Spotify Summer Playlist

Hey Lovely Readers,

I hope you are doing swell in the last 3 hours I haven’t posted! 😀 I wanted to share with you my summer playlist now that summer is almost done hahah! You are welcome! No, but our playlists change so much on moods, and seasons and I was wondering what songs everyone downloaded the most in these past summer months!

As I’ve said before last year I was living in Italy for a month (I miss you Italy and all you Italians!). Anyways, I LOVED the music in Europe! The song that came out that was super popular was Duele el Corazon by Enrique Igelsias! Every place I went (if we’re being serious I was either at a cafe or out for gelato), they played that song and I just felt like I was so pumped for summer, and so high on life every time I heard it! Safe to say I brought that song home with me and incorporated it in my day-to- day life here. SO you can imagine that when Despacito came out, it such a fun song like that it had to be added to my playlist! And now that it’s extremely overplayed, I find that I still love it, because it is still so fun!

Alright! Here is my playlist for the summer (I’m only going to choose a few and I’ll leave that out because that is clearly the song of the summer!):

  1. I’m the One- D.J Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper. I have memorized 90% of this song, the rest I probs have no idea what they are even saying in the rest of the song. Its got such a chill and relaxing sound! Can’t wait for Jbiebs new song (2 days!!! Yes I am a Justin Bieber fan, but if you had seen him in concert on his purpose tour like I had, you would understand! Also, think about all these amazing hits, he’s been putting out this year! He’s definitely on a roll!)
  2. Chantaje- Shakira- Who doesn’t love Shakira! I love the beat to this song, it’s another song completely in spanish so have fun making up the words for you non- spanish speakers attempting to sing the song (you will know the word “Que” I promise). I’m so jealous of everyone who can speak Spanish!
  3. Black Me Out- Against Me!- YUP I really love all genres of music! Or I definitely will give it a chance! This song is fun to sing if you’re really upset with someone, but it’s also just fun to sing. There are lots of swears so people will stare at you, but just stare right back singing the words! 😉 You’ll understand when you hear it!
  4. The Cure- Lady Gaga- I love this song, No words, it’s so amazing I play it as much as possible
  5. John Wayne- Lady Gaga- there are a lot of songs on this album that i just love, I will dance to this and A-yo a lot in my room! It is not pretty!
  6. Two Ghosts- Harry Styles- This one is kind of slow, but I love it! His whole album has this Beatles and Rolling Stones feel to it that makes me so happy!
  7. Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran- This is a fun dancing Irish song! I’m telling you Irish people! Sing more songs to me! That reminds me….
  8. Slow Hands- Neil Horan. I hated this song at first! I was like what is this garbage, and then after 2 listens I was hooked. Good lord. While we are on the One Direction track…
  9.  Strip that Down for Me- Liam Payne, Quavo. This is just a fun song to sing! It’s different and so good! Well done One Direction solo artists.
  10. Paradise By the Dashboard Light- Meatloaf- this is my families travel theme song! We do a lot of singing and dancing to this! This and Bohemian Rhapsody. We usually end up driving 8 hours to go see my grandma, so these are the songs on my playlist always
  11. Santeria- Sublime- This is a super casual song and relaxed song. Classic!
  12. Attention- Charlie Puth- I don’t really like this singer that as much, but there is something about this song that is so damn catchy!
  13. California Love- Tupac- A playlist is not a playlist without some Tupac!

This is my playlist! There is a ton of stuff missing! Like I listen to way more classic rock! I love 5 long years by Colin James, I love Loverboy, Queen, Prism, STEVER MILLER BAND- so much love, and the Beatles! I also have lots of country too like Dirty Laundry is played a lot by Carrie Underwood! I also recommend City in Stars from La la land. It’s a slow song, but my god I sing it all the time!

Happy Listening! Let me know what’s on your playlist!



Telus World of Science

Hey Lovely Readers,

I have missed you guys! Where have I been? Working, and then being lazy! I will have to work on my posting capabilities. I have had to work lots, but I HAVE had long breaks in between working so this week my goal was to type up some mega posts that we owe you guys! So far so good! Stay tuned! I’ll be posting at different times today, and tomorrow, so not to overload you guys 😉

One of my favorite places to go here is the Telus World of Science. As nerdy as it sounds, I thoroughly enjoy a good documentary on the big IMAX and I love checking out the permanent exhibits. Although it can be pricey, it is a fun day with kids to go check out some space exhibits, as well as the ecosystem exhibit and body works exhibit. The IMAX’s are ALWAYS good! The last one I went to was a China IMAX and it talked about the archaeological work with the Terra- Cotta soldiers (Will post about this later). I’ve also seen movies on nature, dinosaurs, the titanic, and also watch old movies there!

