense.

    Image result for titanic edmonton telus world of science
    From the Calgary Herald, some of the artifacts from the ship!
  4. Harry Potter Exhibit- A very awesome exhibit! I loved this, but I probably would not go again if it came back! Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and it was AMAZING, but it was all of their clothing and only a few movie props! I got my joy out of attempting to play Quidditch and pretend planting mandrakes and walking through Hagrid’s hut, but there were a ton of other cool exhibits that were better and I truly think this would be a different feel if I was at Harry Potter World. However, I still had a good time and like always was sorted into Gryffindor 🙂 I loved the Forbidden Forest and the entrance to through the train station to get in! My favorite!
    Image result for harry potter edmonton telus world of science
    This is from Vancouver sun and I think was just before you head into the Forbidden Forest! Props from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter marathon tonight anyone?)


  5. Sherlock Holmes Exhibit- I felt the same about this as I did the Harry Potter exhibit! I loved all the information about the writer and about Sherlock Holmes, but again it was a lot of clothing it was more about solving the mystery which was it’s own kind of fun! I enjoyed myself as best as I could for having jet lag after a long and horrible flight and being stuck in Europe for four days…. I can’t believe we haven’t actually talked about this yet (hint, hint: I’ll post about this soon!). The mystery was pretty cool and yes I am basically a detective and solved the case (maybe they should hire me?). Anyways, there was a scene set up with a description of what happened. You had to analyze the scene for clues and then guess what happened. Around the exhibit, they had a bunch of experiments you could use to help you narrow down the situation. For instance, there were footsteps leading down from the house, so with one of Sherlock Holmes’ foot print devices you could narrow down whether those tracks were horses, was it a person being dragged, was it someone walking with a cane, etc. This would help you to decide whether the murderer dragged missing person away, maybe the murderer left the scene and that was his tracks, etc.
    Image result for sherlock holmes edmonton telus world of science
    This picture is from the National Post, but this is what the scene looks like you have to solve!


  6. Pixar Animation Exhibit- I recently went to this exhibit a couple of weeks ago and it was SOO fun! I have never really put much thought into what it takes to do animation and all the different jobs and areas within that job and within pixar itself! It was so cool! The exhibit is extremely interactive and takes you through a step by step on the process of how to create an animation. So this involves how to create a character- maybe sculpting and designing, then how to create facial expressions on the computer, how to do lighting, rendering, giving the character actions! I had a ton of fun!

    My Picture! Here I am trying out different facial expressions to give Jane from Toy Story!

I have been to a lot of exhibits throughout the years. Telus World of Science never fails me! I have heard that the best one everyone loves is Star Wars- I was so sad to miss it! Every time I talk to someone they say that that was the best exhibit they have seen thus far! Maybe they’ll come back and I can finally go! They also have done an angry birds exhibit (never went), and an interactive dinosaur exhibit- this would be better for kids, I found it dull and lacking a lot of information I was curious about. You just have to pick and choose which ones peak your interest and go visit! It is a great experience! After you go to the exhibit you can explore the rest of the center for free too!

Have fun!



Hey My Dear Readers!

I hope you are having a great week! We are at Wednesday! THANK GOD! I really could use a day off. Unfortunately, that could be two weeks from now! The countdown begins to a vacation! I will be thrilled to go!

In the meantime, I thought I would let you guys know what I have been splurging all of my money on lately! I found that I have been breaking out lately, and I’m not entirely sure why, so I decided to go get a face mask from Lush….. and walked out with half of the store? Does this happen to anyone else?! I can’t help myself when it comes to lush! Everything smells so amazing and luscious? lol.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite products I picked up!

