What I Ate Wednesday

Days off! These are the days when all I want to do is treat myself, breakfast, lunch, and dinner! On this particular day Erin and I were meeting up for lunch to talk shop and eat (obviously), so I decided to spend the morning writing and job hunting.

Remedy Cafe – Breakfast (10am)

One of my favourite cafes for vegan and vegetarian option is Remedy. Not only do they have super tasty vegan desserts but they serve Indian Cuisine that really satisfies my craving. This morning I went for a House Made Chai Latte (with almond milk)


(hello these chai’s are delicious)

My normal go to is the Aloo Ghobi wrap (or dish), and when I saw they had a breakfast version on the menu I almost jumped over the table and kissed the barista.

This wrap is vegan (yay) and packed with cauliflower, peas, and heaps of quinoa. The normal “dinner” version of this wrap contains a tomato chutney, whereas the breakfast version is made with their hummus instead (what vegetarian can say no to more protein). As per usual super delicious!


SugarBowl – Lunch (1:30pm)


I seriously love the SugarBowl, it serves a killer brunch, great cinnamon buns, and an extensive beer list. I stuck to coffee that afternoon and their soy latte which was on point.


Erin and I both went for the featured breakfast sandwich which happened to be vegetarian (yay!). It was loaded with spinach, eggs, cheese, mayo, and avocado, all on a giant ciabatta bun. Not only was it delicious, but it was super affordable at $7.


I have to say the only thing SugarBowl lacks are vegan friendly option, however, with some modifications you could certainly make some of their items to suit your needs! Erin and I also shared a cinnamon bun (not pictured), which as per usual, was giant and fluffy.


Home – Dinner (7:30pm)

After that giant lunch, I let my belly digest and popped in for a quick yoga session. Afterwards I was ready for something clean packed with good nutrients so I whipped up a spinach salad, loaded with zucchini and butternut squash topped with a french vinaigrette!
That’s all for today guys! Let me know in the comments what you ate!


Villa Pollio, Sorrento, Italy

Hey Readers!

So one fun fact about Kathleen and I is that we lived in Pompeii, Italy for the month of July doing archaeological work at the ancient ruins. In Pompeii, we shared a basement suite with five other people who also worked at the site with us. We had weekends off, so on those weekends we would jam pack them with trips around Italy, such as Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence- basically the works. Our first weekend we were supposed to go to Milan and Venice, however, when we got to the train station I found that my Eurorail was missing. I felt so guilty, and was so disappointed that we had to miss Milan, but in the end it was worth it. I did find my Eurorail later, but in the end we realized it was so much better that we ended up staying back! We became excellent friends with our roommates and ended up spending the weekend getting to know them. We went out to the beaches and went for drinks. The one day we were there, one of the girls who had already been to Italy took us on a day trip to Sorrento, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of our trips.

If you are in Naples, it is an easy train ride from there to Sorrento. It’s about an hour and a bit to get there on that train, but it is worth it. This post is dedicated to our swim at Villa Pollio. It is a collapsed, ancient, roman villa that has been filled in with ocean water. It is the most amazing swim ever. To get from the train station to the Villa, we walked for about an hour. You could probably take cab and hire someone to take you up and show you where to go if the hour walk is not ideal, but definitely research how to get there.

The swim and the walk up was beautiful and well worth it. It looked like something out of Pinterest (I will be pinning the pictures). In the rock there was a massive crack in the wall where water and light come in and fill up the villa, so you could swim through into the ocean. The waters were a little rough for me that day, so I swam back and just floated in that swimming area. It was extremely relaxing and soothing. Pack lightly as there is only rocks to store your stuff on, and do not expect to be able to read or be on your phone lots. The area is all rock, so there is no beach to sit and read and tan on. Personally, I preferred to stay floating in the interior area, because there were no waves and large rocks in the middle to stand on if you wanted to sit in the water. My friends swam out, though, and were able to swim around close to the exterior of the villa and around in the ocean.

I highly recommend checking out Villa Pollio in Sorrento. It was one of the best parts of the trip and also a happy mistake. I am very thankful that I lost my Eurorail for only that weekend so that I could explore cities closer to Pompeii.

