Five Foot Two

September 23, 2017

Well, if you love Lady Gaga as much as I do then, I know that you have already watched her new documentary: Five Foot Two. If you haven’t seen it yet- watch it asap. It is truly an amazing documentary! Also, this movie is relateable because I am also Five Foot Two and if you really compare to the song- I have eyes of blue :).

It was an amazing view into her life and explains a lot- i.e. why her tour keeps cancelling dates. I found I could relate to her feelings and emotions, even though the situations were very different. Loneliness and fear or never finding someone was a big part of it. For her the fame and the achievements are the reasons she feels like guys leave in the end. They can’t handle it. For me, obviously that is not why I feel lonely. I, like her, find myself alone at night feeling lonely and thinking is this it for me? Will I ever find someone, I just have the same doubts. I guess this is what I mean: the documentary humanizes her, and I feel like this is important for people to see. It also shows that life is hard no matter what your socioeconomic status is. I think that it’s important to know that people are struggling all over, and although some people are privileged and can deal with the issue faster or at all, they still have that issue. It was also just so emotional. I cried, I laughed, I yelled- I felt all of the emotions. This latest album had so much feeling and emotion. It was a side of Lady Gaga that a lot of us have never seen. It was emotional, raw, beautiful. It was a new sound. Her documentary showed all of this and that was the best part. To see her throwing her whole self, and true self into an album was what made the documentary memorable for me.IMG_0664

I also just loved how the movie was filmed. The opening and end scenes with superbowl sent shivers done my spine! The music playing, the rise up into the sky- Awesome. Spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, but the baptism part was my favourite! The music, outfits, cars- it was all like a movie, but it’s just her life. What made that part stand out even more was her relationship with her family. Sometimes in Holliwood, people are famous because of their parents, or their parents force them into becoming an actress or actor and you see these sob stories of people being estranged from their families. It was awesome to see that she has such a strong family unit and how much the album meant to her family. It was like a gift to her family that album. I’m not saying theirs something wrong with famous parents, but it’s just nice to see someone who worked hard and got to where they are, but are still supported and loved so deeply and strongly.

Anyways! I guess you could say I liked the movie. 😉 What did you think of it?

– Erin xo


Spotify Summer Playlist

Hey Lovely Readers,

I hope you are doing swell in the last 3 hours I haven’t posted! 😀 I wanted to share with you my summer playlist now that summer is almost done hahah! You are welcome! No, but our playlists change so much on moods, and seasons and I was wondering what songs everyone downloaded the most in these past summer months!

As I’ve said before last year I was living in Italy for a month (I miss you Italy and all you Italians!). Anyways, I LOVED the music in Europe! The song that came out that was super popular was Duele el Corazon by Enrique Igelsias! Every place I went (if we’re being serious I was either at a cafe or out for gelato), they played that song and I just felt like I was so pumped for summer, and so high on life every time I heard it! Safe to say I brought that song home with me and incorporated it in my day-to- day life here. SO you can imagine that when Despacito came out, it such a fun song like that it had to be added to my playlist! And now that it’s extremely overplayed, I find that I still love it, because it is still so fun!

Alright! Here is my playlist for the summer (I’m only going to choose a few and I’ll leave that out because that is clearly the song of the summer!):