  1. Bath Bombs- You cannot walk into lush and not walk out with any bath bombs. Seriously. This is what they are known for and for a VERY good reason! Last week I used the Yoga bath bomb- the smells are SO relaxing. I recommend this for stress. I also really love galaxy and dragon egg! Both are very colourful, smell amazing, and – be warned- they leave a TON of glitter in your tub! BUT IT’S WORTH IT!
  2. Detangler- This hair detangler works magic on my constantly tangled hair. Seriously. It is even WORSE when it is wet. I really hate combing it. I find with this and probably the crazy amount of conditioner I use on my hair, I am able to comb it out without breaking any brushes, or cursing my hair. Your hair also smells like you are this hipster chick, living out in the woods, creating oils and you just smell like earth and nature. I bet you all know what I’m talking about!
  3. Ocean Salt- I bought this as a scrub and it is a not nice feeling at first, but in the end has some amazing results. It is this gritty scrub that feels awful on your skin. It’s mainly just rough is all, but it feels like it is really scrubbing the crap out of your skin and after my skin feels amazingly soft! I love/hate this product! It is definitely bittersweet! It is worth the results.
  4. Mask of Magnaminty- This is actually the only thing I was supposed to buy for my face… sooo…. yaaa! Basically, it is one of the best things I’ve used on my face! After I used it, all of the zits seemed to shrink, on top of the fact that it looked, smelt, and felt nice on my face! My skin looked super fresh after and it’s one of those face products that also feels like it’s working too!
  5. I haven’t bought this yet….. I plan on it anyways! I have heard amazing things about the sleepy lotion! It has lavender in it, and that smell is supposed to relax you! I’ve read tons of articles online and looked up reviews on the website that have said that it has done wonders on their insomnia! As your probably know and can tell because it’s 1:30 am and I’m writing 30 million articles, that I suffer from insomnia when I am stressed. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, sometimes I cannot fall asleep! I am so hoping this helps with that! Lavender is highly recommended and known for being relaxing! If this doesn’t help, they apparently have a three products that should help! Good luck fellow insomniacs! Let me know if it helps, or I will let you know very soon here!

So, anyways this is my current obsession! A ton of Lush products that I shouldn’t be buying, but I am anyways! Let me know which products are your favourite!



Online Shopping

Hi everyone,

I have been MIA from the blog this weekend because I have been SO busy. Over the past few days I have had multiple social events that just seem to zap all my energy and by the evening I just crash into bed.

ANYWAYS, that’s not what we are here to talk about I am here to talk about my current obsessions and that is online shopping.

I recently got a new job and I have been deciding to “treat myself” to a few items in celebration. Well let me tell you the list is longer than my past online shopping “excursions”.

Item 1.

Facebook is both a friend and a foe in that it suggests all of these cool items I want. A couple weeks ago it suggested these eco friendly bracelets by the company 4Ocean, the company makes the bracelets out of recycled plastic and each bracelet you buy facilitates removing a pound of trash from the ocean! I bought the special limited edition Shark Conservation bracelet (10% of the profits go to help shark conservation efforts), and I can’t wait till it comes in the mail!


Find it here:

Item 2.

New job new me right? That is also my mindset in that I have been buying a SHIT TON of active wear recently, and buying them online was no exception. Cue these amazing looking red leggings from Gym Shark. I have heard great things both online and from my coworker and all together with shipping they only cost me $75 Canadian! I have dreams of going to many a hot yoga class with these on.


Find them here:

Item 3.

Finally, last but not least are items to benefit my inside health. I love the brand Organic Burst for super foods, and I recently bought a bundle of their Spirulina powder, Maca powder, and Baobab powder. I have had their Spirulina tablets before and I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels when I took them (they are also a complete protein and contain lots of iron – not bad for vegans/vegetarians!). I am currently using their Chlorella tablets that I take at night because I find it gives my body the detox it needs and I wake up feeling completely de-bloated! Chlorella is suppose to detox the heavy metals from your body (which comes from grey city living!) and improve your hair and skin. I found that taking half a serving and working your way up to a full serving was the best thing to do!

Anyways! Maca is great for natural energy and Baobab is great at boosting your immune system! The company is chocked full of natural recipes and ethical trading and sourcing. I bought the “energy” bundle which gave me all three of these powders at 10% off!


Find it here:

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any online shopping hubs you recommend!

Talk soon



Hey Lovely Readers!

One of the newest things we decided to add to our blog was a day for current obsessions! It’s just a day to share with you anything that we have been interested in that maybe you will be too!

Today I thought I would talk about Pinterest! Everyone knows about Pinterest. You go on the site look at nice pictures and repin them to your boards. They can be about ANYTHING. SO on my account I have Fashion (because I am totally lacking in this area), Health and Fitness (also lacking), Home Decor (because I LOVE home decor), Travel, Weddings (even though I’m single), Beauty, Books, Movies, TV, and then I have a bunch of secret boards with DIY and Bullet Journals, Holidays, Cosplay, and Art Inspiration. I also am apart of a bunch of boards like Pinterest Successes- recipes that have worked out for my sister-in- law and her sibling and friends, a bachelorette party I helped decorate for, a baby shower, and I have a board dedicated to any kids crafts for the kids that I work with. Pinterest is my life. I am on there all the time browsing, learning new things, getting some good ideas.

I find it also relaxes me! I can be on there for a while sitting there when I’m stressed zoning out and looking at pictures that I really like. Getting inspiration. I get ideas from other bloggers, and have learned how to use social media/ am still learning the ways of social media. People have great advice to follow and it’s a great platform to share it. I find I do not use Google as much for creative ideas. I can go on there and get all the creative inspiration I need!

