Hello Everyone!

Summer time, time for long nights out in the backyard, cool drinks, and what else? Potlucks!

Quick backstory. When I started my current job in December, the Patisserie I worked at had just opened, meaning they had to hire two other Full time girls who were new as well. The three of us bonded together quickly as we had all graduated form some type of degree but we were just trying to find the next step for us. All of us were looking for something better but we hadn’t really found anything.

Until! My coworker got a job in her field at the end of June! Which meant the trinity was breaking up!

Together the three of us vowed that we would all still hang out and so we decided to have weekly potlucks so we could all get together and still hang.

So we’ve only had two potlucks so far but the two we have had were awesome! The first was a Taco night, which I love tacos so I was in heaven. The second was a Thai themed night. We did Thai salad wraps, coconut Moscow Mules, I made raw pad Thai (with kelp noodles), and this coconut Thai cake that I was so skeptical about.

The cake had to be made in layers, you steam one layer wait till it’s done then pour another on top etc etc. When I dumped it out one layer stuck to the bottom, but never fear I perserveired and it worked out great!


My one coworker and I liked it, but the other, not so much. It had a lovely coconut flavor but it was pretty tough. I think the rice and tapioca flour made it pretty dense.

All in all it was a successful potluck!

My pad Thai was awesome (but very spicy) I’ll link the recipes I used down below, if you make the pad Thai just use one tsp red chili flakes and not two! Unless you really like spice…. And I mean really.

Happy eating!


Raw Vegan Pad Thai: http://www.tastemade.com/shows/raw-vegan-not-gross/raw-vegan-pad-thai

Vegan Gluten Free Thai Coconut Cake: https://www.thespruce.com/sticky-rice-layer-cake-3217373


Breakfast At Red’s

Hey Guys,

So recently I ventured out to Calgary! It was probably one of the worst trips I’ve ever been on because it was for work and it was a very difficult work trip. However, I will be back to Calgary to have a better experience- because it is a very beautiful place! One of the things I did enjoy about this particular trip was that I came across a very good diner! Red’s Diner is downtown, and has plenty of regular and vegan options as well.

I loved the vibe that it has! It’s a small room, but has a great vibe! A brick room with metal chairs and tables and a large bar, it’s one of those places that keeps you coming back. My friend and I were talking about restaurants yesterday, and we both had mentioned that places like Remedy were great! Anyone could feel free to hang out for a lengthy amount of time and not be rushed out. The food is delicious and they have beers if you are looking to go for drinks with friends too. This place definitely has that vibe!

So I was doing the driving- no drinks for Erin, however, I did get a cappuccino and I can say that is was one of the better ones that I have had! I’ve been drinking them so much that I can now differentiate really well between which ones are good and which places have bad ones! It also came in a mug that looked like I would drink out of at home- which I loved.

I also got an Eggs Benedict! Very good! It’s hard to find a place with good hollandaise sauce! I still would say that I have had better, however it is in the top 5 for sure! The potatoes were extra crisp, and it did come with toast and fruit. Overall, it was a large breakfast, but very good! I so enjoyed it! It gave me the energy to finish up the trip and drive home after that is for sure!

I would recommend this place. The prices were good and it has that great hangout place vibe!


Chez Francois Restaurant- Canmore

Hey Readers!

I hope you had a great week! I had a love/ hate week away to Canmore. I really wished I had not been working or else I would have loved it way more! I’m just going to do a quick post today, because I got back today so I am super tired!

The one breakfast restaurant I wanted to talk about was Chez Francois. It is a really small breakfast place beside one of the hotels just on the main road in Canmore. In summer, it does look like a very beautiful little french cafe! It just had that look and feel to it, but when I was sitting down inside I had a perfect view of the mountains. It had a great feel and vibe to it. I was unsure about what to get when I got there- I usually go for an Egg’s Benedict, but this time I decided on a crepe! I never really get them so it was the right decision I feel.

My crepe was Apple, Brie Cheese, and Ham. Oh my god it was so delicious. It was a nice combination of sweet, and cheesy. The ham really went well with the apple. I was super surprised! It was delicious- highly recommend. For a side, there was fruit and home styled potatoes which I also enjoyed. They were super crispy- just how I like them! The girl I was travelling with got the chocolate chip pancakes, and although I never got to taste them, they did smell extra delicious! To finish it all off, I got a strawberry and banana yogurt! You can never really go wrong with this kind of a smoothy, but it was definitely still worth mentioning! Just as a side note, the crepe was around $13 and the smoothie $6. For me, I feel like that isn’t that terrible, considering everything in the mountain regions is expensive most of the time.

 Another side note: Someday I promise to upload a picture of the WHOLE meal! I get so excited and start eating it and forget I need to take pictures! My bad lol.

Anyways! That is all for now! Sorry for the short post, I promise longer posts later!


– Erin


Hey Lovely Readers!

It is a cold rainy and long day today, I hope if everyone is having this same kind of day that it goes by super fast! We’re halfway through the the week! So almost there! I mean my weekend is even more chaotic than the rest of my week but oh well! I need to start booking my weekends off so I can sleeeeeppppp already!

Anyways, it’s what I ate Wednesday and today I wanted to talk about eating out. I love going out to restaurants and trying new things, but I find that sometimes it’s frustrating because you’re never eating healthy when you go out! My weakness is the appetizers. I never want to eat salad, because it seems to plain for me, so the eating healthy is a big struggle for me.