  1. I’m the One- D.J Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper. I have memorized 90% of this song, the rest I probs have no idea what they are even saying in the rest of the song. Its got such a chill and relaxing sound! Can’t wait for Jbiebs new song (2 days!!! Yes I am a Justin Bieber fan, but if you had seen him in concert on his purpose tour like I had, you would understand! Also, think about all these amazing hits, he’s been putting out this year! He’s definitely on a roll!)
  2. Chantaje- Shakira- Who doesn’t love Shakira! I love the beat to this song, it’s another song completely in spanish so have fun making up the words for you non- spanish speakers attempting to sing the song (you will know the word “Que” I promise). I’m so jealous of everyone who can speak Spanish!
  3. Black Me Out- Against Me!- YUP I really love all genres of music! Or I definitely will give it a chance! This song is fun to sing if you’re really upset with someone, but it’s also just fun to sing. There are lots of swears so people will stare at you, but just stare right back singing the words! 😉 You’ll understand when you hear it!
  4. The Cure- Lady Gaga- I love this song, No words, it’s so amazing I play it as much as possible
  5. John Wayne- Lady Gaga- there are a lot of songs on this album that i just love, I will dance to this and A-yo a lot in my room! It is not pretty!
  6. Two Ghosts- Harry Styles- This one is kind of slow, but I love it! His whole album has this Beatles and Rolling Stones feel to it that makes me so happy!
  7. Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran- This is a fun dancing Irish song! I’m telling you Irish people! Sing more songs to me! That reminds me….
  8. Slow Hands- Neil Horan. I hated this song at first! I was like what is this garbage, and then after 2 listens I was hooked. Good lord. While we are on the One Direction track…
  9.  Strip that Down for Me- Liam Payne, Quavo. This is just a fun song to sing! It’s different and so good! Well done One Direction solo artists.
  10. Paradise By the Dashboard Light- Meatloaf- this is my families travel theme song! We do a lot of singing and dancing to this! This and Bohemian Rhapsody. We usually end up driving 8 hours to go see my grandma, so these are the songs on my playlist always
  11. Santeria- Sublime- This is a super casual song and relaxed song. Classic!
  12. Attention- Charlie Puth- I don’t really like this singer that as much, but there is something about this song that is so damn catchy!
  13. California Love- Tupac- A playlist is not a playlist without some Tupac!

This is my playlist! There is a ton of stuff missing! Like I listen to way more classic rock! I love 5 long years by Colin James, I love Loverboy, Queen, Prism, STEVER MILLER BAND- so much love, and the Beatles! I also have lots of country too like Dirty Laundry is played a lot by Carrie Underwood! I also recommend City in Stars from La la land. It’s a slow song, but my god I sing it all the time!

Happy Listening! Let me know what’s on your playlist!


Lady Gaga is AMAZING

Hey Lovely People!

I know, it’s been so long since we posted! What is with us…. I have no idea! Please forgive us! I did want to talk about how I saw Lady Gaga last week!

I absolutely loved her! It had everything you could ever want in a concert. Now, my friend and I SPLURGED on tickets. It was extremely necessary for us to be on floors for the concert. It has nothing to do with trying to get her to notice me and be best friends with me or high five me or anything like that…. maybe only a little bit? Most of it has to do with having that personal feeling with the performer. This same friend and I go see Against Me! every time they come to a city near us. They are our favorite concerts, because they’re smaller and it feels more personal. It;’s like your able to have an intimate moment with the performer and you experience all of these feelings all the time. That is why we bought floors and spent basically all of my money. It was worth it though! To have that same feeling and experience with Gaga was amazing. I cried through most of her intimate moments, and I felt like I understood it as best as I could and maybe could relate to her in a lot of ways. So hence, I cried through all of the slow songs, but when she played those classic, upbeat songs I was so happy and on fire. I appreciate it Gaga.

On top of that experience, I found the concert to be absolutely amazing. Gaga had no openers. She performed from 8:30 ish (came on a little late I think?) and performed until midnight. Wow. To have someone sing her heart out in every single song, to a million dance routines for that long? Amazing. Totally worth it. Her stage was beautiful, her dancers were beautiful, her piano- BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend splurging and going to see her. She is worth every cent and I left on such a high! Truly amazing! What was also incredible was that she performed for that long and every song she sang was a hit at some point. What an amazing career she has! Congrats Gaga!


I hope you all get to see her at least once in your life!


Valerian, and the City of a Thousand Planets

Hey Fantastic Readers,

I have one last post for you today! I wanted to talk about that new movie that came out- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets!

I saw it today with my best friend and her mom and I was SO unsure of what to think. I have no idea who Valerian is or anything about that world, so I was kind of in this weird place of wtf is happening, this isn’t what I thought it would be like? But overall, I found it wasn’t a bad weird at all. For me, the whole world and movie worked. However, I am a fantasy and Scifi person, so I usually tend to love worlds like that. Characters are so strange looking and alien like. They’re all so clearly CGI and animated, and I LOVE it. I thought the characters were so well done and very unique looking. They were each so different and unique, I did enjoy that. The colors were also very well done.