The boards I normally pin to are: Home Decor, Fashion, Travel, Recipes, and some of my private boards (mainly the bullet journal and DIY one). Feel free to check out my page! Definitely follow me, because I am constantly posting and reposting to feed my obsession (Erin Christy). My home decor is a very shabby chic kind of feel. I pin a lot of pins with white walls, dark floors. But I LOVE colour, so they’ll feel plain, but then they’ll have extremely colourful accents, such as a bright rug, or towels in a bathroom, any sort of colourful accents. For fashion- I usually pin things I want to start wearing but haven’t had the courage to do yet! I’m a person who likes to feel comfortable all of the time, so some of the clothing seems like it wouldn’t be me for that reason. However, I need to start dressing up and feeling good about myself, but at least this way I know what styles I would like to start wearing and how pieces would fit together! When thinking about travelling, I pin everything! You can usually tell where I am going to go next, because I start pinning for that particular place closer to when I leave! Recipes- I am trying to eat healthy so some of my pins are healthy but tastey food. Also, there are some vegetarian options on there just in case I would like to try one of those! 

Anyways, give me a follow and I’ll follow you back! I usually try to put some of our blogging articles on there and I do have some very cool things pinned as well for you to check out!


Boutique 1861

Hey Lovely Readers!

Another post coming at you! One that was meant for Saturday, but instead is coming at you Monday! The main reason for this is that I needed to take pictures of my new outfits- which this post is about- and I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed at all yesterday. It was cold and rainy and gross yesterday, and when I got home after visiting my cousin, I just really wanted to get back in my sweatpants and lounge for the rest of the day. Also, Orange is the New Black is on again and I feel obligated to keep watching that show. I know, so many excuses all the time. However, good excuses at least.

So, this place is about online shopping! I love shopping- which most people would find weird because I always end up dressing in yoga pants or swears and a t- shirt (I’m lazy). That is all I really want to do. In a perfect world I would win the lottery and spend all my day shopping and travelling. I love going to the mall here and going through all the stores and coming out with large quantities of stuff I really don’t need. I love shopping for the home and wish I could redecorate my bedroom and life with all the colours of the wind. Currently, I am very lazy so online shopping is amazing. I never really go on a site where I can go to a store here for, so when I found this site I was super happy! The store is called 1861 Boutique! It’s a little store in Montreal that sells their clothing online! I have bought A TON of stuff from this store. It’s all super high quality clothing for a very good price. I brought up this store when I was talking to some friends last year, and it turns out that one of my friends from London bought her grad dress off the site. It was a very high quality dress for a very good price. She said she paid around $100 and it was a very good dress. When I bought my grad dress back in the day, it was $500 and it fell apart at grad. Super ridiculous.

Last year I bought a very pretty blue, wrap dress for $60 from there that was comfortable and I wore for wedding season. The dresses and outfit prices ranges. It’s kind of like walking into Simmons and finding a $600 shirt next to a $10 one. Such a panic. However, there is a reason for that. I saw a leather jacket for $750, however, clearly that is a real leather jacket and not just a pleather jacket you can get. If you see that, do not panic you can still find nice clothing and not pay $750 for it.

I recently bought a new black dress and a black and white romper. I had picked out black sandals to go with anything in my wardrobe, but they ran out. They emailed me right away letting me know their mistake and then gave me the option of a gift card or my money back. I chose the gift card and bought the gold version of my shoes- not disappointed at all. I love them so much! They are very comfy and look amazing!

When you get your package in the mail, it looks amazing. I live in Canada, so it came super fast to me, and it was all wrapped in lovely tissue paper and with bow on the inside of the box. They also leave notes in the boxes saying I hope you look lovely and all this nice stuff! When they mess up they write that they’re sorry and leave it in the box which I don’t need them to do even! I do not expect an apology, it happens, you sell out of things and then I buy new things instead! It’s just nice to see a store go above and beyond for the customer.



I love them, and their clothing. I recommend that if you like something from there, but it ASAP. They do sell out fast and when a style sells out, they bring in a new one instead of bringing that particular outfit back. If it’s super popular they will sometimes. Also, they sell a variety of things: shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, wedding dresses, grad dresses, accessories, shoes- you name it. They do feel more formal, so if your looking for sweatpants and a hoodie you will not find that there. However, if you’re looking for summer dresses, and everyday cute outfits- you’ll definitely find it!

Anyways, Happy Shopping!


