My Nike Story

Hey Everyone!

So I don’t know about you, but I LOVE looking good for “working out” (AKA when I DO actually exercise!). No not hair and makeup lol, but clothing! If you are like me, we wear out exercise clothing even for not exercising, which probably influences me to dress nicely even when I’m at the gym. Anyways, I buy a ton of brightly colored and unique patterned gym clothing.

I do have a funny store about my shoes I bought from Sport Chek a while ago. One day I was talking to my mom and she would not stop dropping hints about buying new work runners. Basically, I wore these shoes to Italy and everyday would involve me walking 30 minutes to work. Then at work I was working with dusty boxes of artifacts and walking around all day. After I would walk 30 mins home or sometimes it would take us an extra 10- 20 mins to go to the grocery store and longer to catch a train. You get the picture, it was A LOT of walking and my beautiful shoes were trashed. I had been putting off buying shoes when I got back, because funds were tight and I was also slightly attached. Anyways, my mom got sick of looking at them and offered to help pay. We went to Sport Chek, because one of my friends gave me a discount card, and was like buy Nikes to which I was like fine, whatever.

There I was looking at all of these florescent and beautifully patterned shoes- holding up the brightest pair of red shoes when this worker comes over to ask me if he could help me. So, I wold him I wanted to a size 7 and he looked at me, then back at the shoe. He grabbed it from me and looked it over then said “No you don’t want these shoes.” To which I was starring at him all weird and saying “Yes, I do?”  He then looked at me scrunched up this shoe into a little ball and retorted- ” Look, no support. These are terrible shoes and expensive. Let me show you these shoes that I know you’re going to hate.”

I just looked over at my mom mouthing “What the fuck?” to her as she was trying to hold back a laugh. So I followed him over to the shoes he was looking at to amuse him, even though I knew I was going to buy those bright red shoes. I could just imagine myself showing them off to all my work friends. He picked up the UGLIEST shoe ever and tried to scrunch it up into a ball and couldn’t. “See the support on these babies?”. My mom’s response was something like on these babies?”. My mom’s response was something like ” Ya….. Great….. Those really aren’t her style,” He was like ” You know kids today don’t appreciate well supported shoes anymore. All they want are the colorful ones”

I’d like to take a second to say that I am 24 and was being lectured by a guy a year older than me- which makes this story even better! Also, I started having flashbacks to the days my dad would ship for me. Style was VERY much second to support and practicalities of staying warm in winter. One time, I got a pair of these mittens that basically went up to my elbows and were the ugliest things ever- even though they were warm.

After saying this, he decided it would be better to try to sell us pretty shoes that were half supported. I looked at them to not offend him, but my heart was dead set on these bright red shoes. I didn’t need them to exercise in, just to walk in everyday- especially at a job where I walk a lot. Support is great for exercise, but these are meant to be walking shoes- which I had of course told him. I basically looked at my mom for support, because I’m a combination of socially awkward and a person who can’t stay no.

My mom was like ” No…. Thanks… I think we are done.”

“Phew, thank god I don’t make commission!” was his last response before walking off LOL. We were laughing so hard on the way out!

To conclude this story, I would like to say that we are chickens and went back on his lunch break to buy the shoes. AND that is how I got my beautiful, bright, red Nikes!

Beautiful walk in these awesome shoes!

Thanks to the worker for an awesome story!

-Erin xo


Now Back To Sports:

First day back typing about nutrition and fitness…. Does anyone else get annoyed by all those fitness gurus looking like they know what they’re doing, working hard and all that? I just get annoyed, because I am so busy working with 4 jobs, and people are ALWAYS trying to give me fitness advice and tell me to make time for it and blah blah blah. The reality is, is that I barely have time to shower let alone workout everyday, and I want my own downtime of gaming or reading or whatever! So people giving me advice is sometimes annoying unless you personally know me. I get offended VERY easily about this topic. It’s a hard topic for me! I used to have a 6 pack and be in a crazy amount of sports- and I was good at them. By the time I hit university, I had quit everything and was ready to focus on school and work. I ate like crap, because I was busy and needed something fast. I didn’t work out because working out is grueling and boring to me. People get so obsessed with exercising and eating healthy and I am so glad that you are so excited about that, but realistically that is not me. The gym is boring to me. I need more competition. However, I have put on a lot of weight that is very hard for me to accept. I have disgusting stretch marks I am ashamed of and I just don’t look the same or feel as good. I have a hard time accepting that someone would be attracted to me now. Also when it comes to food, I love eating healthy food and not healthy food- but that is the thing too. I do not want to cut myself off from junk food. I want to enjoy my life, not be on some limited diet. So now that I have confessed to being bored by the gym, I think I realize now that I need to find something that will be an enjoyable way to lose weight or suck it up and go. When I was in sports, exercising was easier because I was not only already in shape, but I had something to work towards. The gym meant a better game to me. I was working towards that sports goal. Now, none of those goals seem like their enough for me, and they don’t hold me accountable.

I really did love my sports.

The first sport I ever played was soccer, AKA football for all my non- North American loves, when I was 3! I was thrilled when I started because I was a small girl playing on my older brother’s soccer team with all of his friends. I loved it. When I was 12? 14? You could start to tryout for the competitive rep leagues. The first time I tried out for soccer to see what league they would put me in, they put me in the worst league for the people who had never played soccer. I was so disappointed- I thought I was really good and I wanted to be like my brother who played rep soccer and was the best on his team! My mom saw this and messaged the league asking if they would come out and evaluate me if they had time just to see if there was anything they could do. They came out, I played my hardest and they moved me up to the top team in the league! After that I played Tier 1 soccer until I had to quit when I tore me knee doing a slide tackle. I have made lots of friends and had the privilege to travel all over for soccer. It was a fun and amazing experience for me. I used to love going to watch the women’s team Canada play and hoping I would be one of them one day! But it wasn’t in the cards for me, because I had another sports passion, and could not make a decision on what to play.

My Brother is on the far left and I may or may not be the one named Erin 🙂

When I was 3, my parents put me in figure skating. I did that until I was 9 and was SO insanely bored by it. I hated it, but my parents wouldn’t let me quit and play women’s hockey. The problem at that time was that women’s hockey in my hometown wasn’t where it’s at today. My dad wanted my skating skills to grow and not be hindered for a game. So, I sat on the sidelines hoping to play. One day when we went to the rink early for my brother’s hockey game, I saw a bunch of girls skating around on hockey skates playing what looked like hockey, but without the blade on the end of their sticks! They were passing around a blue, rubber, ring. They were all girls, so I was excited, because my dad wouldn’t let me play boys hockey. I grabbed my dad’s arm and dragged him over to watch! I think we were both amazed at the speed and the game itself! It was new and exciting! The next year, my dad put me in a training camp for ringette. I could not skate. Figure skates have a different blade and edge than hockey skates, this was so hard! It took me half a season to truly figure out the skating. I was so determined to do better, so I kept going back for more. It was so fun! It took me a while, but three years later I was able to skate, had the rules memorized, and had made a name for myself. That was when I started making the teams I wanted to make! I also had made friends with a girl who became my defence partner for the rest of my ringette career. We were the best duo, and made every team together. Coaches just knew to put us together. We had a special bond and everyone knew it! Ringette gave me a solid friend group. Whenever there were problems with friends at school, I would always have my team for backup. I loved the sport and the people. Great experience. For anyone that doesn’t know, ringette is basically hockey with a few more rules! Also, there is no blade on the end of your stick and you pass what’s called a ring! If you don’t know what hockey is, check out an NHL game- especially in Canada, and what sports is your country known for?!

Ringette Years- I’m Number 10, my defense partner was number 2! 