There is a ton of things to do for kids and adults. Our Telus World of Science always puts on an adult night. I have never actually been to one, but I think it would be fun! They have a wide variety of adult topics, and also you can go have a drink!

Another thing they have is the star theater! If you can find a good show that is a bit older, they talk about a number of interesting star related facts. I have heard good things about the northern lights show! Also, I kind of remember going there as a kid and watching the stars on the roof theater, talking about constellations! I remember loving it and being amazed.

The main thing that keeps me going back to the Telus World of Science, is the exhibits that they host for a limited time! I have been to some VERY cool exhibits. I cannot even tell you which one is my favourite one! Here is a list of some of the amazing exhibits I have seen! Note: some of these are not my pictures. I will try to cite them, but if you know whose they are, just comment and I’ll definitely give them credit! 🙂

  1. Body Works: This is a crazy exhibit. I think people come from all over to see this one! Body works is showing the science of exactly what you think- how the body functions or works. People have donated their bodies to this cause to show off various aspects of the bodies. In some, the skin is removed to show just muscle movements and how they work. In another, they have organs- what happens if your obese and what fat looks like, what happens to your lungs if you’ve been smoking, the heart, the brain in all it’s complexity, the nervous system- you name it! The exhibit is exciting, because you can learn SO much about the body itself, but can be a little unsettling! Some of the bodies you can disassociate from and others it’s more difficult to look at. It is a very cool experience though!

    Image result for body works edmonton telus world of science
    This is from the CTV News Cite. This part of the exhibit showed what muscles are being used in sports. Of course the hockey ones are representing my favorite NHL team!
  2. The Indiana Jones Exhibit- I love a lot of exhibits, but this one is my favorite that I have been too! They brought in a ton of archaeological artifacts related to the movies! You could see the actual memorabilia from all four movies- pretty cool. This included clothing, movie posters, etc. My favorite movie outfit was the red dress that Willie (Kate Capshaw) wears in Temple of Doom! It was so intricately beaded and had to be specially ordered and made! They also had lots of information about where they ideas for some of the artifacts came from and had actual artifacts as well with explanations. I loved the section on language- they showed all the crop circle like writings and had explanations. It was all very interesting and well done! After, we got to watch one the movies in the IMAX.

    Image result for indiana jones edmonton telus world of science
    This is from the Edmonton Journal and is from Indiana Jones and the last crusade! It’s an amazing movie prop!
  3. Titanic- I LOVED this one! There is something about the titanic that I really enjoy learning about! It’s probably because of my love of history and archaeology that keeps me wanting to learn more! For this exhibit, they brought in artifacts from the titanic and had explanations for each. In each exhibit, there is usually a game you had to play or something interactive (Indiana Jones had an artifact search, body works- nothing of course). For this, you were given an individual with a biography. You could read about this person and their experience on the titanic. I can’t remember all the details about mine (I must have the card somewhere), but she was this girl who married an older gentleman and had one kid. She was considered middle class and had some perks on the Titanic, but with still some limitations. As you walk around you carry this idea and experience of this person. You look at all the belongings and information, and at the end you get to feel how cold the water would have been! That is right! They bring in a chunk of freezing cold ice to feel and you can understand how cold the water really was! I can’t even imagine being that cold! After, you check the board with the list of names to see whether your individual survived. Mine did, and her children did. Her husband stayed on the boat and passed. She never remarried. Pretty intense.

    Image result for titanic edmonton telus world of science
    From the Calgary Herald, some of the artifacts from the ship!
  4. Harry Potter Exhibit- A very awesome exhibit! I loved this, but I probably would not go again if it came back! Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and it was AMAZING, but it was all of their clothing and only a few movie props! I got my joy out of attempting to play Quidditch and pretend planting mandrakes and walking through Hagrid’s hut, but there were a ton of other cool exhibits that were better and I truly think this would be a different feel if I was at Harry Potter World. However, I still had a good time and like always was sorted into Gryffindor 🙂 I loved the Forbidden Forest and the entrance to through the train station to get in! My favorite!
    Image result for harry potter edmonton telus world of science
    This is from Vancouver sun and I think was just before you head into the Forbidden Forest! Props from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter marathon tonight anyone?)


