Online Shopping

Hi everyone,

I have been MIA from the blog this weekend because I have been SO busy. Over the past few days I have had multiple social events that just seem to zap all my energy and by the evening I just crash into bed.

ANYWAYS, that’s not what we are here to talk about I am here to talk about my current obsessions and that is online shopping.

I recently got a new job and I have been deciding to “treat myself” to a few items in celebration. Well let me tell you the list is longer than my past online shopping “excursions”.

Item 1.

Facebook is both a friend and a foe in that it suggests all of these cool items I want. A couple weeks ago it suggested these eco friendly bracelets by the company 4Ocean, the company makes the bracelets out of recycled plastic and each bracelet you buy facilitates removing a pound of trash from the ocean! I bought the special limited edition Shark Conservation bracelet (10% of the profits go to help shark conservation efforts), and I can’t wait till it comes in the mail!


Find it here:

Item 2.

New job new me right? That is also my mindset in that I have been buying a SHIT TON of active wear recently, and buying them online was no exception. Cue these amazing looking red leggings from Gym Shark. I have heard great things both online and from my coworker and all together with shipping they only cost me $75 Canadian! I have dreams of going to many a hot yoga class with these on.


Find them here:

Item 3.

Finally, last but not least are items to benefit my inside health. I love the brand Organic Burst for super foods, and I recently bought a bundle of their Spirulina powder, Maca powder, and Baobab powder. I have had their Spirulina tablets before and I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels when I took them (they are also a complete protein and contain lots of iron – not bad for vegans/vegetarians!). I am currently using their Chlorella tablets that I take at night because I find it gives my body the detox it needs and I wake up feeling completely de-bloated! Chlorella is suppose to detox the heavy metals from your body (which comes from grey city living!) and improve your hair and skin. I found that taking half a serving and working your way up to a full serving was the best thing to do!

Anyways! Maca is great for natural energy and Baobab is great at boosting your immune system! The company is chocked full of natural recipes and ethical trading and sourcing. I bought the “energy” bundle which gave me all three of these powders at 10% off!


Find it here:

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any online shopping hubs you recommend!

Talk soon


A life of Fitness

Hi Dear Readers!

I hope you are having a fantastic day! It is beautiful outside here in Alberta, Canada! Today, I wanted to talk a bit about fitness. In particular my fitness. As most of you know from previous posts, my friend and I decided on a trip to Mexico! It has been years since I have taken a trip and not had to work! Also, just to hang out and not do anything! I am extremely excited!

However, the trip has me nervous. As anyone going through what I am going through, my body image affects me all of the time. I am not confident in bathing suits. I feel overweight and I know i have big, red, and ugly stretch marks. I would feel more confident if they were from childbirth- an amazing reason to have stretch marks. When it comes down to it, its disappointment in myself. I used to be such an active person, and somewhere along the way I lost that and gained this weight out of no where- it feels. It was like one day I really looked at myself and was like what happened? I then was so used to this all over the place routine my life is, that I never was able to get to the place I wanted to with my weight. I feel like I keep getting worse instead of better, because I lack the time.

So, here is my plan. I have 94 days until Mexico. I am going to try my hardest to lose as much weight as possible, in the healthiest way possible! I have decided that during the week I am going to go glutten free, and eat vegetarian lunches and breakfasts (suppers are too difficult while still living at home, however, they can still be healthy!). When I eat out, it’s going to be as vegetarian as possible. Fast food is out. Sundays are a cheat day, and a mental health focused day. So more tasks dedicated to my mental well being- doing things for me, restorative yoga, etc. For my workouts: at least 4x a week is good enough for an hour minimum; my fitbit needs to hit 10 000 steps a day, and if I do not feel like the gym is going to happen that day then a long walk with my dogs or switching the day up will be fine. I figured that I would give an update every second week and let you know how I’m mentally coping to finding time, creating a routine, and if I’ve stuck to the plan at all!