I did have some other school sports I played as well. During the school year, I would always get sucked into joining track, because I had soccer experience and was actually good at the long distance and pacing myself (I was not good at the short distance- AT ALL). I did win a turkey during the Thanksgiving track season, I did enjoy running at that time. Not so much anymore. People today are obsessed with marathons which is awesome, but not me. I’m just over that, I went through that phase earlier in life. I also did a season of basket ball. I am terrible at basket ball. My one friend wanted me and a bunch of our friend group to tryout together. I truly think she wanted us to see how good she was at basket ball, so she would make the team and we wouldn’t. Turns out we all made the team with her- hilarious. My best friend didn’t and was recruited as a manager which she proceeded to not do anything management wise hahah. Too funny! Anyways, I got benched a lot because I could not get a basket for the life of me! The whole year I only got one! I truly believe that the only reason I made it was because I was aggressive from ringette and not bad shape! I did have fun with my friends though. Other than that I mainly stuck to soccer in school and ringette academy.


I still love sports with a deep passion, but my playing days are over. I cannot give full commitment to a team anymore. I love watching the Oilers for NHL, Seattle Seahawks for NFL, Blue Jays if I ever watch baseball, Edmonton Eskimos for CFL, and soccer I barely watch actually! When I do, I just enjoy the sport versus cheering for a team, but if I had to pick I would pick Italy, because I lived there for a month. I will always and forever watch EVERY single sport in the Olympics that Canada is in and cheer for my country!

Edmonton Oilers won this game for those wondering!

Story telling/ rehashing day number 1! Thanks for listening to me ramble on for ever!

– Erin xo

Exercise Update

Hey lovely people,

I wanted to give you guys an update about how life on a diet and exercise is going currently. UM it’s going horribly! I haven’t been following the plan, because the plan IS HARD. It’s hard to not overeat, and to restrict my diet THIS much all at once. It’s even hard to find the time to workout or plan a meal! Today is my first day off in 20 days…. ya that is telling you something right there. I’m also freaking out, because I have 69 days until I go to Mexico! That is not a lot my friends! Time to really get down too it!

Alright so here’s my list of bad things I’ve been doing:

  1. Not Exercising
  2. Drinking TOO much coffee
  3. Not eating enough healthy meals
  4. Have not been glutten free or vegetarian
  5. Not getting enough sleep

On the other hand, here is my list of pros:

  1. When I eat out I drink water and eat as vegetarian as possible
  2.  I have been eating a lot of veggies lately (around 4 cups which is way more than usual), I’ve been snacking on it way more
  3. I’ve been managing my stress a lot better
  4. I have been waking up a lot earlier, but I’m still going to bed too late
  5. I’m drinking more water

So I do have a bit of a plan. Recently I quit 1/4 of my jobs- this one is the most stressful and I realized I don’t really need it! I’ll be done as of the end of the month! This means I will have WAY more time to myself. I’m also going on vacation this week, so that I can do something other than work for a week AND it’ll be a healthy vacation as well (more on this later).

I truly think that the best way to get on track is to meal plan. I haven’t been doing this at all, because I have been so busy. I think if I do this and prep all of my meals that’ll force me to eat healthy and change up my diet. I don’t mind eating healthy- I love it! I just haven’t had the time, so I’m hoping this helps! I feel like time is the biggest thing for me. Once I manage my time better I will have fast easy meals for when I am on the go, I will have more time for exercising, and I think more time to sleep at proper times! Maybe once I’m rested too I will feel more motivated as well!

Here’s hoping! Any advice would be wonderful as well!

Love you guys!

-Erin xo

Put Your Back Into It

Hey Guys!

I hope you are doing fabulous! Today I wanted to talk a bit about back pain! I know, so exciting.

Basically, I have been doing a lot of physically draining things at my different jobs, and most of time it would be ok, however, this week it seems to have taken a toll on my body! On thursday, I went to lift a very heavy object at work, and I felt a not so great fatigue and pain in my back. I lifted three more objects and it seemed to be ok, however, I then went to a concert and after standing all night in bad shoes, my back felt unbearable. The next day, I still felt some soreness, but I thought that maybe this was just some muscle weakness and I worked all day again to come home to more pain. Again, I worked a different job today that involved a ton of walking and now my back seems to be just as sore. So currently, I am sitting in my bed surrounded by pillows using heat and trying to figure out how to fix this.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because we need to stop for a minute and listen to our bodies. We live in such a fast paced environment that sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves and things get missed. We ignore our bodies and sometimes we get more injured, or we get sick when a lot of this could be avoided.