Here’s the premise for the story. So, earth sends out space ships that all connect. It starts off with the States, I think, meeting with China and connecting and from there all of the countries link together. Over the years other planets begin to connect all representing a sign of peace. Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and his partner Laureline ( Cara Delevingne) are agents for this planet- it is literally called the city of a thousand planets. They are sent out on a mission to obtain the last power converter in the universe and return to start a new mission with a problem within the ship that has been considered a threat. They have to figure out what the threat is before it begins to destroy the ship and break the peace within the nations living on the ship. It’s a very good scifi and I love the idea of connecting the universe through planets. Whenever there is a scifi movie or story, it is almost always about how earth, and how people are destroying it. Now these are very good and could be seen as scary true, but it was nice to see an earth connecting, and eventually the idea of the universe doing this, instead of just some scary alien creatures attacking us. I loved that it was different is what I’m saying. I can see how people wouldn’t like it though. It is very weird and at times, super cheesy. However, I still loved it.

I enjoyed the movie, it was funny, romantic, sometimes cheesy, but overall a fun scifi. Valerian is based on a comic book series that came out of France. The comics are actually all in French and are considered to be based off of Star Wars as it came out after. I recently bought the first volume on Amazon, hopefully in English. If it isn’t, well I guess I’ll be learning some french!

Has anyone read the comics?! Are they good? Let me know what you thought of the movie and the comics!


Spider- Man Homecoming

Hi my dear readers!

I hope you are doing well! Currently, I am watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and having a great night. Don’t worry, I won’t go on about my love for Harry Potter for pages and pages. Instead, I wanted to talk to you guys about the new Spider- Man movie!

For myself, I was on the fence about seeing it. I truly thought that I would hate seeing another actor play the same movie, and attempt to play Peter Parker. I was thinking- ENOUGH! I cannot see another origin story for Spider- Man! I love Spider- Man so I wanted something new! A new villain! Anything!

Today, however, I forced myself to go for my cousin’s sake, because she wanted to see it. I’m glad that I went! It was awesome! It was the new and surprising I was hoping for!

So, for one, the story is set around Peter Parker trying to impress Tony Stark, so that he can join the Avengers. The story is hilarious, because it shows how bad he is at first learning to shoot his webs and attempting to save people who don’t really need to be rescued. It shows clips of him giving directions to people, etc. Along the way, he gets into lots of trouble trying to show off for Tony Stark, but instead Stark gives him the criticism and discipline he needs. While he’s at a party about to crash as Spider Man, he sees a glowing in the distance and goes to find the source. This is where he spots the selling of illegal alien weapons combined with human weapons, and this is where the story takes off!

It is hilarious. This kid plays Peter Parker so well! He’s the perfect amount of awkward, and I LOVED that he wasn’t instantly good! He had to learn and take his time, I love it! I will say that I do not like that the movie had Tony Stark in it and focused on joining the Avenger’s only because I do not like Iron Man. However, I think that it will be ok in the end when Infinity Wars comes out (Get better soon Jeremy Renner!), and I do think that it ended in away that allows for Spider Man only movies to come out soon too! I can’t wait to see where they go next with it! Truly a hilarious movie!

Also, for the credits: there is a nice little part after the main credits that I loved, and the very end has another small, hilarious clip as well! However, if you do not want to stay for the whole thing, just stay for the first clip before the scrolling credits.

Enjoy the Movie!


The Nazi Officer’s Wife

Hey Lovely Readers!

As you may know, I love a good nonfiction book. My dad is a huge history buff, and I feel like that has rubbed off on me a bit! I used to love books like Magic Tree House, and the Dear Canada series or any princess diaries. Even by grade 5, I was reading the diary of Anne Frank. History is a subject I have always enjoyed reading about with a focus on WW2. I have read my fair share of WW2 books. Even a good historical fiction book is good enough for me!