What I will say is this. I want to lose weight, because I know that my mental health, and physical health will change drastically when I focus on my health and fitness. My goal is to feel better about myself. This does not mean that I want to be the skinniest or have a 6 pack again. I just want to look and feel healthy. I want to be the perfect weight for my height. That is it. I want to make changes to my diet and exercise that keeps me healthy for years to come! Diabetes and Heart disease is prominent in my family, and I’ve seen what they do. I don’t want that. If I don’t lose any weight than Mexico will have to have an accept me as I am body, instead of a summer body ;)!

– Erin


Hey Dear Readers,

I have been looking at people’s resumes for a few days now and I feel like I should give some tips on what makes a good resume! Resume’s are very hard because people are always looking for specific things, and those things are all very different depending on what job you are applying for. However, I think there are a few things that everyone can agree on as a template for your resume. So here are some tips and tricks for doing a good job on your resume.

Lets get started. First off, you want your name in bold on the left or right hand side of the page, then below your address, city, and postal code, and below that your phone number. The last line in that paragraph will be your email. If you have a degree you put the comma after your name and your degree abbreviations. For example, mine would be Erin Christy, B. A. – but with my last name instead of my middle name lol.

After that you have your name written at the top, go down a line and write the word Objective in bold with a colon. Underneath write what your objective is. So the point of the objective is to say what you are searching for when it comes to a job. In most cases I always feel like saying I just want to get paid, but really you need to target something particular about that job you are applying for. For instance, when I applied for a hospital position mine was “To obtain a position as a health care worker.” Make sure you sound professional and definitely use point form for your whole resume. As a manager, I skimmed through the resume looking for certain things for my pre- screening of resumes. I would come back later after I found the qualifications I was looking for and read the resume better. If you want to build on that idea then do that in your cover letter. That is really what it is for, to make you stand out even more. Your objective should change depending on the job you are looking for.

After the objectives I like to make another title and write in a summary. So again I bold the word Summary and follow it up with a colon. Underneath I list off my qualifications for that job. Some of the stuff I write is that I have a drivers license (also put what kind), I have a degree, I perform well under pressure, etc. Anything you really want to stand out that you know they are looking for, for that job you are applying for. For the hospital, being able to work under pressure, and prioritize tasks is important so that is what I would write. When I apply for jobs in the disability sector, I write that I am more of a caring person with patience, and put more of my skill set and experience for that under the summary. List it in point form again.

The next step is the grueling part and that is listing off your experience. Again, bold the word experience follow it up with another colon. Underneath put your most recent job!! Lots of people do not do this because they think it’s too different from the job they have now or something. It doesn’t matter, please put this anyways. So underneath underline the title of your position at that job and the place you work at. Underneath write the dates you started and ended. If it’s current, just say current. You want to say what you did at each job. This is the part people get carried away. Do not go over 10 points. Pick out the points you think are stronger than the others. For instance, as a waitress I would write: can work well under pressure, can prioritize tasks, trusted with money. Then I would put specific things I had to do like seating arrangements, greeted and catered to customers, worked as a team when it was busy. Make it sound more professional than that LOL. Make sure to include any certificates and promotions you got at that job (CPR, anything like that).

Here’s some points for overall experience: your resume should have flow! If you have worked numerous jobs, put the jobs that are similar to the one you are applying for. Do not put all of them. For instance, I would put waitress, caregiver, daycare and my three jobs that apply with the caregiver, because they look like I have been building off one another, so my chapters experience is left out. I would use these whenever I would apply to a job in the health field. Also, no matter what it is, use your job that you have been at the longest. For mine, I was a waitress at a restaurant for 7 years, so I ALWAYS leave waitress on there (I started as a dishwasher in high school and worked my way up). Another tip: if you’ve worked the same job at a few places DO NOT write the same experience as the previous job. Spread everything out between the two. You’re just repeating yourself and that is not good. Write something you learned from the previous job, make each unique. What I mean by this is if I was a waitress, and had moved to another restaurant so I had two different places of experience, I would either combine the two and say “Waitress at Boston Pizza and at Moxies” and list all of the points together or I would make them separate but not put the same 10 points down. I would most likely make them separate to give your resume depth and then put different points for each. DO NOT repeat yourself. We get the point. Also, it looks like you’re using a template if you do that and it’s not coming from you. That reminds me, make sure everything is in your own words! I want you to tell me, not a template!