When it comes to my current situation, I have realized a few things that might help my fellow back pain people! One thing my dad told me was that your back is not a great thing to hurt. Please, don’t hurt any part of yourself, but your back is not fun. When you throw your back out you can’t move, you are stuck laying in one place and you can’t turn your body and it’s insanely hard to maneuver yourself! So here’s some fun information on how to help your back pain!

  1. When lifting ANYTHING heavy, DO NOT bend over it and pick it up! Use those legs! You need to squat down and pick it up and use your leg muscles. This puts less of a strain on your body! When I lifted those heavy objects at work, that was my problem. I didn’t use my legs to assist my back and I tweaked it in some painful way.
  2. Workout. By exercising, you’re strengthening your muscles, so they have less of a chance of being tweaked and pulled. Focus on your core specifically. When your core is strong, it helps to support and take more of the brunt work for your back.

These are the big ones for prevention, but here is what to do that might help your pain.

  1. Have a hot bath with Epson salts. This will help relax your muscles and you! Your muscles will feel less tense. When one part of your body is sore, you might be limping or standing funny, and the rest of your body takes a toll, because it is trying to compensate for this new balance and weight shift. With a bath or hot tub, your whole body will feel less tense. One of the disabled individuals I work with has really bad scoliosis and she sits in front of water jets to massage those muscles as well. She feels so much more relaxed and her muscles are feeling way better after!
  2. Put any form of heat on your back. I love the smell and feel of A535, so that is my go to for a healing lotion, but anything like that will help, because it is putting heat on your back and relaxing those muscles. I also suggest a heating pad as well! Those beaded ones you put in the mircowave are magical
  3. If you feel like your body can handle it, than stretch. Do some yoga poses, or just stretch out. You need to begin to move your body slowly. Your body will become stiff after from sitting a certain way to not move it. That weakens those muscles and others because of the compensation thing I was talking about, but also you stop using those muscles properly and they become weak and you are more prone to hurting it again- but it will be easier to hurt it now as well.

These are all very important drug free methods! I don’t recommend using medication unless your doctor says it’s ok. I feel like the key to fixing your back method is to treat for long term, versus just a short term relief. Strengthening those muscles are truly key!

Well, I hope you guys are not in any pain like I am, but if you are I hope this helps for your temporary back pain! Stay tuned, my next article will give an update on how the diet and workouts are going!

P.S: Here is a picture of my dog to help you through any pain you might be having! He is so cute!

– Erin

Online Shopping

Hi everyone,

I have been MIA from the blog this weekend because I have been SO busy. Over the past few days I have had multiple social events that just seem to zap all my energy and by the evening I just crash into bed.

ANYWAYS, that’s not what we are here to talk about I am here to talk about my current obsessions and that is online shopping.

I recently got a new job and I have been deciding to “treat myself” to a few items in celebration. Well let me tell you the list is longer than my past online shopping “excursions”.

Item 1.

Facebook is both a friend and a foe in that it suggests all of these cool items I want. A couple weeks ago it suggested these eco friendly bracelets by the company 4Ocean, the company makes the bracelets out of recycled plastic and each bracelet you buy facilitates removing a pound of trash from the ocean! I bought the special limited edition Shark Conservation bracelet (10% of the profits go to help shark conservation efforts), and I can’t wait till it comes in the mail!


Find it here:

Item 2.

New job new me right? That is also my mindset in that I have been buying a SHIT TON of active wear recently, and buying them online was no exception. Cue these amazing looking red leggings from Gym Shark. I have heard great things both online and from my coworker and all together with shipping they only cost me $75 Canadian! I have dreams of going to many a hot yoga class with these on.