– Erin

View on the climb up!
The view on the walk!
The First Views When Getting to The Villa!

To Veg or Not Veg

Good Morning guys! It’s Monday and today I’d like to talk to you about motivation and diet. Diet, not in the sense of “weight loss”, but how you eat day to day; I’m a vegetarian, have been for ten years, and I have no problem identifying with that label. For the past two years I have been playing with being a vegan. I cook all of my meals vegan, I only drink non-dairy milks in my coffee, but I am hesitant to say I’m a vegan in front of my friends and family. When my boyfriend or family cooks dinner for me, I tell them vegetarian is enough of an accommodation, they don’t have to cook vegan; when I’m working (I work at a patisserie) and there are leftover pastries I eat them.

I can’t seem to figure out where this lack of commitment to veganism comes from so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the connotations of vegan, and veganism. Aside from the obviously (hippies who only eat hemp etc etc we’ve all seen the movies), I think there is an inherent assumption that vegans are going to waste away in front of you. As a vegetarian I’ve had to deal with my fair share of “you’re never going to get enough iron”, “how do you get enough protein”, and back when I ate a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (eggs and dairy people), my answer was always “Well I eat eggs”, “I eat cheese and dairy”. But actually when I started to think about the treatment of chickens who produce eggs, or cows on dairy farms, they were being treated as terrible as those used for meat. Now when veganism comes up and they ask “But how do you get enough protein?” and I say lentils, I get a blank stare followed by the typical “well that’s not enough protein”. At this point my argument falls apart, I don’t have numbers to crunch in front of these people – I can’t say how much protein is in a steak versus a cup of lentils, all I know is that I’m getting enough protein. I’m not calcium deficient because green leafy vegetable contain calcium, so do almonds (and many other vegan foods), but I don’t have a number to tell you so you can compare it to dairy products.

At work I eat these pastries because I don’t want to miss out. But really miss out on what? Sure they’re super tasty but at the end of the day I would feel so much better if, when I go to bed, I had just left them.

Does anyone else struggle with this type of motivation? I’m so motivated to be a vegan I feel so good in my body and my heart when I eat vegan. But people sure don’t hold back on their opinions when they talk about veganism. I have started telling strangers “oh sorry I’m a vegan”, just to test it out and see what it feels like. News flash, it feels good and no one has challenged me to a “muscle-off” yet. Well it’s the start of a new week so I’ll just keep this vegan train rolling. Whatever goals you have this week, it’s Monday! Start fresh and keep that motivation going!

Good Luck!


Finding My Way

Hey Readers!

So we mentioned in our About Me page that our site is about post university struggles and trying to find your way. I know we haven’t posted a lot on that yet, but we did not want our blog to be filled with depressing and anxious thoughts all the time! We wanted it to be a mix of stuff we are very interested in, so that we can maybe use that to help guide us to find the thing we were meant to do. However we do post about the struggles we’re facing as well and how we try to cope with that. Today is one of those days!

This weekend I laid around the whole time not doing anything. Normally I’d be like yes this is the best, I finally get a chance to relax, but the reality of it is, is that it is super depressing. Saturday I didn’t even make it out of my pjs. So sad! The only reason why this is so sad to me is because I literally have nothing else to do. My shifts at work are scattered, I have one class I have to do to finish my degree so I am literally laying around doing nothing. This is the struggle I face. The job I work is kind of fun, but really only seems part time to me and not something I see myself doing my whole life. With school, I’m getting a degree that I cannot even use in Canada (although I love it with my whole being). Everyone around me is graduating with the typical jobs within our community- nursing, teaching, trades, engineering, etc, etc. And while those are all amazing jobs that I know I could do if I wanted to, none of them are for me. I’m too unique (AKA weird). But the struggle is, no one tells you what else is out there for jobs. There are a pile of jobs out there that I don’t even know about that may be my thing. This is the struggle/ anxiety. I want to find something ASAP, because I know when I find something I want to do, I’ll love it. However, getting there and finding something is so hard. My family wants me to make money and have benefits and go to school for nursing, teaching, etc because there’s a guaranteed job when you graduate. But I don’t want to do those things, I want a job I’ll love my whole life. Also, the jobs I’m looking at may require me to move. What if I have to move away from my family and everyone I know? More importantly, what about my dogs? Can I even move away from them, I feel like I would die!

