Summer Job Ideas

Hey Readers!

It’s that time of the year again! The time of the year where EVERYONE is searching for a summer job! It can be difficult, because you want to find something that A- you make enough money that you don’t need a job during the year, or B- something that you can possibly go part- time to eventually. We get it! We’ve been there, and every summer we’ve gone through the trying to find a job, trying to make enough money for school or hobbies, and then having to quit. For this post we decided to list some jobs that may help if you’re looking for something for the summer or maybe something that could even help decide on a future job! Here’s a list below!

  1. Portering- a lot of people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say I’m a porter, but basically I work at the hospital moving patients, specimens, and equipment around the hospital. I transfer patients to different units, take them to appointments, and move them out of the operating rooms at times. This job is perfect for a summer job. Basically, I started as a .6 position and then could drop done to casual. I can pick up whatever for shifts and cancel them when I needed a day to study. Also, this job is perfect if you want to work in a hospital. When you apply for another job you’ll be an internal candidate, and be considered faster (especially nursing), but it also helped me to realize that I don’t want to be a nurse. People have this glamorized idea in their head when they walk into a job, but they never see the downsides of it, and sometimes end up hating it. This was perfect, because I saw the good, bad and ugly of nursing, and I made the decision that it wasn’t for me. The way I see it, is that it’s beneficial either way! At the beginning I started off making $20.
  2. Working with disabled individuals- I’ve worked for one agency where I specifically work with various kids and various disabilities, and now I also work with adults. This can be hard and isn’t for everyone It does look amazing on a resume, my mom is a charge nurse at a hospital working with kids and she said that you need to have experience to work on her unit, so this would be perfect for you. Also, a lot of people going into teaching or who just love working with individuals and helping them in the community work this job! It’s a super flexible job, I can put school before this job and made around $20 an hour when I first started.
  3. Working for the city. My brother did this every summer and made great money. About the same as me. You can do different jobs like cutting grass, cutting trees, maintaining the community, and you can do it only in the summer. My brother made enough money that it would last him the majority of the school year with a small part time job. They also tend to rehire the same people every summer.

The last thing I wanted to say, is that networking is everything. That’s what I’ve learned these past few months. A career counsellor told me this, and now I’ve been actively applying it to my everyday. I have met with a few people and am currently job shadowing two different jobs to see if they’re for me. Even if I’m not getting paid, I’ve made that connection and I can potentially use it to get a reference and a job in that field later on if I like that job!

Happy Job Hunting!

  • Erin