Find them here:

Item 3.

Finally, last but not least are items to benefit my inside health. I love the brand Organic Burst for super foods, and I recently bought a bundle of their Spirulina powder, Maca powder, and Baobab powder. I have had their Spirulina tablets before and I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels when I took them (they are also a complete protein and contain lots of iron – not bad for vegans/vegetarians!). I am currently using their Chlorella tablets that I take at night because I find it gives my body the detox it needs and I wake up feeling completely de-bloated! Chlorella is suppose to detox the heavy metals from your body (which comes from grey city living!) and improve your hair and skin. I found that taking half a serving and working your way up to a full serving was the best thing to do!

Anyways! Maca is great for natural energy and Baobab is great at boosting your immune system! The company is chocked full of natural recipes and ethical trading and sourcing. I bought the “energy” bundle which gave me all three of these powders at 10% off!


Find it here:

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any online shopping hubs you recommend!

Talk soon


A life of Fitness

Hi Dear Readers!

I hope you are having a fantastic day! It is beautiful outside here in Alberta, Canada! Today, I wanted to talk a bit about fitness. In particular my fitness. As most of you know from previous posts, my friend and I decided on a trip to Mexico! It has been years since I have taken a trip and not had to work! Also, just to hang out and not do anything! I am extremely excited!

However, the trip has me nervous. As anyone going through what I am going through, my body image affects me all of the time. I am not confident in bathing suits. I feel overweight and I know i have big, red, and ugly stretch marks. I would feel more confident if they were from childbirth- an amazing reason to have stretch marks. When it comes down to it, its disappointment in myself. I used to be such an active person, and somewhere along the way I lost that and gained this weight out of no where- it feels. It was like one day I really looked at myself and was like what happened? I then was so used to this all over the place routine my life is, that I never was able to get to the place I wanted to with my weight. I feel like I keep getting worse instead of better, because I lack the time.

So, here is my plan. I have 94 days until Mexico. I am going to try my hardest to lose as much weight as possible, in the healthiest way possible! I have decided that during the week I am going to go glutten free, and eat vegetarian lunches and breakfasts (suppers are too difficult while still living at home, however, they can still be healthy!). When I eat out, it’s going to be as vegetarian as possible. Fast food is out. Sundays are a cheat day, and a mental health focused day. So more tasks dedicated to my mental well being- doing things for me, restorative yoga, etc. For my workouts: at least 4x a week is good enough for an hour minimum; my fitbit needs to hit 10 000 steps a day, and if I do not feel like the gym is going to happen that day then a long walk with my dogs or switching the day up will be fine. I figured that I would give an update every second week and let you know how I’m mentally coping to finding time, creating a routine, and if I’ve stuck to the plan at all!

What I will say is this. I want to lose weight, because I know that my mental health, and physical health will change drastically when I focus on my health and fitness. My goal is to feel better about myself. This does not mean that I want to be the skinniest or have a 6 pack again. I just want to look and feel healthy. I want to be the perfect weight for my height. That is it. I want to make changes to my diet and exercise that keeps me healthy for years to come! Diabetes and Heart disease is prominent in my family, and I’ve seen what they do. I don’t want that. If I don’t lose any weight than Mexico will have to have an accept me as I am body, instead of a summer body ;)!

– Erin

A Vegetarians Guide to Portugal

Hello everyone! So as you know I’m back form Portugal and it was amaazzzing! I figured instead of mushing all of my favourite things into one post I would split them into sections so you can get the full experience.

So of course the first post is going to be about food, I love food… this should be no surprise.

Quick recap; I am 90% vegan (so we will stick with the term vegetarian for right now), but I knew going into this trip that to make family travel easier I would just eat vegetarian (see my Travelling with Family Post for Tips!), and this turned out to be one of the best choices.

One of the national dishes of Portugal is a dish focusing on salted cod, so that should set the scene. I always had something to eat; but there weren’t always vegetarian dishes on the menu. For the most part we ate breakfast at our accommodations (we rented houses so we had a full kitchen that was stocked), so breakfasts were the easiest meal to account for.