  5. Sherlock Holmes Exhibit- I felt the same about this as I did the Harry Potter exhibit! I loved all the information about the writer and about Sherlock Holmes, but again it was a lot of clothing it was more about solving the mystery which was it’s own kind of fun! I enjoyed myself as best as I could for having jet lag after a long and horrible flight and being stuck in Europe for four days…. I can’t believe we haven’t actually talked about this yet (hint, hint: I’ll post about this soon!). The mystery was pretty cool and yes I am basically a detective and solved the case (maybe they should hire me?). Anyways, there was a scene set up with a description of what happened. You had to analyze the scene for clues and then guess what happened. Around the exhibit, they had a bunch of experiments you could use to help you narrow down the situation. For instance, there were footsteps leading down from the house, so with one of Sherlock Holmes’ foot print devices you could narrow down whether those tracks were horses, was it a person being dragged, was it someone walking with a cane, etc. This would help you to decide whether the murderer dragged missing person away, maybe the murderer left the scene and that was his tracks, etc.
    Image result for sherlock holmes edmonton telus world of science
    This picture is from the National Post, but this is what the scene looks like you have to solve!


  6. Pixar Animation Exhibit- I recently went to this exhibit a couple of weeks ago and it was SOO fun! I have never really put much thought into what it takes to do animation and all the different jobs and areas within that job and within pixar itself! It was so cool! The exhibit is extremely interactive and takes you through a step by step on the process of how to create an animation. So this involves how to create a character- maybe sculpting and designing, then how to create facial expressions on the computer, how to do lighting, rendering, giving the character actions! I had a ton of fun!

    My Picture! Here I am trying out different facial expressions to give Jane from Toy Story!

I have been to a lot of exhibits throughout the years. Telus World of Science never fails me! I have heard that the best one everyone loves is Star Wars- I was so sad to miss it! Every time I talk to someone they say that that was the best exhibit they have seen thus far! Maybe they’ll come back and I can finally go! They also have done an angry birds exhibit (never went), and an interactive dinosaur exhibit- this would be better for kids, I found it dull and lacking a lot of information I was curious about. You just have to pick and choose which ones peak your interest and go visit! It is a great experience! After you go to the exhibit you can explore the rest of the center for free too!

Have fun!


Sushi Park

Hey Readers!

The other day, I went out for a lunch with my brother and we had the best sushi! I mean good for living in an area that is surrounded by prairie instead of ocean. I truly mean it! Sushi Park was very delicious. It’s a small little restaurant, where you can enjoy eating sushi on a patio in the beautiful sunshine. It’s also next to one of the main roads (it’s not obnoxious though), so you can show off your amazing ability to pick up sushi with you chop sticks and then cram it into your mouth without completely destroying the roll…. ya- safe to say not a first date food.

Anyways, if you have never been to eat sushi, because you are like me and hate fish, then you are in luck! You can still eat sushi and I can guide you. Mind you- I really like crab, lobster, shrimp- so more so shell fist. If you are not ok with this, there is still options for you! I just might not know them…. You are so welcome hahah.

My brother and I started with shrimp prawns. So crunchy and good. I loved it. We then got an avocado roll! It had avocado on top and inside the roll- surprise!- and then it’s just rice and shrimp. It was very refreshing and tasty! We also had a sushi roll called the crunch. This was a california roll with a bit of a kick to it! It was spicey, but not over powering! It was the good kind of kick! For those who don’t know a california roll has crab meat, cucumber and avocado in it. We also got a free sample of a new sushi that I cannot remember the name of, but was even spicier version of the california roll!  The rolls are very basic rolls that are made well. The main difference is the sauce they use on top. It brings out all these amazing flavors! It was very good! When I was in Vancouver, my cousin was also ordering sushi with cream cheese in it for the non fish lover and those are very worth it as well!

Anyways, this place is small, but has amazing service, and I really am starting to love sushi! My next sibling luncheon? We are going to get Thai Food! Stay tuned!