For the rest of your resume, you can list off any volunteering and your education. Volunteering ALWAYS looks good so just briefly say what you volunteered for, when and one point explaining what you did. When it comes to education, this is a must. List off your high school diploma, when you got it, and if you are currently in university say where and what for. If you are done, write out your degree.

End your resume with references available on request! You don’t want your references numbers out and about for anyone to see, so just have them ready and typed for your interview and this way you can contact them and let them know people will be calling them!

Last thing I wanted to say is that your resume SHOULD NOT be longer than two pages. I had an individual send me a resume that was 10 pages long, and I could not get through all of it. Make sure it’s two pages and then talk about yourself more and emphasize the things you want emphasized in your cover letter. Limit what you are using for jobs, and limit your experience points. This all helps. Also, make sure to use 12- 14 point, black font and a normal font style- I use times roman numeral or ariel. Do not get too crazy. You might like how it looks, but someone else might not like it. I always find plain is best, but if you want to make it a bit fancier (depending on what you apply for, some places will LOVE it) just don’t go over the top. Make sure you know what you are applying for and personalize it a bit depending on the job- a new objective, changing your experience. I also find it helps to update it lots even if you are not looking for a job. It’s always nice to have a fresh resume ready to go for when you need it!

Here’s a template if it helps! Resume

Good Luck Job Hunting! I know you’ll get it!






Hey Lovely Readers!

One of the newest things we decided to add to our blog was a day for current obsessions! It’s just a day to share with you anything that we have been interested in that maybe you will be too!

Today I thought I would talk about Pinterest! Everyone knows about Pinterest. You go on the site look at nice pictures and repin them to your boards. They can be about ANYTHING. SO on my account I have Fashion (because I am totally lacking in this area), Health and Fitness (also lacking), Home Decor (because I LOVE home decor), Travel, Weddings (even though I’m single), Beauty, Books, Movies, TV, and then I have a bunch of secret boards with DIY and Bullet Journals, Holidays, Cosplay, and Art Inspiration. I also am apart of a bunch of boards like Pinterest Successes- recipes that have worked out for my sister-in- law and her sibling and friends, a bachelorette party I helped decorate for, a baby shower, and I have a board dedicated to any kids crafts for the kids that I work with. Pinterest is my life. I am on there all the time browsing, learning new things, getting some good ideas.

I find it also relaxes me! I can be on there for a while sitting there when I’m stressed zoning out and looking at pictures that I really like. Getting inspiration. I get ideas from other bloggers, and have learned how to use social media/ am still learning the ways of social media. People have great advice to follow and it’s a great platform to share it. I find I do not use Google as much for creative ideas. I can go on there and get all the creative inspiration I need!

The boards I normally pin to are: Home Decor, Fashion, Travel, Recipes, and some of my private boards (mainly the bullet journal and DIY one). Feel free to check out my page! Definitely follow me, because I am constantly posting and reposting to feed my obsession (Erin Christy). My home decor is a very shabby chic kind of feel. I pin a lot of pins with white walls, dark floors. But I LOVE colour, so they’ll feel plain, but then they’ll have extremely colourful accents, such as a bright rug, or towels in a bathroom, any sort of colourful accents. For fashion- I usually pin things I want to start wearing but haven’t had the courage to do yet! I’m a person who likes to feel comfortable all of the time, so some of the clothing seems like it wouldn’t be me for that reason. However, I need to start dressing up and feeling good about myself, but at least this way I know what styles I would like to start wearing and how pieces would fit together! When thinking about travelling, I pin everything! You can usually tell where I am going to go next, because I start pinning for that particular place closer to when I leave! Recipes- I am trying to eat healthy so some of my pins are healthy but tastey food. Also, there are some vegetarian options on there just in case I would like to try one of those! 

Anyways, give me a follow and I’ll follow you back! I usually try to put some of our blogging articles on there and I do have some very cool things pinned as well for you to check out!



Hello Everyone!

Summer time, time for long nights out in the backyard, cool drinks, and what else? Potlucks!

Quick backstory. When I started my current job in December, the Patisserie I worked at had just opened, meaning they had to hire two other Full time girls who were new as well. The three of us bonded together quickly as we had all graduated form some type of degree but we were just trying to find the next step for us. All of us were looking for something better but we hadn’t really found anything.