Lunches were normally eaten out during our day, and most places had at least one omelet on the menu that I could customize to be veggie (which often included French fry cut potatoes – 10/10 would recommend trying this). During one lunch spot I ordered the veg soup that seemed to be a staple on most menus; however, any vegetarians out there will know the feeling of taking a bite of something and knowing that it contained meat, for sure this soup contained chicken broth.

Dinners were the most interesting. Sometimes we ate at our accommodations; which meant eating copious amounts of bread, cheese, and olives, and other times we went to restaurants. Some restaurants didn’t have anything vegetarian on the menu. You would open the menu and it would be split into two sections; meat and fish. The servers were all so nice and did the best to accommodate me, but I frequently at a dinner filled with vegetable sides (i.e potatoes and steamed broccoli).

If you read my post on travelling with family I mentioned that being flexible for dinners could help things go super smoothly, and I have to say that this trip reiterated this point to me. My parents were so lovely and I could tell they felt bad that I didn’t have many menu options, but they greatly appreciated my flexibility and on the last night they made reservations at a vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon for me!

Oh and if your wondering if I ate those two vegan power bars, I did, one on each long haul plane ride because as I predicted they had no veggie meal for me (also the meal on the plane was salted cod… odd choice as it was rather stinky)

That’s all for now!


Getting some zzzs

Hey Lovely Readers!

Happy Monday! I am pretty sick today, and have to work this evening so the motivation feels are very much lacking! Thank god I’m going to Vancouver this week- the need to refresh is real (also any places to recommend in Vancouver would be fantastic!).

For motivation this week I wanted to talk about going out! This weekend I saw all of my friends and went out and stayed out until 2:00 am every single night for the last 3 or 4 nights! Now this was a great time, and I do not regret spending all my time with my friends, however, I am regretting the 2:00 am bedtime! But, this is not just a friend thing! I literally go to bed at that time almost every night. It is an extremely terrible habit, and I always end up regretting it. Usually it’s because I work evenings shifts at a hospital and I’m up extremely late, because sometimes you get hyped after a late shift, and your up all night.

Basically, I’ve realized that I need to change my ways. I read this thing online, that said the more sleep you get before midnight, the better. So, that’s my plan! I am going to try to get more sleep and go to bed at a normal time, so I can feel better the next day! I think my first step is to get off the phone at least an hour before bed. Maybe do some reading instead of tv or screens!  A better sleep will help me to feel more motivated!

Any tips and tricks to convincing yourself to go to bed early would be awesome! Here’s to an early night sleep…..tomorrow though!


Body Image and Starting a Gym Routine

Hi Lovely Readers!

Happy Monday! I hope that you are finally home, putting your feet up, and drinking a glass of wine… or a bottle if that’s the kind of day you had! For this motivation monday, I wanted to talk a bit about body image and how to get yourself gym motivated.

First off, I wanted to say that I get how it is to look in the mirror and hate yourself. I was once a girl who had a 6- pack and played 3 different sports, and now I feel like I barely have any energy between working three jobs and going to school. I eat at terrible times, and I never make it to the gym. It’s all because my day, has no set routine. I hated my body for so long, and it’s easy to when everyone else treats you like how you feel. I went to the doctors and she told me I’m fat and went on about it for the whole time and the entire time I was obviously pissed and shut down. Other people have told me too, I guess just in case I was unaware? People treat me like I’m less pretty or that I’m lazy, and it feels awful when that happens. But you know what? Fuck them! They don’t know my situation and if they’re judging me on my looks then are they really worth the time? I’ve learned to accept my body. I want to lose weight, but for me- not for the jerks out there.

My motivation comes from a few things. For one, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes all run through my family. My grandpa, and his siblings all passed away from various cancers (not from weight problems), my other grandpa died from heart disease and his wife, my grandma, has had multiple surgeries, and both sides have had diabetes run through the family tree. You get the picture. My family has had issues, and I don’t want to have those same health issues. In addition, I have been very sick lately. I won’t go into detail, but clearly some specific food is not working for my system, so this is just another motivating factor.