Hey My Dear Readers!

I hope you are having a great week! We are at Wednesday! THANK GOD! I really could use a day off. Unfortunately, that could be two weeks from now! The countdown begins to a vacation! I will be thrilled to go!

In the meantime, I thought I would let you guys know what I have been splurging all of my money on lately! I found that I have been breaking out lately, and I’m not entirely sure why, so I decided to go get a face mask from Lush….. and walked out with half of the store? Does this happen to anyone else?! I can’t help myself when it comes to lush! Everything smells so amazing and luscious? lol.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite products I picked up!

  1. Bath Bombs- You cannot walk into lush and not walk out with any bath bombs. Seriously. This is what they are known for and for a VERY good reason! Last week I used the Yoga bath bomb- the smells are SO relaxing. I recommend this for stress. I also really love galaxy and dragon egg! Both are very colourful, smell amazing, and – be warned- they leave a TON of glitter in your tub! BUT IT’S WORTH IT!
  2. Detangler- This hair detangler works magic on my constantly tangled hair. Seriously. It is even WORSE when it is wet. I really hate combing it. I find with this and probably the crazy amount of conditioner I use on my hair, I am able to comb it out without breaking any brushes, or cursing my hair. Your hair also smells like you are this hipster chick, living out in the woods, creating oils and you just smell like earth and nature. I bet you all know what I’m talking about!
  3. Ocean Salt- I bought this as a scrub and it is a not nice feeling at first, but in the end has some amazing results. It is this gritty scrub that feels awful on your skin. It’s mainly just rough is all, but it feels like it is really scrubbing the crap out of your skin and after my skin feels amazingly soft! I love/hate this product! It is definitely bittersweet! It is worth the results.
  4. Mask of Magnaminty- This is actually the only thing I was supposed to buy for my face… sooo…. yaaa! Basically, it is one of the best things I’ve used on my face! After I used it, all of the zits seemed to shrink, on top of the fact that it looked, smelt, and felt nice on my face! My skin looked super fresh after and it’s one of those face products that also feels like it’s working too!
  5. I haven’t bought this yet….. I plan on it anyways! I have heard amazing things about the sleepy lotion! It has lavender in it, and that smell is supposed to relax you! I’ve read tons of articles online and looked up reviews on the website that have said that it has done wonders on their insomnia! As your probably know and can tell because it’s 1:30 am and I’m writing 30 million articles, that I suffer from insomnia when I am stressed. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, sometimes I cannot fall asleep! I am so hoping this helps with that! Lavender is highly recommended and known for being relaxing! If this doesn’t help, they apparently have a three products that should help! Good luck fellow insomniacs! Let me know if it helps, or I will let you know very soon here!

So, anyways this is my current obsession! A ton of Lush products that I shouldn’t be buying, but I am anyways! Let me know which products are your favourite!



Lady Gaga is AMAZING

Hey Lovely People!

I know, it’s been so long since we posted! What is with us…. I have no idea! Please forgive us! I did want to talk about how I saw Lady Gaga last week!

I absolutely loved her! It had everything you could ever want in a concert. Now, my friend and I SPLURGED on tickets. It was extremely necessary for us to be on floors for the concert. It has nothing to do with trying to get her to notice me and be best friends with me or high five me or anything like that…. maybe only a little bit? Most of it has to do with having that personal feeling with the performer. This same friend and I go see Against Me! every time they come to a city near us. They are our favorite concerts, because they’re smaller and it feels more personal. It;’s like your able to have an intimate moment with the performer and you experience all of these feelings all the time. That is why we bought floors and spent basically all of my money. It was worth it though! To have that same feeling and experience with Gaga was amazing. I cried through most of her intimate moments, and I felt like I understood it as best as I could and maybe could relate to her in a lot of ways. So hence, I cried through all of the slow songs, but when she played those classic, upbeat songs I was so happy and on fire. I appreciate it Gaga.

On top of that experience, I found the concert to be absolutely amazing. Gaga had no openers. She performed from 8:30 ish (came on a little late I think?) and performed until midnight. Wow. To have someone sing her heart out in every single song, to a million dance routines for that long? Amazing. Totally worth it. Her stage was beautiful, her dancers were beautiful, her piano- BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend splurging and going to see her. She is worth every cent and I left on such a high! Truly amazing! What was also incredible was that she performed for that long and every song she sang was a hit at some point. What an amazing career she has! Congrats Gaga!