Until! My coworker got a job in her field at the end of June! Which meant the trinity was breaking up!

Together the three of us vowed that we would all still hang out and so we decided to have weekly potlucks so we could all get together and still hang.

So we’ve only had two potlucks so far but the two we have had were awesome! The first was a Taco night, which I love tacos so I was in heaven. The second was a Thai themed night. We did Thai salad wraps, coconut Moscow Mules, I made raw pad Thai (with kelp noodles), and this coconut Thai cake that I was so skeptical about.

The cake had to be made in layers, you steam one layer wait till it’s done then pour another on top etc etc. When I dumped it out one layer stuck to the bottom, but never fear I perserveired and it worked out great!


My one coworker and I liked it, but the other, not so much. It had a lovely coconut flavor but it was pretty tough. I think the rice and tapioca flour made it pretty dense.

All in all it was a successful potluck!

My pad Thai was awesome (but very spicy) I’ll link the recipes I used down below, if you make the pad Thai just use one tsp red chili flakes and not two! Unless you really like spice…. And I mean really.

Happy eating!


Raw Vegan Pad Thai:

Vegan Gluten Free Thai Coconut Cake:

Trip Bucket List

Hey Fantastic Readers!

Nice to see you guys again! Hope you are doing swell on this beautiful Tuesday! If work is dragging on already, then I hope my post helps you today! I wanted to talk a bit about my Trip Bucket List!

Travelling is my life. I wish I could make it my job to around an experience culture, check out history and the hidden spots on the world no one knows about. My life will always be full of travelling, I never want to stop experiencing it. However, I do know that I want to have a family and kids some day, so while I’m young I’m attempting to cram in some of these really long trips I would never get to with kids. I will still travel with my future kids, however, I feel like money wise it’s impractical to go for as long as I normally go for. Anyways,  this means that I have to sacrifice some parts of my life to be able to do this. I mean that I can’t move out. There’s no funds there for that like everyone else has. My money goes directly to travelling. I work 4 jobs to be able to afford a lifestyle of travelling. I’m not saying you do too, however, by doing this I’ve been able to pay off jobs super fast and not have them sitting on my credit cards. Obviously the other option is to go to school for a higher paying job, but I can’t use my degree here really and I’m not interested in those jobs. And last, you have to find a flexible job that will allow you to do this. All of my jobs are jobs that are temporary or that I can leave for a month and still have one when I come back. Anyways, I sacrifice a lot to be able to travel and to me it’s worth it.

SO, that being said, here is my travel bucket list! I’m going to stick with my top ten!

  1. Europe- I know, seems weird I haven’t done this yet right? Well I did not take a year off of school like most people did. I went straight to school and missed out on some of the travelling there (although school did allow me to work in Italy for a year- not terrible by any means!). I do have a Europe trip coming up next May though! We’re hitting all the target places I wanted to! Amsterdam- Netherlands; Germany (Dusseldorf- archaeological reasons…. were going to see Neanderthals, Berlin, Munich); Salzburg Austria- Sound of Music reasons; Zurich Switzerland; Milan Italy (remember how I missed this place- now I’m going!!); Nice, Lyon, Paris France; and London England to finish! Lots of stuff on the list to cross off on my check list.
  2. When I go back to Europe someday, I would love to go to start in Croatia; up and over to Venice Italy, then through to Austria; go through Czech, and end in Poland
  3. I NEED to go to Spain and I would like to hit Portugal while I am there as well!
  4. Britain, Scotland, and Ireland- I would still love to live in Britain, and while living there I would hit these beautiful target areas
  5. And to finish off my Europe area, I would go through Iceland (super cheap flights!) and go through Norway, finland, and sweden!
  6. My Next huge trip like my first would be to do an Asian tours! I would start in Vietnam, and hit places like Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, go to India, through to China, and end in Japan (most of these places would be best with a travel group, so hopefully at the end I would be able to leave and go to Japan!).
  7. Australia and New Zealand- Hobbits and beautiful beaches!
  8. Egypt for the pyramids
  9. South America- I have never really thought about going there, however, since the Olympics in Rio I think going to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile would be amazing!!
  10. Last trip…. I would go back to Greece and check out some more islands. I would also like to go back to Italy and go through Tuscany and visit Pompeii again, see the leaning tower of pisa, cinque terre, and all that fun stuff. When I come back to it, Italy will forever be my second home and I feel like I can’t stay away for too long

So ya! This is my travel bucket list! I still haven’t talked about places in the US or across Canada, or Caribbean islands. These to me are smaller trips I can do in a week! I would still love to do them though! Again this is just my top ten list!