I have started a routine again, and I will tell you that what’s working for me is having someone to go to the gym with. I have a gym in my basement, but yet I feel that I HAVE to go to the gym. I will never find motivation to workout at home until I am on a consistent routine. There’s also too many distractions here (AKA my dogs will come barging in on my workout and try to give me kisses while I’m in the middle of a plank or on a treadmill which I can’t have running while they’re there). In addition, having a friend to go with, has been a huge deal. She has been able to convince me when I don’t feel like going, and I can convince to go as well! We make a good team.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful in some way! Don’t let others tear you down, and remember to spread the love!


Fitbit Awesomeness

This week on motivation Monday: I am actually using my Fitbit blaze for fitness stuff and not just to check my texts, phone calls, emails, tweets, etc, etc. So I got the new Fitbit blaze for Christmas, and I love it! Originally, I was distracted by the fact that I could see my texts and phone calls and all this stuff, and I never used it for working out. However, things have changed now. If you are considering getting one of these- just do it but, if you want the ability to answer those text messages and emails, than just get a smart watch because you can’t do it with the Fitbit blaze, you can only see them. For gym purposes though, the Fitbit Blaze has been amazing for me.

Alright, I’m going to share how awesome it is with a walkthrough. So when you tap the screen the clock shows up- which you can beautify like I did on the app. From there if you swipe down, the Fitbit connects to your music on your phone and you can change the song and see what is playing. If you swipe up, it shows all your notifications from your phone (you can change what notifications you get in the app). When you are getting a phone call, it vibrates and says whose calling when you lift your wrist up like you are checking the time. This is SUPER helpful when you’re at the gym! You never have to bring your phone out to check what’s happening and I find that if I am working out my phone, I never have to have the phone attached to me.

So from here you swipe that clock to the left, and you get todays information. When you tap on the word “Today” you get your step count, heart rate, calories, and all that usual information. In addition, from 9- 6, it’ll prompt you to try to get 250 steps in every hour until 5 and at the end of the day it’ll show you how active you were for those 9 hours. I hope you are better than me, and have a higher average. Mine is so sad with the average of 4/9 hours.

Again swipe left and you are faced with that dreaded but word “Exercise” . When you tap dat word, you get different cardio workouts such as running, biking, weights, the treadmill, elliptical, and just workout. Pretty much these just time what you are doing and at the end when you get to tap the race car finish flag (a VERY magical feeling), it shows your results with calories, time spent doing this, and heart rate. This way you don’t have to record it manually in the Fitbit app and it gives you a summary!

Next is my favourite and why I think this is so great! If you swipe left again, you get the word “FitStar”. So when you tap this, three different programs show up. The first is warmup. This gives you eight different yoga moves to warmup with or stretch it out when you’re done. They include things like cat and cows, shoulder rolls, etc.  The second program is a 7 minute workout. This includes 13 different exercises consisting of things like jumping jacks, wall squats, pushups, and lunges. Last, is the 10 minute abs, which horribly includes bicycle kicks, elbow planks, windshield wipers (this looks ridiculous but really hurts in a good way), planks, etc. So for each program, the Fitbit blaze prompts you through each move. It shows you how to properly do each move before starting them, times you, and vibrates when you have to move on to the next move. I love it because instead of me constantly watching a clock or counting them out, I just do as many reps as I can before the time is up, which seems to go by faster.

If you keep swiping left you have a timer, alarms and then finally settings. I have to say that if you are struggling with the gym and do not really know what to do for different workouts, this watch is perfect for you. They do not require machines, but have that option in case you are using them. If you wanted to workout at home and workout for free (always lovely), you can do one of those programs however many times you want and it works just as well and gets your blood pumping- this is what matters.

So, if you didn’t want to read what I wrote and just skipped to the bottom, here’s a summary: Fitbit Blaze = Super awesome and helpful. Recommend!

– Erin