Basically my anxiety comes from people pressuring me into making money or having a reliable Monday to Friday 9-5 job. Also, the inner battle of: is this what I want? Is this? Am I saying this to appease my family or myself? I’m so broke, I need a job that’ll pay me. Then am I doing this only for money? Will I ever love my job or find purpose? All of this clashes everyday, and everyday I just become more and more confused about where I fit in in this world.

So, I know I’m not alone in this, but here’s what I’m doing: I am travelling. Currently, I realize I will never find my way if I stay in one place, in my pjs, not doing anything. I am planning to travel to Europe, and I am planning on visiting family throughout Canada, experiencing their jobs and understanding how they found their way.

I helped start this blog to get out and experience things in my community that I didn’t know existed so that I can get out and try new things and find my way. The more I learn about my community and review things that I liked or disliked, then maybe I’ll begin to find my way.

So thanks for tagging along for the ride! If you have any suggestions, let us know! If you need advice or help ask away! Maybe we can chat it out and both learn from each other!

– Erin

Coping With Other People’s Stress

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend, today I would like to broach a topic everyone loves to talk about – stress. I’m not here to talk about personal stress (we all know what gets us down), but dealing with stress from those around us.

Let me elaborate.

My partner is currently halfway through his university degree (I finished halfway through his second year), and if I was a good student, he is an amazing student. The only problem with that is he takes on so much personal stress and anxiety about his grades, and he might be right to, but from the perspective of someone who has finished their degree I have a hard time watching him “sweat the small stuff” (by this I mean that one midterm, or one B+ will wreck all his chances at grad school). I personally try to support him as much as possible but I am not used to dealing with his level and type of stress.

We all know (or eventually get to know) how to calm ourselves down when we start to stress out, be that by removing ourselves from the situation, taking some personal time, going for coffee with our friends, or hanging with our families. I come from a family where I can remember my mother going through her masters and doctorate, so I know how to deal with my mother and her stress (chocolate. Seriously – oh and Mulan). My roommate and I have had similar stresses in the past so I am familiar with his mannerisms and how to help him out (veggie burgers, beer, and a good chat).

However, my boyfriend seems to struggle with how to deal with his stress. He will try to calm himself down and have some chill time with me, but it ends up stressing him out more. He’ll lie awake at night for hours and then stress the next day about how much sleep he got the night before. Everything comes down to the grades and the impact they have on his potential for graduate school/life opportunities.

Now I don’t know if anyone else has someone like this in their lives, but I have found the only thing that helps is giving him a lot of leeway. If we had plans and he’s stressing about getting homework done, I reschedule. If I’m over at his place and he’s feeling exhausted, I walk home instead of accept a ride. I’m trying to be understanding but it’s hard sometimes! If anyone else has suggestions on how to cope with stress (or deal with stressed loved ones) I’d love to hear it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


5 Pieces of Furniture You Wouldn’t Want to be in Beauty and the Beast

Hey You Lovely Readers!

So last night I bought tickets to the first screening of the new Beauty and the Beast at the theater and I thought I would do our first Film Friday review on it! Of course you already know that I’m going to tell you that it was absolutely amazing, and I may have cried through Tale As Old As Time…. And something there….. and possibly even the Gaston song…. And maybe even a bit of the Mob song…. Ok the whole movie I was crying I was so happy, but whatever you already are going to see it because we both know it is so worth it and so very amazing. So instead of a traditional review I thought that I would review what pieces of furniture you would NOT like to be in Beauty and the Beast.