Note: I will post pictures of the outfits later today! On instagram and on this post! I just have to convince myself to stop being so lazy!

– Erin



Hey Sweet Readers!

I hope you are having a good day today! Just one more and it’ll be friday! Super pumped to work all evening….. but whatever because then it’s the weekend! I’m also super broke from that week of HELL! Thanks a lot life for throwing a shit storm of things my way to make me broke! However, I think my luck has changed for the better! It’s not amazing- like I had hoped to win the lottery to make up for all that money I had to spend- but it’s not horrible! Anyways, I’m off track as per usual! Today is Lit- Thursday, so normally we recommend a book that you might like. I’m doing things a little differently, because I’m currently still reading Catalyst by James Luceno- A Star Wars one. I thought I would let you know how I get all these great recommendations!

So, I have a Goodreads account! It is this GREAT site for finding new books, and also for getting very good reviews about the books. My brother and his girlfriend had the app originally, which is how I found out about it. From there I’ve only told a couple people about it, so now I have four friends on Goodreads- lol.

There’s so many great things you can do with the site! SO you have three different “shelves” of books that you can move books to. They are: Read Books, Currently Reading, and Want to Read. Pretty self explanatory. Theres a little thing that comes down when the books shows up that you can tap on to say whether you want to read it, have read it, or currently reading it.  One thing you can do is get recommendations on the site. When you first get Goodreads, it’ll give you a list of books to see what you read and how you would rate them to know what books you are interested in. Once that is done and you set up your account, you can just go over to the three lines and it’ll give you recommendations specific to what you have read in your past (on app) and if you are on the site, you can just go to browse books. Just make sure you are on a genre you love. You can also move over to “on my shelves” and it’ll let you know what books you want to read of that genre! You can also check the best books of 2016 (current one), so find books that people found amazing and voted for them to win! On your news feed, everyday they’ll give you suggestions to read of books that are popular for this week in various categories! I also find that the more people you have on your Goodreads the better! You can constantly see what they’re reading, what they have read, and what they would like to read. I always check out my future sister- in- laws Goodreads because she reads like crazy and ALWAYS has really great books with very honest 5- star ratings! If you’ve heard about a book from someone else, you can search the title and it will give you the star rating and people give very good reviews. I usually read a couple and scroll through the last few entry star ratings to see how people are rating it! They will let you know if there are spoilers in their reviews! The other way I get recommendations, is my friends on my list… all 4, but only 2 do this… is for them to send you recommendations! They always send me the best recommendations!


                      Some Suggestions for me this week, and the list of my books,              recommendations, reading challenge, Best books of 2016

One other thing I do, is do the reading challenge! Every year my friend, brother, and future sister- in- law all do the reading challenge! you can pick how many books you want to read this year, and then attempt the challenge! I usually start with 50! If you’re starting now, just make sure that you realize it re- starts in Jan, not a year from when you got the app! Also, to do the reading challenge, make sure that you are setting your books for currently reading, then move to read. This way it will go on to your reading challenge and think that you read the book recently rather than before that. You can also see your friend’s reading challenges to see how they’re doing too!

My Reading Challenge- Yikes 9 books behind schedule! I need to get on that!

I think that’s all I have to say about the site! I hope you enjoy! Get out there and review and recommend books! Kick that reading challenges butt! Add me on Goodreads if you have it or just getting it! My username is ErinChristy10 and the email you can search too is! Have a great rest of the day!


Non- Fiction Books

Hey Fantastic Readers!

I am currently housesitting! I have done this with so many people now, I feel like this is my new career! Ok anyways, I am on a hunt for internet passwords and what not- so I have three more posts for you today! I promise they will come out in less spurts soon! Today, I am sitting here watching the remake of Dirty Dancing and I am loving and hating it! I mean nothing is like the original with Patrick Swayze, but this guy is super hot so I love hate it! Anyways, more on that tomorrow! Today is supposed to be a lit review! I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been on a nonfiction binge for the last little while! Now I find these books interesting, and usually what happens is I get really curious about something and I’m like huh. I wonder why this is a thing and I read about it. Reading is so important, and remember to always stay curious. So here’s my last 2 nonfiction books, and one I’m currently reading!

The first book I read was The Nazi Hunters by Andrew Nagorski. When I chose to read this, I thought that it would be like the show. A group of people tracking down old Nazi soldiers. What I found was something way more interesting! It went into detail about the lawyers and the cases about finding high Nazi leaders who ran away to escape consequences. The book went into detail about how countries dealt with these criminals, how they tracked them down, and what the trials were like. This goes on for years and years. It was interesting to see just how long the tracking went on for! It was a very informative and cool book about WW2. Overall, the information was interesting. Sometimes I found it a little dry, but the stories were still interesting and would suck you back in.