Anyways, one VERY good book I read was the Nazi Officer’s Wife. This is a book on Edith Hahn, a young girl who was in school studying law in Vienna when the war broke out. When her and her mother were forced to move into the ghettos, Edith convinced the officers to leave her mother behind so she could work in a concentration camp instead. When she returned from the camp, her mother and a lot of other people she had known were deported. Edith made the hard decision to seek help from a friend, and ripped her star off her clothes. The story is a record of her life in hiding and how she managed to escape death for being a Jew, to the point where she even married a Nazi.

I hope you read the book, but if you have too many on the go like I do, and no time to read it, I found this really cool documentary you might like instead! Or read and watch like I did!

This book is amazing, and a very good eye opener! Books like this remind you to be kind always to everyone around you!

Happy Reading!


Despicable Me 3


Hey Readers!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! And to all my fellow Canadians, I hope you had an amazing Canada Day celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!

So on Friday, I went to a movie with one of my amazing friends and of course we saw Despicable Me 3! The one thing I hate about kids movies or any kind of movies really is the sequels. They can be extremely frustrating and lame. To be honest, the best kinds of sequels are usually movies based off of books. Although, movies like Toy Story and Shrek will always have good sequels!

Anyways, this was another good sequel! Despicable Me is one of those odd movies that can have multiple movies and still be very good! I will admit that this was the weakest out of the 3 movies though. For one, I did not like Gru’s brother. I thought the story line would have been better without a twin. However, that being said, the rest of the story was still very good.

My favorite part was the villan! His back story is that he was a childstar in the 80s and was famous for having a tv show about him being a brat. The show ends when he hits puberty and is thought to be no longer cute! He is amazing! I love him. He wears outfits with shoulder pads, throws rubrics cube gas bombs, uses bubble gum as a weapon and has dance fights to music like Bad- Michael Jackson.

The rest of the characters like the minions and the girls, are still hilarious. The minons have their own story, taking over a prison, and the girls are still on a hunt for a unicorn. Gru and his new wife are fighting for their jobs, and the wife is still learning how to be a good mom.

Overall, if you have to take a kid to a movie, you will enjoy this! Or if you are just obsessed with kids movies like myself, then you will, of course, LOVE IT!


Until next time!
– Erin


Happy Thursday!

Time for another great book recommendation! I have just recently finished reading “Sex Object” (which I did a previous blog post on), and while I wasn’t blown away by the book I was intrigued to read some more feminist/memoir genres, as I normally just stick to fiction. I saw that Roxanne Gay recently published a new book called “Hunger” – a memoir of her body, and so I was all in!

This memoir focuses on how Roxanne’s past experiences have reflected on her body. When she was twelve she was gang raped by a boy she liked and as a way to protect herself she ate and ate until her body began to change. At her heaviest she was over 500 pounds, but the memoir deals with more that just how her body go tot be where it was; the book dives into the culture around “fat people” and how society perceives and treats them (herself included).

I didn’t think that I would find the book relatable, but I actually found large sections (especially in the second half) chocked full of relatable experience regarding dieting and cooking.

Gay writes full of humor and the chapters are short and broken so that you feel as though she is telling you stories a bit at a time the more you delve into the book, the more you delve into her world as an overweight woman. She touches on how her being a large, successful, black, female, writer has also shaped how people interact with her and I find those sections especially interesting to read.

It may not be the most lighthearted book to pick up this summer, but it is a book that will make you think. And those are the best kind, don’t you agree?

Thanks guys! Talk Soon!


The Keepers

Hey Lovely Readers!

I hope you had a great Friday and are going to have an awesome and fun weekend with lots of plans! I recently finished a very good Netflix show that I highly recommend. It’s one of those things where it’s hard to start a new show now!

The Keepers is about a couple of ladies whose teacher goes missing during their school years. The case was never solved and years later, the students strive to figure out what happened. They end up finding more than they bargained for and the case takes a lot of surprising turns. This is a true story situated at an all girls school in Baltimore.

I don’t want to give too much away, because after the first episode, it seriously takes a different turn. I will say this and only this if you love this series, you will love Spotlight! A seriously amazing movie that will shock you.