Let me know what places you want to go to, are going to, or have been!


A Fresh (Faced) Start

Hey Everyone!

We’re back! I hope you love the new layout of our blog, fresh faced and inspired to bring you guys some new amazing content! Speaking of fresh faced, I’d love to talk about something that a lot of people struggle with – skin.

Now (thankfully) I’ve never had bad problems with my skin, just the odd pimple here and there (and dryness), but recently I have been breaking out left right and center and the texture of my skin has been very very off.

Personally I think your skin appearance has a lot to do with what you put into your body. I know of quite a few people who have had acne related to dairy products, and once they cut out dairy they have the best skin of their lives!

I don’t feel like my nutrition has been terrible these past few weeks, but if I look back on it I have been eating a lot of sugar (I ate two Kougin Amanns back to back), and my fitness routine has been low to non-existent.

That explains the breakouts, but the dryness is something that I have only ever had to deal with in the winter and now I’m finding that my skin is SUPER flaky and rough. I have an amazing chemical exfoliant from The Face Shop that uses green apple. It is completely smooth when you apply it, but the enzymes attack your skin as you rub it in and it eventually balls up all the dead skin. It is the most satisfying thing ever to see your dead skin just rubbed away, HOWEVER that is the danger with it! When your face is constantly dry and flaky it is easy to reach for the exfoliator and just get rid of it all but that is BAD. Do not over exfoliate your skin or you will just get more dry and over sensitive skin!

Here’s hoping I haven’t been doing that (I try to only using it MAX 2 times a week, I aim for 1).

This weekend I have been trying to drink lots of water, cooking with lots of turmeric, and I’m taking chlorella (which I used to take and then my nutrition plan just went out the window). I am also aiming to exercise four times this week, and clean all my makeup brushes (and quite possibly throw out) my beauty blender. I’m also going to try to stop drinking alcohol which I find hard since it is such a social thing (blog post on this later). I’m tired of having dull skin! Here’s to a fresh faced blog and blogger!

Got any skin remedies I should try? Leave them in a comment below!


She wants to go to the Seaside

Hello Everyone!

Travel Tuesday and since the next trip I’m going on is to Birch Bay, Washington – I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about that lovely city!

My boyfriend’s family owns a little cabin in Birch Bay (2 hour away from Vancouver) and it is absolutely gorgeous there. It’s one of those towns that come alive in the summer time, full of little restaurant and gorgeous beaches.


When we went last year, it was a big deal for my boyfriend. I don’t think he had been on his own accord before, always with his family, so for us to have driven down there just the two of us was something really special.

I had just gotten back from Italy and I was so incredibly jet lagged, in retrospect I felt so bad for being completely out of it.

On the way back we stopped in Vancouver and ate our weight in sushi and visited the aquarium (because you all know I LIVE for the aquarium). My birthday had just passed and so the aquarium was y present and so was this adorable beluga whale in a hoodie.


My boyfriend takes on a lot of stress, and so to have him on vacation just chilling was the best feeling! I can’t wait for this year. We are borrowing my parents Honda CRV (he is still convinced he is doing all the driving), and we actually have a full week which means more days in paradise!

That’s all for now!


To Legit to Quit

Hi dear readers!

As you have probably seen this week, neither Kathleen or I posted at all. Well, here is why! I have been having the WORST time with work. I know you guys know, because I wrote about it in my last three posts! I do promise that this is the last one work related for a while, because I finally quit! I’ve only been there for four months and I quit. I had talked to multiple people, and they all said that I had grounds to quit and I wasn’t losing my mind.