Lately, I’ve found that the best way to eat healthy when you go out, is to not deprive yourself of something completely! I mean you should still enjoy your eating out. Because I know my weakness is the appetizers and sides, I try to convince someone to share that with me and than order my healthy meal. So I will pick out a salad, and then order a side of fries to share with someone so I get a taste, but I’m filling up on the salad instead.

Last week, I went to Moxies with my sister, and we did a great job of eating healthy! We both shared an appetizer- bruschetta- so good. I found that they give you a TON of bruschetta! The jar is so overflowing that it’s hard to scoop it out! I love this because I can take it home if I want, but you can really load up your bread without worrying about running out! I hate when restaurants don’t give you enough dip, so this was awesome! It also tasted amazing! Everything was super fresh and delicious which is what I love about getting bruschetta- love that fresh taste!

The other thing I got was lettuce wraps. I love lettuce wraps, but some places just don’t get it right! Moxies did an amazing job! Also, their lettuce was perfect because you could scoop a lot of the stir fry into the lettuce and not have everything fall out. It looked like a little bowl so it was perfect and easy to eat. Like I feel like that would be a safe meal to eat on a date and not feel embarrassed because food is all over my face or super messy. I’m adding that to the list! Both the bruschetta and the lettuce wraps were awesome, so if you’re looking for a place to go out to eat, but wanting to get something healthy as well, I recommend!


I highly recommend, it was a great place with good food and service, with amazing Bellinis as well!

– Erin

The Ramsay

Hi Everyone!

Breaking from “What I Ate Wednesday” tradition (and because I have eaten the most bizarre collection of food today), I have decided to focus on something food related today!

I’d love to talk about a cooking show I stumbled across on Youtube called “Gordon’s Great Escape”. The show follows Gordon Ramsay as he travels across India and tries to find the “real curries” that inspired British takeaways. Now I know that Gordon Ramsay as a chef can be controversial, he has become a sort of caricature of himself, but this show really shows his roots. It was shot at least 5 years ago (the exact date I’m not sure), so he is a little younger and a little less branded.

I have a coworker who absolutely loves Ramsay, especially Kitchen Nightmares, and as we usually do, I fell into the hole of the Internet one night and stumbled upon his Great Escape. He is fresh, friendly, open, and as a good cooking show should be, inspiring.

I can’t wait to explore the world and taste my way through all different foods! Something that stuck out from Portugal was the variety of food and how much identity was found in it! I love that sense of self that people find in displaying their dishes and I want to find that passion in food!

That’s all for now on this unorthodox What I ate Wednesday.

Happy Eating!


A Vegan Dream- The Buckingham

Hey Readers!

Currently, I’m typing this up on the world’s smallest keyboard! I’m sitting at the airport ready to embark on my next adventure! Lol I made that sound insane, but really I’m just going to Vancouver….. So a province over! Still an amazing place and still super excited to be there!

Anyways, yesterday was what I ate Wednesday and I dropped the ball big time by not posting! I’m sorry guys! It was the Oilers game 7 and I’ve been crazy and now we lost so I’m actually kind of sad! But whatever, still an amazing year!

I wanted to talked today about a Vegan restaurant/club that Kathleen and I sometimes go to! She is still adventuring in Portugal, so I went with other people this time! It’s called the Buckingham or Bucks if that’s too classy for you to say! I used to go there all of the time to part because they play GREAT music! Classics like elvis, 80s rock- you name it! I always have such a good time dancing! However, we decided to go there for the patio and because they have an all day vegan menu!

It was super hot that day so I started off with a cold glass of lemonade and shared a ceasar salad and chips and dip with my friend! The chips are a deliciously deep fried and super crunchy. If you know me, you know my weakness is chips! It came with two dips guacamole and a dip called Pico de Gallo. Amazing and it tasted super fresh! We also had a ceasar salad with coconut chips and fake bacon- you can’t tell the difference at all! My other friend got the spices chicken tacos! I took a bit in order to confirm that she was telling the truth and that it was infact good! So with that meal, you get three tacos that are filled with pulled chicken, beans, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, cilantro, topped with salsa Verde and chipotle sour cream. So good and so healthy!


I recommend this place if you’re trying to eat healthy, if you want to go dancing in the evenings or bask in the patio, and if you want to try out some vegan foods, and I’d you are a lover of lemonade and alcoholic drinks!



Rolling through the Week

Hi everyone!

Today is another What I Ate Wednesday, and I was a bad blogger and took no pictures of any of the food I ate. However, I did have a super tasty meal of vegetarian sushi for dinner tonight, so I thought I’d rave about that.

Ever have those nights were you just want to treat yourself to some me time? Well thats what I did tonight, after work I stopped at the sushi place across the street and picked myself up a bowl of miso soup, an avocado roll, and a house made vegetable roll. The miso was hot (and large), the rolls were perfectly balanced, and the Netflix was good (currently watching 13).

My avocado roll contained avocado (duh) and tempura bits, making it super creamy with the perfect amount of crunch. The vegetable roll contained cucumber, avocado, carrot, and asparagus – a vegetable I was initially hesitant about having in a roll but it turned out perfect! I also OD’d on pickled ginger and lay on my couch in a food coma for 2 hours.

Side note – as I was cleaning up the kitchen I had a standoff with a millepede and managed to trap it in the togo container that held my miso. Look kids procrastinating kitchen cleanup can save your life- tell your friends.

Thats all for now happy eating