Here’s the trailer!

I know, a short post today! However, I think you guys will really like this show! Especially if you are very into true crime like myself!


Classic Books to Read

Hey My Fantastic Readers!

So great to post for a second time today! I find writing is so soothing, especially in this stressful time! Two more weeks of hectic life, and then I may have some days off! Excited for this to happen! One of the things I haven’t been able to do is read, so I will be happy when that opportunity comes up again! I find I’m too tired to read lately, but that will change- hopefully sooner rather than later!

Today, I wanted to talk a bit about some classic children books that I think everyone should read! The other day, I was working with this individual with a disability, and we were in the Chapters trying to pick out a new book for her to read. When I went through the teen’s section with her, I picked out all these books I wanted to read with her and was like PLEASE. It was like I was the child and she was the adult saying No Erin, my god I want to read this one over here. Anyways, it’s safe to say that in my last Chapters Instagram post, I ended up buying two new books I was trying to convince her to buy! So, here is my list of books that I think are important for everyone to read! Sometimes, adult books lack the fantasy and adventure that kids and teen books have, so I love reading some of these as an adult and tend to appreciate them more!

Here is my short list!

Heidi– Johanna Spyri- I read this all the time as a kid. Based in the Swiss Alps, Heidi is based on the events of a young girl living with her grandfather. Also, this version I bought is so cute! One of the two purchases.

Aren’t they so cute! I love Heidi- the yellow and pink is so beautiful!

Little Women– Louisa M. Alcott- This is the other purchase. Aren’t they beautiful?!? I can’t help myself with pretty books. This is book is a story of four young sisters transitioning from childhood to womanhood. Nothing is better than that episode of Friends where Rachel reads the Shining and Joey reads Little Women- you can be just like Joey- Watch the whole clip below!

Treasure Island–  Robert Louis Stevenson- It’s a story of bucaneers and bury gold. Super exciting and my dad bought me this beautiful copy of the book! Pirates OG!

The front cover is dedicated to Treasure Island, but there are 7 novels of his in here! My brother got King Arthur set from the same place which is also very cool!

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde– Again, Robert Louis Stevenson-  The classic is about a lawyer investigating his friend Mr. Hyde! Really, who doesn’t want to read a good book about a schizophrenic! Also, this is part of that same book my dad bought me! I got it for Christmas, but I think it’s from Costco if you’re interested!

Gold Pages Love

Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling– Of course this is on here, you all know me so well and the story, so I won’t go on! I have so many copies! I recently bought my house copy (Gryffindor obvs), but the illustrated copies are beautiful and where it’s at! The third one comes out this year!!

This is the most beautiful book I own! By far!

Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book– All of these are amazing. I have loved Peter Pan since forever. It is my first love when it comes to some of these classic children’s books! The reason why I lumped all of these together, is because I recently bought them in the adult section of Chapters! They are adult popup books! So amazing! These are the ones that are currently out- very beautiful books as well!

There are surprise popup pictures too!!
Just missing The Jungle Book!

Another series everyone should read is the Series of Unfortunate Events- Daniel Handler. So how I bought all of these books, was I went to my local thrift shop, after I watched the show, and purchased all the books there for not even $40. I seriously recommend doing this! There are 13 books in the series and if you can save a little bit by doing this- than do it! They were so cheap and ALL of them but one was there. I bought that single one from Chapters later on! They’re all hard copy and mint condition. ANYWAYS, a very good series (check out the TV show on Netflix too) about three kids who are being chased for their fortune!


I want to briefly remind you of Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This is a new series, but so good. I loved it, read our previous blog post on this book! Still a good teen series!


Also, I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but the Magic Treehouse- Mary Pope Osborne– books were SUPER popular when I was little! I LOVED them! Maybe I should re- read them as an adult although that would take me 5 mins. Basically, Jack and Annie use the Tree House to go back in time to solve different riddles. They go back to famous historical events!


I think that is all I can think of for now! There are so many that I’m missing, but here’s a good chunk for now! Hope you enjoy!