I hope you all get to see her at least once in your life!


5 Temples To See in Greece

Hey Lovely People!

I hope you are having a very good day today! I definitely am! I plan on talking about my top 5 favorite temples to see in Greece! I really love and miss travelling and cannot wait to get back to it! These posts always make me so happy! I can go through old photos and give people suggestions on what to see and it’s so fun!

Anyways, here is my top 5! These are in no particular order! I loved them all and they’re each beautiful in their own way:

1- Temple of Poseidon in Sounion: It was built in the middle of the 5th century BCE. The temple was originally a collapsed poros temple, and so the temple of Poseidon was built on the remaining foundation. It sites on an a cliff and has an amazing view. There is not a lot of decoration on the temple itself, but the view is amazing, and the temple itself is still very beautiful.



2- Temple of Apollo at Delphi: This is a crazy amazing place to go. Once again the views are worth the trip to Delphi! The temple sits on a hillside and was built around 4th century BC (based on what I read around,  it was originally burnt down and then an earthquake destroyed it, so this is the date of the one that sits there now). There were a number of beautiful and significant statues that stood inside the temple, and treasuries littered the temple. The oracle lived in the temple, telling people what to do and making predictions. People would climb the hillside in order to talk to the oracle who claimed they could talk to Apollo. The site is highly important and the views and size of the temple is the most amazing part.


3. Acropolis in Athens- The acropolis itself is the citadel of Athens, however, the temple within is a beautiful temple dedicated to Athena Nike. It was built around 420 BC. The Acropolis is definitely something you want to check out when you are in Greece, and the temple is just a piece of it that makes it beautiful.

4. Erechtheum, Acropolis- The temple was built around 420 BC and based on some research I did, the east side of the temple is dedicated to Athena Polias, and the west Poseidon- Erechtheus. It’s dedicated to a contest with Athena, and the side dedicated to him is the side where he struck with his trident. The 6 columns are Caryatids (columns that are formed to look like women), which is what the temple is known for.IMG_0223.JPG

5. Parthenon, Acropolis- It was built around 447- 432 BC, and it’s main purpose was to house this amazing statue of Athena built out of ivory and gold.  It is dedicated to Athena and is amazing to see. It’s just incredible to look at these large structures and try to figure out how they were even created!IMG_0221.JPG


This has been an amazing blog post to write, because when I went to Greece I was only 17. A lot of the information about what I saw, I did not learn until way later. It’s funny, because I did capture a lot of good pictures of very important historical artifacts and architecture in ancient civilization, and had no idea what they were! I just took pictures because they interested me at that time. I’m excited to go back through and see relearn what I saw and add to what I had wrote for experience, that is if I ever get finished my Italy book!


Put Your Back Into It

Hey Guys!

I hope you are doing fabulous! Today I wanted to talk a bit about back pain! I know, so exciting.

Basically, I have been doing a lot of physically draining things at my different jobs, and most of time it would be ok, however, this week it seems to have taken a toll on my body! On thursday, I went to lift a very heavy object at work, and I felt a not so great fatigue and pain in my back. I lifted three more objects and it seemed to be ok, however, I then went to a concert and after standing all night in bad shoes, my back felt unbearable. The next day, I still felt some soreness, but I thought that maybe this was just some muscle weakness and I worked all day again to come home to more pain. Again, I worked a different job today that involved a ton of walking and now my back seems to be just as sore. So currently, I am sitting in my bed surrounded by pillows using heat and trying to figure out how to fix this.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because we need to stop for a minute and listen to our bodies. We live in such a fast paced environment that sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves and things get missed. We ignore our bodies and sometimes we get more injured, or we get sick when a lot of this could be avoided.

When it comes to my current situation, I have realized a few things that might help my fellow back pain people! One thing my dad told me was that your back is not a great thing to hurt. Please, don’t hurt any part of yourself, but your back is not fun. When you throw your back out you can’t move, you are stuck laying in one place and you can’t turn your body and it’s insanely hard to maneuver yourself! So here’s some fun information on how to help your back pain!