But here’s the thing. I hadn’t quit sooner because I wanted the money, and I also felt guilty. I thought I hadn’t been there long enough, I kept thinking well just try harder. then I thought you can’t let your staff down or anyone else related to the job. These thoughts just circled around me for so long that I finally lost it! So much pressure, stress, disciple, etc had built up over the course of a month, that I just lose my mind! My poor, poor parents. The first day I started to lose it, I cried out of frustration. The second day, I got another work message (it’s so hard to have days off with this job) that was negative and I just LOST it. I mean scary lost it. I just started crying and my mom had to drive me around. I went back in the house to get something choking and crying and my dad came running out asking me what was wrong, and I was hyperventilating sooooo badly that I just started to choke cry and couldn’t even tell him. I tried to take breaths and in between I just cried and told him while also choking still. I walked back to my mom’s car and sat down and tried to tell her I was panicking and she finally just understood and did some breathing with me. It was so hard to stop. I was panicking so bad and I felt like it would never end.

In a short three days, I realized that it wasn’t worth it. The money, the experience I wanted- it’s just not worth it. And this is what I wanted to tell you guys today. If you are unhappy in a job, move on. Don’t try to stay for whatever reason. This is the shortest job I have ever done. I’m the kind of person who did the same job for 7 years. Currently, the other 3 jobs I had, I have had for 3 years each. I know I had a lot on my plate, but that wasn’t only it. This job was hard, and horrible. And when you are treated horribly, it takes a toll on you.

After, I quit, people began begging me to stay. And I felt HORRIBLE. I was finally convinced to take a day and reconsider. I kept tossing it around in my head. Maybe I should try harder, maybe I should stay, you can get through this if you want. But you know what? You don’t have to deal with that. Don’t let anyone treat you like crap, or belittle you. And do not feel guilty. YOU come first! ALWAYS. You know what’s right for you. So don’t feel guilty and don’t feel like you owe it to anyone to stay there for a long time. I felt guilty for them spending time on training me and then quitting after, but guess what! It’s actually more of an advantage if you do it sooner than later! Then they can quickly jump onto the next person, and you can move on with your life. It doesn’t affect them as much as you think.

Get out of a position that is making you feel horrible. In the end, you will feel a million times better. I know I will on the day of my last shift.


Spider- Man Homecoming

Hi my dear readers!

I hope you are doing well! Currently, I am watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and having a great night. Don’t worry, I won’t go on about my love for Harry Potter for pages and pages. Instead, I wanted to talk to you guys about the new Spider- Man movie!

For myself, I was on the fence about seeing it. I truly thought that I would hate seeing another actor play the same movie, and attempt to play Peter Parker. I was thinking- ENOUGH! I cannot see another origin story for Spider- Man! I love Spider- Man so I wanted something new! A new villain! Anything!

Today, however, I forced myself to go for my cousin’s sake, because she wanted to see it. I’m glad that I went! It was awesome! It was the new and surprising I was hoping for!

So, for one, the story is set around Peter Parker trying to impress Tony Stark, so that he can join the Avengers. The story is hilarious, because it shows how bad he is at first learning to shoot his webs and attempting to save people who don’t really need to be rescued. It shows clips of him giving directions to people, etc. Along the way, he gets into lots of trouble trying to show off for Tony Stark, but instead Stark gives him the criticism and discipline he needs. While he’s at a party about to crash as Spider Man, he sees a glowing in the distance and goes to find the source. This is where he spots the selling of illegal alien weapons combined with human weapons, and this is where the story takes off!

It is hilarious. This kid plays Peter Parker so well! He’s the perfect amount of awkward, and I LOVED that he wasn’t instantly good! He had to learn and take his time, I love it! I will say that I do not like that the movie had Tony Stark in it and focused on joining the Avenger’s only because I do not like Iron Man. However, I think that it will be ok in the end when Infinity Wars comes out (Get better soon Jeremy Renner!), and I do think that it ended in away that allows for Spider Man only movies to come out soon too! I can’t wait to see where they go next with it! Truly a hilarious movie!

Also, for the credits: there is a nice little part after the main credits that I loved, and the very end has another small, hilarious clip as well! However, if you do not want to stay for the whole thing, just stay for the first clip before the scrolling credits.

Enjoy the Movie!