  1. A SPOON, A FORK- Do you know how many germs are in your mouth??? I don’t have this number for you but seriously that is your face in someone’s mouth….
  2. A CHAIR- I have no idea where your face would be in this mess but imagine being a chair. If your face is on the seat that is definitely a no- go, but even if it was higher up its like their back is suffocating you and sometimes people sit there for hours! You are holding someone up for hours… Think about that.
  3. ANYTHING IN BEASTS BEDROOM- His room is torn to shreds! There are broken chairs and the bed has been destroyed. Were those originally people, like in his anger did he kill them?! I would like to say that this is based on the cartoon version because in the new one his room has no evidence of furniture/people damage.
  4. A DUSTER- The Feather Duster (Babette? LOL) and Lumiere look like they have a lovely relationship and she just looks so lovely cleaning and dusting. However, I am allergic to dust. I mean its one thing to wipe things down but to be bathing in dust?! Would that just kill me?? And even if you are not allergic, you are covered with dirt constantly and I mean you would sneeze with the dust too right?
  5. THE WARDROBE- I only say this because you would never be able to leave your room. SO basically anything that cannot leave the room. You would be stuck there for however long that damn rose takes to die or however long it takes Beast to get his act together!

That is really all the ones I feel are the worst, feel free to comment if you think of anymore!

Top 5 Mystery Books To Read

As of this past couple weeks I have been reading a TON of crime/ mystery novels. I think it’s because I just came off of a biography binge so now I need more excitement, but anyways here is my list of the top 5, I’ve managed to squeeze in lately! This is basically my favorite genre so a lot of other really great books are missing, but it’s a good start! Feel free to leave suggestions on other books to read or review in the comments! I am always on the prowl for new books! These books are listed in no particular order.

All The Missing Girls- Megan Miranda

– I just finished this book and I loved every minute of it! Like I said I read this genre quite often, so it’s nice to get a book that is so different from the rest. I’ll try not give too much away but basically this girl named Nic’s best friend was kidnapped and since then Nic hasn’t really been back. After ten years, she goes back to clean out her dad’s house and another girl disappears and she is drawn back to finding out what happened. My favorite part about the novel was how it was set up. The book starts off with the climax and works its way backwards. So cool, and surprisingly super hard to predict!

The Best Kind of People- Zoe Whittall

– This novel will have you feeling so many different feelings all at once, the biggest one being confusion. This popular teacher, George Woodbury, gets arrested for sexual impropriety at a school where he is considered a hero. The book revolves around his wife- Joan, daughter- Sadie, and son- Andrew and how they are handling the charges and the arrest. Their beliefs and values are constantly challenged as they debate whether George Woodbury is innocent or guilty. What makes this novel so good is that you never hear George’s side of the story and you are left feeling the same thing as the family.

The Woman in Cabin 10- Ruth Ware

– I found this novel out of the ordinary, which is why I rated it 5 stars on my good reads account (check the contact section to find my good reads account!). Lo is a writer for a travel magazine is sent on a brand new, luxurious cruise with a few high end guests. One night while inside her cabin, she hears a loud splash from next door where a woman is staying. However, when she wakes up everyone is accounted for. I thought this book was amazing, because of the setting. It’s such an unusual location for a crime novel to take place and on top of that the storyline was very unique! It definitely stood out from the rest!

Finders Keepers (Bill Hodge’s Trilogy #2)- Stephen King

– I have to say, I am extremely biased when it comes to anything Stephen King. I will immediately read and love anything he writes! My dad used to collect all of Stephen King’s novels and now so do my brother and I. By the way, if you love Stephen King, you’ll love his son’s work too (Joe Hill- Love him, Please look him up!). Anyways, this whole series is about Bill Hodge, a private investigator, but out of all three books this ones my favourite! It starts off that a famous author of the Jimmy Gold series, John Rothstein, has written a book that has never been published. An obsessed fan, Morris, breaks into his house and kills him to steal the last book while also stealing his money. He hides the money and novel before he is arrested for another novel. Later, a young boy finds the money and novel and is in danger when Morris is released. Bill Hodge and his crew have to save the young boy before Morris finds him. Again, this book had a very different storyline, and also had a great setup! The first half of the book had nothing to do with Bill Hodge, and everything to do with this young boy finding the money and the books. I loved how I got to know all the characters so well and the struggles they faced in their own storyline. So when Bill Hodge did come into the picture I was even more intrigued to find out what was happening because I was so connected to every character. Well done Stephen King, you amazed me yet again!