The second book I just finished was called the Science of Leonardo by Fritjof Capra. This book was probably one of the better nonfiction books I read! It was well written and kept me interested! I read it super fast, which does not always happen with nonfiction books for me. The book was split in half. The first part focused on all of Da Vinci’s art work and the second was the science portion. It went into detail about why Da Vinci was so ahead of his time, and what made his paintings unique. During the art section, it described his life and his growing up. The science portion was the many achievements he made as an adult, and how he seriously was ahead of his time! It was a very cool biography and if you’re interested in Da Vinci, please read it and give it a shot. You’ll be full of cool fun facts like me… so cool, I would make a great party guest.. lol.

The last book I’m reading is #bossgirl. So far, I’m sad to say, that I’m actually disappointed. I think I struggle with the Sophia Amoruso’s attitude in the book. It’s hard to read someone talk about how they don’t care but they care, and then they don’t care, and then they do. Ya frustrating. Also, she talks about how she hated school and I just have to say. Not going to school is fine- lots of people are VERY successful and never go to school! She really tries to say this, but she ends up bragging about herself and how much money she has and how she had nothing and hated school. Instead of saying if you don’t love school, you can be successful without it- she gets lost in just talking about herself. But girls, business school is still something you can do! If school isn’t your thing, don’t go- you will find something and if you love it, it will be successful! But don’t just hate on school! There’s tons of benefits and it is an amazing experience! Her discussion on feminism made me shutter too. She definitely made feminism seem like it was a man- hating thing. I didn’t like that part either. I’m still reading it, so maybe my opinion will change! But from what I’ve read on Goodreads, a lot of people are kind of thinking the same thing. I would like to say, there are a lot of other women who are amazing role models, business women, and who have great knowledge and stories to tell! We should all try to find more of those books!

Let me know if you have an recommendations for these kinds of books! Hope you enjoyed my reviews

– Erin

Flower Power

Hey Dear Readers!

Here we are! The third post in the bunch! I wanted to talk a bit about motivation, since that was what I was supposed to talk about yesterday! I usually talk about different things I do to help motivate myself to feel good, healthy, and amazing!

One of the things I did this weekend was plant some flowers! Seriously, everyone needs some plants or flowers in their life! Our weekend was super sunny and hot, so my mom and I went and bought all of our flowers for the year! We tend to make our own flower arrangements in our own planters, because it’s more fun creating different looks with different flowers.

I absolutely love the whole process of planting flowers. When you look at your old planters, they’re all gross and full of dead plants, and look horrible. You just dig those old roots out and mix around the dirt. After the whole is dug, you place your flower in and add fresh dirt. They just look amazing and clean and healthy! I love planning out what colours to put together and adding different ivy plants and various flowers! The whole process is therapeutic! This year I planted strawberry plants too, so I’m super excited to eat some of those!


My dog who is super excited to be outside in the sun!


I recommend giving it a try, it’s relaxing and fun! Also, save the bees!

– Erin

Bang On

Hey Readers!

How’s it going?! I’m having a super fun time in Vancouver, job shadowing and visiting my cousins, and just hanging out! Today, we went shopping in downtown Vancouver in some of the outlets, which was super fun! We went to this one store, which I will just focus on for today, that I don’t think we have back home! It’s called Bang on! In the store we went to, they had a whole bunch of vintage clothes- which I loooovveee, and they also had custom shirts you could make!

I’m going to say this- they were not the super lame shirts that you get at some places. For instance, Forever 21 has some pretty amazing things there, but sometimes the shirts are complete garbage. Like I’ll pull something out thinking it looks nice and then it’ll say something like- I love hamburgers, and you’re just like whhhhyyyyy. One time I saw one that had the days of the week followed by emojis to describe them. What the fuck. Who is buying those and supporting their bad t-shirt decision making! However, I have bought amazing things there too!! Like my favourite jacket that I plan on featuring in this blog someday! Anyways…..

Bang on is super cool, and the stuff you can have made is very nice. You basically pick a picture from their stack of binders they have, choose a shirt, crop top, hoodie, whatever you’re feeling, and they just iron it on for you!

I got Bill Murray’s face (should have also gotten Betty White’s face- what was I thinking) and I got a Beyoncé shirt that has her face and then a bunch of bees (it took me a long time to get this- wtf Erin). They are amazing! So check them out! I will eventually post these on our Instagram (!

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about clothes! Happy Sunday!
– Erin