  1. When lifting ANYTHING heavy, DO NOT bend over it and pick it up! Use those legs! You need to squat down and pick it up and use your leg muscles. This puts less of a strain on your body! When I lifted those heavy objects at work, that was my problem. I didn’t use my legs to assist my back and I tweaked it in some painful way.
  2. Workout. By exercising, you’re strengthening your muscles, so they have less of a chance of being tweaked and pulled. Focus on your core specifically. When your core is strong, it helps to support and take more of the brunt work for your back.

These are the big ones for prevention, but here is what to do that might help your pain.

  1. Have a hot bath with Epson salts. This will help relax your muscles and you! Your muscles will feel less tense. When one part of your body is sore, you might be limping or standing funny, and the rest of your body takes a toll, because it is trying to compensate for this new balance and weight shift. With a bath or hot tub, your whole body will feel less tense. One of the disabled individuals I work with has really bad scoliosis and she sits in front of water jets to massage those muscles as well. She feels so much more relaxed and her muscles are feeling way better after!
  2. Put any form of heat on your back. I love the smell and feel of A535, so that is my go to for a healing lotion, but anything like that will help, because it is putting heat on your back and relaxing those muscles. I also suggest a heating pad as well! Those beaded ones you put in the mircowave are magical
  3. If you feel like your body can handle it, than stretch. Do some yoga poses, or just stretch out. You need to begin to move your body slowly. Your body will become stiff after from sitting a certain way to not move it. That weakens those muscles and others because of the compensation thing I was talking about, but also you stop using those muscles properly and they become weak and you are more prone to hurting it again- but it will be easier to hurt it now as well.

These are all very important drug free methods! I don’t recommend using medication unless your doctor says it’s ok. I feel like the key to fixing your back method is to treat for long term, versus just a short term relief. Strengthening those muscles are truly key!

Well, I hope you guys are not in any pain like I am, but if you are I hope this helps for your temporary back pain! Stay tuned, my next article will give an update on how the diet and workouts are going!

P.S: Here is a picture of my dog to help you through any pain you might be having! He is so cute!

– Erin

Valerian, and the City of a Thousand Planets

Hey Fantastic Readers,

I have one last post for you today! I wanted to talk about that new movie that came out- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets!

I saw it today with my best friend and her mom and I was SO unsure of what to think. I have no idea who Valerian is or anything about that world, so I was kind of in this weird place of wtf is happening, this isn’t what I thought it would be like? But overall, I found it wasn’t a bad weird at all. For me, the whole world and movie worked. However, I am a fantasy and Scifi person, so I usually tend to love worlds like that. Characters are so strange looking and alien like. They’re all so clearly CGI and animated, and I LOVE it. I thought the characters were so well done and very unique looking. They were each so different and unique, I did enjoy that. The colors were also very well done.

Here’s the premise for the story. So, earth sends out space ships that all connect. It starts off with the States, I think, meeting with China and connecting and from there all of the countries link together. Over the years other planets begin to connect all representing a sign of peace. Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and his partner Laureline ( Cara Delevingne) are agents for this planet- it is literally called the city of a thousand planets. They are sent out on a mission to obtain the last power converter in the universe and return to start a new mission with a problem within the ship that has been considered a threat. They have to figure out what the threat is before it begins to destroy the ship and break the peace within the nations living on the ship. It’s a very good scifi and I love the idea of connecting the universe through planets. Whenever there is a scifi movie or story, it is almost always about how earth, and how people are destroying it. Now these are very good and could be seen as scary true, but it was nice to see an earth connecting, and eventually the idea of the universe doing this, instead of just some scary alien creatures attacking us. I loved that it was different is what I’m saying. I can see how people wouldn’t like it though. It is very weird and at times, super cheesy. However, I still loved it.

I enjoyed the movie, it was funny, romantic, sometimes cheesy, but overall a fun scifi. Valerian is based on a comic book series that came out of France. The comics are actually all in French and are considered to be based off of Star Wars as it came out after. I recently bought the first volume on Amazon, hopefully in English. If it isn’t, well I guess I’ll be learning some french!

Has anyone read the comics?! Are they good? Let me know what you thought of the movie and the comics!