The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike #1)- Robert Galbraith AKA J.k. Rowling

– Alright, so the last book I added to the list was Cuckoo’s Calling. I really love J.k. Rowling. I just really love Harry Potter so much. She did get a lot of backlash for Casual Vacancy when it came out, so these books are under Robert Galbraith, but they are very good books and I’m hoping the third one comes out soon! If you’re interested in this series, the second book is called The Silkworm and is equally as good. So, in this novel a private investigator named Cormoran Strike is trying to solve the case of a model’s suicide that appears to be suspicious. Strike is living in his office with an almost failing business, so when the case Lula Landry comes up he is on it and finds himself investigating superstars, rock stars, fashion designers and all that jazz. I made it sound super lame I bet, but its awesome, and Silkworm is about an author that goes missing which is also very intriguing!

– Hope the list was helpful! Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion on a book I should read and review!

– Erin

About Erin

Hey guys, Erin- g here (Mean Girls reference although I know you got it).

Here’s the deal with the blog and a bit about myself. I graduated this year with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Psychology, which pretty much means that I have a degree that I can’t really use here in Canada. On the brighter side, I also happen to have a deep passion for movies and tv series- Netflix is the true love of my life- and a love for all books (I have to say that I watch and read ALL genres of books, movies, and series; I don’t discriminate). I have to admit I am in love with Harry Potter which is borderline unhealthy. In addition, travelling is the best thing to exist in my world. I love the whole process- the planning and packing, the anticipation of the trip, the plane/car/train, the experience of being there and getting to know a new culture and their history, and the bittersweet return home. Some other things about me- I love sports- specifically hockey, ok I am passionate about the Oilers, whatever. For football I’d pick Seattle Seahawks, and for baseball it’s the Blue Jays (Did I mention I’m Canadian?). I’m big on photography, writing, art- anything creative really. I have two dogs, schnauzers (the ones with the beards if you’re wondering what that means), and a gecko. Also, I love videogames (currently loving Batman Arkham Asylum), and am going to attend my third comicon ever in a few weeks!

Now that you practically know me, here’s what’s up with the blog. The other day I met my best friend Kathleen at Remedy Café- Please go there if you haven’t- and ordered my usual butter chicken wrap and convinced myself to try something new drink wise- the Roca almond hot chocolate which was everything I dreamed it would be. While we were eating, Kathleen was talking to me about her anxiety of what to do now that we were graduating, and what she was doing to overcome it and attempting to plan her future. I literally related on everything she said, however, in those 3 weeks we hadn’t seen each other neither of us really had said anything. I can’t talk too much about what was going on with Kathleen, but in those weeks I had anxiety and stress that gave me stomach pains so harsh I felt like throwing up. I hadn’t slept in a week with insomnia, because where was my life going, what is my purpose? This kind of stress makes you feel isolated even though the person across from me was experiencing the same thing. It’s like you swallowed something that stifles your voice- takes it away. You feel isolated and like no one gets you or relates to you. Every time it seemed like I had a plan together, someone would tear that idea down, because they’re right it wasn’t me. It was me trying to come up with a quick solution to myself trying to find a job or a purpose. I want to like what I do for the rest of my life and feel like I’m contributing, but what is it I’m supposed to do? When I do talk to people, it comes out in anger or just tears because I don’t know and I’ve built up this pressure that I have to decide right away before a new semester of a new program I could potentially apply for arrives or so I don’t lose out on a new job. The reality is the pressure is something I put on myself. I forgot this until Kathleen made me realize there is no deadline. I’ve just been scared because I’ve been in school my whole life, I haven’t experienced life. I’m terrified of life and messing it up, but you can’t mess it up. So after this long and emotional conversation, I said to her “We should make a blog- I’m dead serious” to which she said “I’ve always wanted to do that”. And now we are here- me typing up my first (extremely long) blog post, while also listening to Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry (I’ve zoned out here to watch her lyrics video with hamsters and little food? I can’t help but be weireded out and super impressed about her cooking those tiny meals- like what?)