Phantom of the Opera

Hey my lovely Readers,

On this beautiful, and crazy hot Saturday night I wanted to talk a bit about theater! I have loved musicals for a very long time. I have been watching movies like Grease since I was born and raised on other musicals like Cats (have never seen it, but new all of the music at a young age). The first Opera I ever went to was Madame Butterfly, and although I was young, I felt that I was able to appreciate it as best as I could for someone my age. That same year I went to South Pacific and loved that even more. Throughout the years I have attended numerous musicals, operas, and plays and have always been reminded how much I love it every time I am there. Like the live music in my previous post, I knew I loved it, but I did not come to truly appreciate until recently. One of my best friends has a deep passion for theater as well, and she helped to remind me that it is a very big part of my life. It is now something I can call my thing. I used to feel like it could never be that way for me because I don’t sing and I suck at performing, but when I recently met with my cousin who is a prop builder, I realized it could be my thing too and that I could even make film my thing as well- something I had thought would NEVER happen to me.

This week was an emotional week for me. I don’t really know why, but I had doubts about the prop building which is normal for me. I was trying to decide what I should do again- should I have a backup plan? What would it be? And then I went to Phantom and it brought me back to the soul reason I am doing it. Don’t tell anyone, but I cried through the entire opera. I just could not help myself. The sets were that breathtaking. I could not get over it. The stage was amazing! The sets were on a machine that would move them to present different rooms. My favorite was when Phantom took Christine down to his lair. The stone steps and feel to the area was amazing. They got on a mechanical boat and the fog filled the stage to make it appear mystical. Then Phantom’s lair opened in the middle and revealed this amazingly designed room with unique and creepy furniture. The scenes were painted so well and looked so realistic.

Besides that the story was awesome as well. The actors and actresses were incredible, the lead girl, Christine is from Alberta actually! The phantom was amazing (apparently there are two other actors performing as him as well- if anyone wants to pay me to go see the other ones to write a review about all three, I would be happy to do this , include a ticket for my best friend as well too please :P). Composers, light technicians, set designer, prop builders, prop buyers, volunteers, anyone else involved- I absolutely loved this! Thanks for reminding me why the theater is so amazing.

It truly is amazing to be apart of something so amazing. Science is pretty cool and interesting giving us so many inventions, healing abilities, etc; but art gives you emotion and should be given a lot of credit. Art is responsible for making you feel, relating to your emotions. It’s so much more.


Needle Vinyl Tavern

Hey Dear Readers!

I hope you are doing well today! I wanted to talk briefly about an outing I had for work! It was a ton of fun, and I feel like it’s necessary to tell all of you! So, the original plans I had for work were canceled. We had tried to go to some other places, but we felt that it was better to do something a little more chill. Instead, I searched up the needle tavern for some live music and fortunately there were bands lined up even though it was a Wednesday!

The reason I jump to live music for everything is because it has always been apart of my life. I have always supported local bands and acts and gone to these shows. Before, it was mainly for my best friend who is an amazing singer. I loved going to her shows and watching her perform and wowing the crowd. I always thought that the only reason why I would go to stuff like that was to support her, because I went with her to every live local show. However, now I realize that I was not only doing that for her, I just truly enjoy going and listening to some very talented people perform. So, this week it was a no brainer to check out a show and see who was performing live. I only stayed for one band, but the band I saw was very talented. Apparently they are performing at Folk Fest this year in Edmonton and their name is called Altameda. They were kind of country, folk, with a tinge of classic rock. It was really great to sit back and listen to some great performers.

What I love about the Needle Vinyl Tavern is that it is a great feel. Their is this really great mood to the bar. They have a patio, then you can walk in and they have a long pub with lots of places to sit, and when you go into the room on the left they have a great stage with working lights, sound board and a comfortable seating area. I was with a girl with a disability who loves live music, and when I called ahead they moved a table specially for her that was closer to the performers, accessible to a bathroom, and they had a waitress checking on us all night. It was amazing.

They also have awesome food! I had a pretzel with a cheese dip! The pretzel was warm and fresh, and I would dunk it in the cheese dip and that left some great flavors in my mouth! The girl I was with had a grilled cheese sandwich- decked out with lettuce, tomato, and chicken- with fries and apparently that was very delicious. All of this is great drunk food.


I love this place- it has a great atmosphere. You can enjoy some good, live music while drinking and eating some very great drunk food!

Let us know the places you like to go to listen to live music!