The blog. To me a blog is like me writing a public diary. It’s a collection of thoughts, opinions about various topic, which is what we are striving to do here although thankfully I won’t be writing like my 9- year- old self (those are interesting journals). Our topics include, and aren’t restricted to, exercise (yeesh), food (obviously), travel, movies/series, books, and weekends we go to a deeper level of understanding our post grad feelings and how we’re going about finding our life purpose, and other fun stuff. This combines all of our passions and stops us from feeling like by choosing whatever we want to do in life, these important aspects aren’t stifled anymore. We hope it relates and helps everyone on a light common interests level to a deeper emotional level as well. Whether you’re here for a recipe, exercise move or just some tips, or you’re here to relate emotionally, we hope you stick around for our journey.
Before I close I have to say, there is no better person to do this blog with than Kathleen. Where she is a healthy and a vegetarian, I eat meat and junk. Where she exercises most times, I am here convincing myself that I really do need to get off the couch. We’re similar and different, making each other better while also bringing similar and yet different perspectives and interests to this blog. We’ve lived in Italy together, been stuck in Europe with little options to get home (this is a whole other story we will be sharing soon I’m sure), we’ve done the school chaos thing together, and now we’re doing the post grad/ life anxiety. She is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her.

This blog means the world to us. Thanks for reading (I promise shorter posts in the future)
– Erin

About Kathleen

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for stopping to check out our blog! I’m the second half of this crazy duo who decided to create a blog about one of the most frustrating times in a person’s life- (in my opinion) the early to mid twenties. My name is Kathleen and I recently completed my degree in Anthropology with a minor in Biology. I’m 22 going on 50, not only because I love reading a good book with a cup of tea in bed on a Friday night, but because I feel like if I don’t decide what I’m going to do with my life ASAP I’m going to blink and BE 50. So now that you know more about my headspace, a bit more about my life. I have been a vegetarian for almost a decade, and I have been 80% vegan for almost two years (more on that struggle later). I am a vege(vegan?)tarian for numerous reasons, MOSTLY for animal rights, but also for the environment impact, and my health (seriously veganism has stopped me from eating a block of cheese a day). I’m fairly active and love hot yoga, and any type of exercise class that’s fast paced and good vibes (hello Zumba anyone?). I love cooking and finding new vegan recipes to experiment with, shoutout to Minimalist Baker and OhSheGlows.
I’m a born traveller, I absolutely love every stage of trips, from the planning to the actual trip itself. Last summer was one of the best summers of my life. I travelled for almost two straight months; starting with an insane road trip across Canada and the US from Alberta to Delaware for Firefly Music Festival with one of my best friends, to a month-long archaeology trip in Italy with another of my best friends (and the co-authour of this blog) Erin, and rounding out with a week-long road trip to Washington State with my boyfriend. Personally travelling is worth way more than anything I could ever buy, which is why I’m ok being broke as hell right now (it’s acceptable to wearing leggings three days in a row right?). This summer I’m going on a family graduation trip to Portugal with my immediate family and my grandpa on my mom’s side (family travel survival guide to come soon), hopefully on another trip with Erin, and my boyfriend. In November my roommate and I have planned a trip to Mexico for Day of the Dead, and I could continue talking about travelling but I should probably go win the lottery.
One of my main loves in this word is coffee. It’s how I make a living, and shoutout to those triple caramel macchiatos for getting me through university, you’re the real MVP. I worked at Starbucks for four years in my youth (16-20) before moving onto independent coffee shops. I could talk about coffee for hours, but I won’t bore you with the difference between Cortados and Macchiatos – google it. In my spare time I edit the student eJournal at my University and try to squeeze in healthy eating, working out, making money, hanging with my friends, my boyfriend, my family, and getting 8 hours – it often feels like life is saying pick two of three you can’t have it all.
To conclude this intro post, thanks again and I can’t wait to talk to you all some more! I’m looking forward to posting about my lifestyle and interests. If there is anything you want us to talk about just send us a tweet or an email and we’ll make sure to include it in the next weeks post. Erin is a pretty rad human (she’s the yin to my yang) and I can’t wait to share this space with her – truly no better person to share the internet with.
Talk soon!